Things to Pass the Time in Endurance Training

That's probably the number 1 question that I get asked is what do I think about during endurance events. I have said that many times I can't even remember what I've thought about which is just odd I know. I think back on things during races especially and I have no recollection of what I've thought about. However, there are tips and tricks that have gotten me through those dark times of not really wanting to continue, being bored, and what do I occupy my mind with. 

For those that aren't into endurance, you might be thinking, "this is why I don't do it because it's so boring" and that's valid as I used to be that person. Every second felt like an eternity and I thought it was purposeless to life. I really do believe that getting out there and doing hard hard races is what changed my life. If doing cardio is a means to an end for weight loss, it's almost always miserable. If your running is a means to getting you excited to complete a race that you have planned and knowing that you will cross that finish line, then it makes those miles a lot easier to endure and more happy thoughts will enter your mind. 

Treadmill Runs: 

  • Magazine 
  • Kindle 

I know that not many can read on the treadmill, and maybe I'm just rare on this. I've heard it makes people seasick from the bouncing up and down, and I totally know what you are talking about, but you kinda have to stare for a minute to let that pass and then your eyes adjust to what it is that you are trying to do. It's like they all of a sudden get it. LOL! 

With the kindle, I find it so great! You can use an ipad too of course with your kindle books on it. I love to do easy miles on the treadmill and read or even sometimes I like to do long runs on the treadmill. I can finish up a book that way. haha!!! I know that running on the treadmill is not ideal though and shouldn't be something that you do all the time, but I could never stare at a wall while I run on a treadmill! Yikes! 

Outside Runs (obviously this applies indoors too): 

  • Podcasts (I should do a blog on my favorites but I love Serial, No Meat Athlete, Rich Roll, The Gimlet Show) 
  • Audiobooks
  • Music 
  • No Technology and just thoughts 

Many times during my week day runs, I don't like to have tons of attachments to me and things that I need for my run and I simply just like to get out there with just me and do it, but what in the world do I think about? I go through a list of things that I think about: 

  • My Day

 What do I need to do when I'm done with my run?

What's the timeline of how I need to shower--> get to the next thing that I have to do-If I already know the timeline, I review lol

What am I going to have for dinner?

What is possibly something that I forgot to do and need to follow up on?

Are all clients taken care of? 

  • My life as a whole 

Am I doing this thing well? 

What are some things that I could do better to be a better wife? 

I really should start being a better daughter/granddaughter and go see family more! What are some fun things that we could do together this weekend? 

How can I draw closer to God? What are some areas in my life that could use some "pruning" that would help me to develop a deeper relationship instead of just flying by the seat of my pants with what I want to do and not listening to the direction and His will on my life? 

Who are some friends that I haven't seen lately? Remember these people to write down on a list later. Text them, ask how their day was, see if you could grab dinner with them! 

Have  you read a book lately? You should read a book. You like to read books, and you always busy yourself to not slow down for two seconds to read a book. (This is a frequent one lol)

  • My Training 

Am I ready? Will I ever be ready? 

What is my next race going to be? 

What is my goal time for this ironman? That would be a DON'T HAVE ONE-Just Finish Goal! 

Am I training well enough? (As in right now-Focus girl, focus) 

I wonder what I'll train tomorrow. (my coach uploads daily-sometimes I like to think of it as a nice surprise every morning, sometimes it stresses me out lol) 

  • Race Day Visualization 

Seriously, I do this almost every run, every ride, every swim! I envision myself on the race day. Having done the half ironman, I am fully able to know every single part of what I'll be up against on race day for the full ironman, so I'm able to think about myself in those moments and how that will feel. I try to focus on the finisher chute and hearing my name called out that I'm an ironman. I think about how all of this that I'm doing currently will be worth it because of that. 

  • Travel 

Where would I like to go next?

I'm going to Salt Lake City in two weeks (with a one day stop in Denver to spend the day with a friend), Chicago for the marathon and Bethany's 30th birthday (woooo), Wilmington for the Ironman, Dominican for a week long sit on my butt post ironman trip, and then NYC in November for the marathon! 

My top places to visit soon are: Ireland, New Zealand (we have decided this will be our 5 year anniversary trip), California (I'm like DYING to go and just need to plan a trip maybe in December to do a 50K with my friend Meredith that I met in Boston!!), Boulder (for a non young life camp trip to Colorado), Grand Canyon (but I really want to do rim2rim and run it), London -- These are top but I have so so many more I could make a blog on! 

  • Procreating (ha) 

Are we ready?

Do we want them soon?

Do we want to wait a little longer?

Do people think we are crazy?

Does it upset my mom?

(Again, this needs to be a blog itself so we will stick to the purposes of this post) 

If I'm listening to a podcast or a song then I think about obviously the story line or whatever the song is saying. Typically, I don't think that we even think when we hear songs even when we sing along, but while I'm running, I most definitely think about the words and what the song is saying. There are a million other things that I think about, but I think that this is a good list to get you going. The last thing that you want to do is just wallow in the run. Don't think about the actual run. Force your mind to think about other things and the time goes by so much easier. You also can run with friends which I obviously didn't mention, but that helps too. I just train alone most of the time! :) 

What are your favorite things to do?



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