Inspirational Youtube Videos

I'm obsessed with really inspirational youtube videos. They really inspire me and keep me going on those hard days. This is one of the ways that keeps me motivated. It's just short videos and I'll go through old ones or I get on channels I follow that I know will inspire me.

After watching these, it encourages me to share this with you. I think you are incredible. I don't know what your dreams are, but I truly think that you can get there. Are you in school? You can finish. Are you training for something?I know you can finish it. Are you struggling with eating issues? I KNOW YOU CAN BEAT IT! If you want it, you do it. There is absolutely nothing stopping you. You will have set backs, but that doesn't matter. You just keep going. You make yourself DIFFERENT and be everything you've ever wanted to be. I'm so so passionate about this. I mean it. Never give up.

Here are some of those: 

Your World Within Channel: 

If you haven't seen the new Katy Perry video, uhhhh, you MUST. Like, I don't care if you read my blog at work and don't a minute, you have to go to the bathroom! LOL!!! It's THAT good! I cried and got chills when I saw it for the first time.

This guy is homeless and recovered from cocaine and a runner. I can't. So good.

This is talking about how greatness exists in all of us, and boy do I believe that. 

I LOVE the voice of the ironman guy! His voice alone is inspiring so you can follow this channel, but this video is the best! 

This one is really famous but that's because it's so good but you might have seen it. This is one I come back to though because it always inspires.

What are your favorites? 

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