My Inspiring Friends

So, I don't talk about all of my amazing social media friends enough. I feel like I've been in this gig for long enough that even though they are technically social media friends, they are also real life friends and many of them, I have met and adore just as much in person. Also, this is NOT COMPREHENSIVE. I've seen some bloggers do lists and I always feel bad for those not included and of course try not to care when my name isn't on the list LOLOL!!! So, if you aren't on here, I still think you are amazing but had these few on my mind! My friend Steph (@runtrimom) made a snap about how watching her friends just gives her so much joy for their success and I feel the same way. Bethany and I (@babfitrunlife) talk about this too and how we want to support all of our friends in their triumphs.

I'm going to Salt Lake City next week and I'm staying with one/two of those people. They are married! ;) If you aren't familiar with Tommy and Kenzie Barlow, you should be. LOL! I followed Kenzie first just because I'm obsessed with people who run trails and how beautiful their pictures are and I quickly started to love her humor in all of her posts (@sarcasminspandex). She was training for her first 100 miler, and I was just hooked on her page. Tommy (her husband) is now on the journey for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning which is 4 prestigious 100 mile races in one full calendar year. He just finished the second one(both under 24 hours). Like legit, he's my hero. There have been so many to attempt this journey and only around (I think) 300 to complete it since 1986 from what I could find online, but I have faith he's going to make it through the next two!!!! 

Second, is my good friend Gina Crosswhite (@happytrigirl). There is seriously not many people on the Earth quite like her. She's so genuinely kind and positive. She's just the real deal. She's a TRUE friend and will text me just to say "Have a great day!" sometimes!! She has also been an amazing athlete for years so I just feel so honored to be her friend <3 She is currently training for the Wasatch 100 and did a random training marathon up Pikes Peak last week. LIKE WHO DOES THAT? LOL!!!! She also is doing the Squash 50/50 which is two 50 milers two days in a row. She's like my spirit animal with her being the more tough and cool part of the animal. 

Third, (and these are not in order) is Heather Scott. She's currently entering a taper for her ironman and gosh I just love her pictures. She has such a way with her photography that just makes you feel like you are there or wish you could be there and be as cool as her. LOL! She swims ungodly amounts of distance all the time (like busted out 5000m this weekend followed by an 11 mile run with a 70 mile bike ride the day before). Her insta is @heatherrosescott! Thank me lataaaa for this gem.

It's also of note that all of the above are really beautiful people too. Like how you so tough and so pretty? SHARE THE MOJO FOLKS! ;) 

Fourth is my good friend Gregg (@nycsweat). So first, he crushed an amazing PR this weekend of 6:54/mile on a 5K (20:56) followed by a half marathon the next day! He's honestly just another one of those GENUINE people. He makes such a consistent effort in friendships texting me to tell me that it was the day to dress up as a cow and go get chickfila because he knows I love it. I know it's so little, but I feel like genuine thoughtfulness is so rare. He THINKS of others so much, he's always meeting up with runners from all over all the time, and last year he ran a 53 mile race and gave every dime he raised to a cause. He just cares for people, and it's cool. 

Last (but not least), is my really wonderful friend Heather Jenson (@triandrungirl). She is in the final stages of preparing for her first ironman, and I'm just so excited for her. She's a mom of three and has always put them first knowing that she could totally do a full ironman but felt that she would be taking away from them, so she always did halfs. She loves people like it's going out of style. You'll never meet another one like her! I am so thrilled to watch her on the day of her ironman (when DEPRESSINGLY ENOUGH she's from Salt Lake and I'll be there staying with #1 on this list-The Barlows) and she'll be crushing her ironman at Vineman. I'll come back Heather, I promise. I wouldn't miss getting to hug you one day for nothing! 

Okay, I'm done gushing on my friends today. Hope you enjoy following their journeys!!! 

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