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So I shared this with my facebook team about a month ago so that they could have first dips. They already know, but I am SO excited to announce the addition to Taylor Cartee as part of the Katiesfitscript team. Officially now, she will be offering customized personal training. 

Up until this point, what I do is nutrition focused and I have a workout program that goes along with that. It's not tailored to your goals or anything of that nature and I'm forward about that from the start. This is 100000% customized. I've asked Taylor some questions so that you can get to know her better, but I also wanted to share a snapshot of what she does and who she is. 

Taylor is such an amazingly talented, smart, and passionate person. That's why when I was choosing someone to do this job, I knew I wanted her. She has been working full time in a physical therapy clinic now for 3 years, and can create custom programs from the ground up based on equipment, time, etc from powerlifting to at home workouts. She is a wife and dog mom and plans to continue towards her degree this year in exercise science. Here's her sweet family! 

I'm going to link up her website NOW and let you know that the price you are getting is CHEAP for what she provides...like extremely cheap and I don't say that for myself but for Taylor. She's really good at what she does, which is why I'm so thankful to have her on board. You can also follow her instagram @taylorcarteefitness ! If you didn't catch that link, here it is: http://taylorcartee.com/personal-training/

Here is a snapshot of what she provides for her clients.

I wish this were more clear, but week by week, she does changes based on the prescribed exercise, the actual weight that you got and provides videos/picture links as well. Here are some of the questions that I asked her and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

What is your background story in fitness? How did you decide you were going to pursue personal training?

When I was 15 or so my sister and I would go to the Y once or twice a week and do three sets of ten on every machine, do some core, run a mile, then go home. I remember that there were a couple personal trainers there who just seemed so cool! I fell out of the habit of lifting when I transferred to a four year school my sophomore year, but I kept running and I played a lot of intramural soccer.

Three years ago, when my husband and I were dating, he introduced me to lifting free weights and I was hooked.  I found strength training to be incredibly empowering! I already had enough physical therapy background to understand basic biomechanics and good form, which I think really helped, but gosh I was weak! I couldn’t bench an empty bar without him spotting me! Because I’m naturally very inquisitive I started researching all things related to strength andconditioning and I’ve never looked back.  That’s actually how I found Katie! I was super frustrated that no one seemed to lift and run and then BOOM- Katie quickly became my favorite IG-er (and still is one of my faves!) I love hybrid training and I’ve personally trained for and completed two half marathons while continuing to lift heavy up until my taper.

I love sharing what I learn, so over the past few years I’ve helped train quite a few friends and I thought about pursuing personal training for quite awhile but never wanted to cough up the cash to get certified because I’m cheap! When I decided to go back to school, I realized that personal training would be much more feasible than continuing to work in a physical therapy clinic, and I do believe it is important to have appropriate credentials so I got my NASM CPT this past May.

What did you do before?

In 2008 I started working part time in a physical therapy clinic which exposed me to tons of different exercises, from super basic post-operative stuff to return to sport protocols for athletes.  I’ve been a PT exercise specialist full time for almost three years now, I’ve worked with patients from as young as five to as old as 96. I’ve worked with people with severe disabilities, D-I college athletes and even elite masters marathoners and triathletes, and everyone in between. Recently I even worked with a professional snowboarder! I’m still working in a PT clinic three days a week, but soon I’ll be transitioning out of that as this fall I am going back to school to get my BS in Exercise Science at George Fox University. Thankfully I have enough related coursework that I only have one year of classes between me and that degree!

What are your goals with your training? (online and in person)

My goal is to empower clients to meet their goals (strength and aesthetic) in a way that is enjoyable and fits their lifestyle. I also encourage them to view their strength and conditioning as a way of enriching their life, not adding stress to it. In weekly check-ins I ask them to reflect on what they learned about themselves over the course of executing that week’s workouts. I hope that through working with me clients gain a strong understanding of how to maintain their body through proper warm-ups and mobility work.  Personally, my goal is to sit for the CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) exam this coming May, which is a more advanced certification than the NASM CPT. I hope to start a doctor of physical therapy program next year and eventually practice as a hybrid physical therapist/strength and conditioning coach. I’m also getting my RRCA (running coach) certification in October. Although I’m a middle-to-back of pack runner, it’s something I absolutely love, especially the injury prevention aspect of training.

What makes your programming special?

A lot of people do custom programming but that often just means custom reps/sets/weights. Because I have such a broad background I’m comfortable building every client’s program from the ground up so that it reflects their goals, time constraints, and any existing weaknesses. I have one client who has run 20 marathons, including Boston, and others who hate running, and that’s fine. I’m a firm believer that the best way to exercise is the way you most enjoy, so long as you include some sort of strength component.

The running joke in my team facebook group is that we’re #teamnoburpees because multiple girls on the team hate them and I will not program an exercise you hate if it doesn’t relate to your goals. Unless you want to win some burpee contest, there are other ways we can strengthen your core/upper body and get your heart rate up!

Some clients follow a powerlifting style programming with main lifts followed by accessory circuits; others do home-based workouts with resistance bands and dumbbells.  None of my clients strength train more than four days a week because that’s just not necessary. If you’re a total gymrat, great; this frees you up to spend some quality time with the foam roller, or maybe leave your phone at home and just take a nice walk outside. If you want your body to perform like a high end sports car, you have to give it top-of-the-line maintenance! All my clients are encouraged to send me form check videos so I can catch any muscle imbalances or poor movement patterns before they become problematic.  I also include very specific warm-ups and mobility work for each client.

What’s your favorite part about online training?

This will sound super cliché, but I absolutely love it when my girls share their successes. I don’t achieve success for them; my job is to give them the framework and empower them to succeed.  Sometimes that’s a massive PR, like Amanda D. whose goal was to squat 135 for one rep by April 2017 and she hit it for two reps in her fourth week with me. I didn’t give her magic strength programming; I just opened the door for her to discover that she is already way stronger than she realized. Another client recently shared that since she’s been on a regular workout schedule, her depression and anxiety are much more manageable. Again, that’s all her. I’m just here to cheer her on and give her some guidance in the gym.  

So, this is available to you guys now anytime!! :) Let me know if you are interested. 


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