Weekly Round Up

While I'm gone this week, I have prepared some blogs for you guys! :) I'm not sure if anyone else cares about my weekly round up, but I sure think it's fun! HAHAH!

I just have some really cool things to share with you this time. 


YALL! I find companies sometimes on instagram that I just absolutely SWOON over and this is one of those. This is MY STYLE to a tee, and we partnered up on their newest release of their tank top. It's different than most tank tops that you wear. They don't order their stuff. They make their own, and it's a thicker material. I know that sounds odd for a workout shirt, but it's so great and comfy. 



This have been super trendy on instagram so of course just like everything else, I was like "Well, I gotta have it now." haha!! Basically they are an eco friendly lunch box. I know that their website references more towards kids, but that's most definitely not the case. Wednesday is National Waffle Iron Day so I had to do a waffle themed box of course! :) 

I personally didn't get stickers for mine, but you can personalize it if you want. I just liked the plain ones, and they come in a really nice bag to carry your lunch box in as well. They are all about riding the world of plastic just because of how plastic affects the environment which I'm all about stuff like that. I'm becoming such a hippy yall. LOL! 

Lastly, they come with metal containers that you can put various sauces in, so I put walden farms syrup and peanut butter. You can see the bigger one to the right of this last picture. I used my typical waffle recipe for these waffle. I MEAN DUH ;) 


I was on the hunt for a planner for seriously FOREVER AND EVER. It was driving me nuts. I didn't want the spiral bound as that always gets messed up in my bags, and I like to have room to write lots of things in lots of different areas. Passion planner honestly was FINALLY something that I found that I loved, and I stinkin love it. It's super chic design is functional and looks so nice and professional as well. 


I feel like it's of course the thing of the season, but I'm loving rompers this year. It's like sun dresses but even better and easier. It's one outfit that you don't have to think about matching anything to. It's always one of those things that people say "Oh you look so cute!" and I'm like "Yea this took two seconds" haha! ... until you have to pee and then it's complicated ;) 

I got both of mine at Marshals (of course lol)


WOOP WOOP for a finished mudroom! This seriously took so much work for Tanner. He worked probably a total of like 100 hours on this. There are just so many different tiny pieces like in the boxes and around corners and crown molding, and hooks and painting every nook and cranny. It just honestly took forever also because it was our first project and we wanted to do it well. But, it gives Tanner more confidence going forward to do things of this nature so I'm excited.

6. One Piece Bathing Suit 

So, I had to have a one piece for Young Life camp as a leader, and I just wanted to get a cheap one so I got this at Walmart, and I think it was really cute to be how cheap it was ($10) so I thought if you guys saw it in Walmart and wondered what it looked like on someone, well here ya go! 

Can we look at where I was wearing tall socks for a run or bike and the indention on my leg? HAHA!! 

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy these new fun items! I'll do some next week of some of my favorite endurance products like my new goggles!! YAYY!!! 

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