Weekly Round Up-My Favorite Products

This post is NOT sponsored. I just simply had a friend tell me in Boston that they follow my blog and they actually would love to see some more of the things that I use on a daily basis because people are always looking for products that they find good. Um, why have I never even thought of that? I guess I always thought that if I was sharing, it would look like I was being tacky and spammy but the truth is, we all love to know some awesome favorites.

Yall know, I love teal so of course these are my two favorites. It's literally the color that is most in my wardrobe. I'll link all items that I can find below.

Harper Knit Shorts

I kid you not, I've probably never had a pair of running shorts that I love SO DANG MUCH AS THESE! They are worth every penny of $30 that I'm linking up below...I promise. North Face sent me their new ultra shoes as well and I love love love them. I'm wearing both in this photo along with the shirt I'll link below as well. It's lovely and I love it, but I'm serious that the shorts and shoes and worth a second look.

So remember my client Thailyr who got married on a trail with her new hubby? Well, she setn me a package. I was actually supposed to go see her last weekend and run trails with her (UH so sad) but Tanner's grandmother passed so we had to go to Bristol. She sent me socks that were designed by Brooks for her wedding, and some tailwind. I'm LOVING that tailwind has 50g carb that I can mix in one water bottle. I NEED calories during races and never can get enough down so this is going to be PERFECTION for my ironman. So excited to try this. I chose Lemon specifically because during my races, I LOVE some lemon flavored stuff which is so weird because I hate lemon flavor in real life settings. haha! 

MY JEEP!!!! HEYYOOOOO!!! Oh my gosh yall, I'm so in love. I'm putting these bike racks on my birthday list for September!!! :) 


EVERY SINGLE TIME I post me on my bike, I get asked about my trainer. I didn't even know about trainers like 5 months ago. Yall know I'm a wannabe triathlete just making my way training my brains out for this ironman. It's quite comical, but I digress. #DOEPICTHINGS Tanner let me know that our trainer is very very nice, and so I have linked up the one that we have below. I'm so thankful for a husband that bought nice things before he met me that I get to benefit from! :) He was a big cyclist back before he became a meat head ;) 

I have TONS AND TONS more favorites, but I want bombard you today and will save them for future posts like this one! :) 




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