Weekly Round Up

I haven't done one of these since the end of June and I've been wanting to get back around to it, but the blogging just hasn't lined up just right because I really do like to do it on Saturdays! :) This obviously makes sense with it being a round up of the week! :) Also, I'm really not trying to spam you on this stuff. I genuinely want to share with you things that I love. I'll tell you if they sent it to me, yadda yadda. I'm not trying to be untruthful in that but my opinions are honest.

1. Pure Goodness Whole Food Superfood

One of the first things that I want to share with you guys is a supplement (I know can you believe it) and it's a whole food supermeal that I've been using every now and then. I've kinda stopped tracking macros as it just wasn't realistic to my life and all that I do (wrote about that on my blog about how I do things now adays) but anywho, I know that I'm lacking on the protein. This product has 30 GRAMS! That's in 2 scoops which also contains 27g C and 9g F but honestly that's a perfect post workout for me! :) It's made with pumpkin seed protein and all kinds of other stuff, but it has natural vanilla flavoring. It's SO good (unexpectantly to be honest lol). 

2. Garmin 735XT  

Oh man yall! This is the new mac daddy! I love it because the watch face is smaller, and it has the heart rate capability in the watch. That's my favorite part because I don't have to hook up the waist reading for my 920XT. I have been switching them back and forth just because I do still love the 920XT but the 735 is FANTASTIC so if you are in the market for a tri watch, this is definitely the newest latest and greatest! :) 

This isn't a number but if you don't know about Momentum jewelry then you should because you can customize yours to say all kinds of things, and they are so cute and you can wear them during your races or anything really! :) 

3. Field Guide for Marriage


I'm not going to lie-this is probably one of my favorite things to share EVER! Oh my goodness, I just adore it. Tanner and I have really been focusing on spending quality time together. We just tend to get busy and not make it a priority and we haven't like seen effects in our marriage, but we just value our marriage a lot so we want to change that. We have been hanging out more just us and it's been so so great and we love hanging out with each other (go figure right lol). This is a book that has you write out how you met, what you love about one another, things you can pray about your spouse for, how do you fight and how do you make up (so that you can identify what's different about one another and be cognizant of that), how do you like to handle your money (luckily we are so similar in this), how clean do you like your home, etc etc! It's honestly a perfect book for those thinking about getting married but fun for those that already are so you can look at these things and make changes to help better your marriage. You both get a book! I'm such a dork but I thrive on this junk! 

4. Tasc Performance Apparel

 Okay, they sent me some stuff and I'm really really REALLY pumped about finding out what bamboo linen feels like. My aunt told me that you could get sheets made out of this material because when I got these clothes in the mail, I texted my family to ask them if they had ever heard of such. It's material made out of bamboo and it feels like a mixture of cotton and silk. It's so so soft, but yet meant for working out because it absorbs the sweat really well. It's the bees knees. Yall know how I'm a sucker for a workout dress too so holla for a dolla.


5. Hobby Lobby World Map

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOREVER! I posted about it on facebook/instagram and my best friend, Rachel texted me that she thought they had one at Hobby Lobby. I had already checked there so I asked if it was the laminated ones and she said no. They had gotten some new stuff in and this was one of the items. I had a coupon for 40% off so I was able to get it for $35. We went immediately to Walmart (I told Tanner there were no options otherwise lol) and got map pins and then we came home and pinned everywhere we have been. It was so fun! The way the map is laid out, you can pin so many different tiny little places, and make it look like you've been more places ;) I can't wait to fill up this map over the years including Salt Lake City (leaving on Wednesday) and then we are going to the Dominican Republic in Oct, and then we are hoping to go to New Zealand for our 5 year anniversary! :) 

You also can order them on Etsy and get them personalized which I know a lot of people do but it's typically $100-150 and my family has one of those machines that you can make vinyl monograms and such (I can't remember the name-I just tell them what I want LOL) and so I asked my aunt to make me a sticker that said "Let's be Adventurers Darling" to put underneath on the wall.

This is one that isn't a product but rather a life thing I'm doing. I've decided to put some focus into what people are doing that inspire me. For example, one of my clients told me that she picks up everything in the  moment that she sees it so that things stay organized. I've kept up with this all week and it feels so great. All dishes, laundry, etc are done. My friend Steph said that she makes up her bed because that means that she accomplished the first thing on her to do list immediately upon waking and it really does feel so good. I've been watching Grey's anatomy on the bike and it reminds me so much of pharmacy school rotations, and how I weirdly miss the drive in that and how much I was learning constantly. The show inspires me to be a life learner and so I'm really excited to learn about all the specifics of running at my certification class this coming weekend! :) 

Happy Weekend of adventuring yall! 

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