Apparently I've been miscalculating how much time is left because I just counted and we are still 17 weeks out. I totally thought we were 16 weeks this week, but that's BETTER news because I've been absolutely psyching myself out. While I know I'll finish, I just simply kept thinking there is just NO WAY I'm going to have the time to train the way that I needed to, and that is unfortunate because I wanted to be in the best shape of my life and do this right. This week I'm going to be in Colorado, but the cool thing about the camp that I'm going to be leading for Young Life is that there is an AMAZING gym. 

The story behind the gym is that Young Life is all about removing barriers for kids to go to camp, and there was a school that they wanted their entire football team to come but they were already in season for workouts. The school they were at ended up raising money and got a full gym at this camp (I'm talking squat racks, dumbbells up to 100lbs, treadmill, spin bikes, pool) just so that these guys could train while at camp. UHH YES PLEASE! LOL! I know that I can still train while here and that's comforting considering how not prepared I feel. I had someone explain it well that I'm probably more overwhelmed vs underprepared but the mind plays tricks on you for an event of this caliber. 

I felt a little something in my foot last Saturday so I've not ran at all this week. I REFUSE to deal with another injury so I'd rather just not run. All of my clients will tell you how I am about injuries. You don't lower your foot intake, you don't do all these things to make up, you just keep doing what you can and wait until you are better and it'll all work out. There is no reason to freak out. So anyway, that's why you'll see no runs this week. Here's the screenshot, and this is of this PAST week.

As usual, I know it's impossible to see so the days are: 

Monday: Leg Day + Bike Intervals (75 minutes)

Tuesday: Upper Body + Swim Intervals (2000m)

Wednesday: Maximum 1 hour on bike 

Thursday: Full Body + 90 min cycle intervals

Friday: 90 min cycle, 3000m swim 

Saturday: 2.5 hour cycle (this didn't happen-we left for Crooked Creek at 6:30am and yea I'm not the type to wake up at 2am to get a workout in-not my style LOL) 

Sunday: REST 

I'm going to be resting Saturday and Sunday. We are driving to Colorado so it's a 30 hour drive. We just got on the road (there's wifi so I'm blogging on my laptop-HOLLA) and then we will get to camp at 5pm tomorrow. I asked if I'd have even an hour to get in a swim but they said I probably won't which is fine. I thought I might could squeeze it in but no big deal. However, you can see with not running and camp-the psyching out on being un prepared happened. 

I'm genuinely not concerned though. I have nothing planned until the race after this (except for my weekend in Salt Lake City to get my RRCA coaching certification WOOOOO). In Salt Lake, I'll be staying with Tommy and Kenzie Barlow who are both ironman athletes/ultra runners so I'm so so excited to train with them. I'm beyond thrilled to get to go out west twice together like this. I love the west so so much. 

I'm also really thrilled to be getting RRCA coaching certification so that I can start doing customized run coaching which has been where my heart is for a long time. I'd love to be able to provide customized running and customized nutrition together so you guys can have the total package. YAY! :) 

The blogs won't be plentiful this week but I'll be blogging some! :) Happy Weekend Yall!

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