Big Shift in Training

And just like that, I'm on my own again. 

I know that this will be something that people notice eventually so I thought I'd go ahead and clear the air. There were a lot of reasons for this decision but they were all personal. I still FIRMLY believe in the programming that they do and think that they do a phenomenal job. This is one area that I'm not going to be super transparent in, and just move forward. And yes, I'm okay but life is about changes and sometimes change is okay and needed. I'm having to do that with a lot of things in my life but it's really really good change for me. I have learned so much that I can carry forward with me now. 

So, I'll be programming the rest of my training leading into the ironman. This is new for me but I'm also ready for it and excited for it. The volume that I had reached is high and I know my body in that I have to listen to it constantly to give me cues when to push and when to back off because it will certainly let me know. So, the programming that I am going to do is going to be based on what I have been doing, the steady increases in volume leading into the ironman and also knowing that it's tentative and to back off when needed. 

For example, this past weekend I woke up with a little hip pain that I knew was from the repetitive motion of the bike so therefore I didn't do my long bike. I know that seems crazy to some that get in every second of training, but I know my body better than to push it then be out for 5 weeks because I just "had" to get that workout in. 

I was able to start off this week strong yesterday with 60 minute cycle and 7 mile run and all is right with the world again! ;) 

This week is going to be very different because I'm traveling to Salt Lake City. I'm not going to have access to a pool or biking. Yes, I could have probably figured that out and planned accordingly, but that's just not my style. I'll be running a lot with the people there so I'd rather just focus on the fun to be had running trails then carting myself all around trying to find a pool and such. I'm probably going to take a bathing suit and bike shorts just in case I end up at a gym that has like a spin bike and I can get some cycling in. I literally have no plan other than "try to run as many trails with as many people as possible." I know that everyone thinks I'm psycho about training but I'm probably one of the most chill. haha! I know that I'll make it through on race day and that these workouts 13 weeks out aren't going to affect me that much. Life is too short-okay I won't rant.

When I return, I'm going to have a heavy week ahead. I will get to Charlotte at 5am on Monday morning which will be my client check in day so I'll probably come home and work on those until the afternoon and then get in 25 miles on the bike with intervals to an 8 mile speed work. I have written out all of my workouts all the way to race day as of last night. It kinda feels good that the first official day of all of this will be August 1st! 

Aug 2- Swim Intervals (which is also what I'm doing tonight after work at the pharmacy before I leave for SLC in the morning) and easy 3 miles with upper body 

Aug 3- BIKE 90 minutes, Tempo 6 miles + Legs (Long Day) 

Aug 4- 5 easy miles 

Aug 5- Long Swim (3000m) + 12 mile run

Aug 6- 65 mile bike + 15 minute run 

This wil be the general structure of my weeks with building progressively each week. I'm only doing 2 strength training days per week and of course the miles on the weekends as well as the bike rides will get longer and longerrrrrr. I really love Tanner because when your wife decides to do an ironman, that affects him as well and I appreciate that with all the hours on the bike and training, he is still so supportive of me. We are in the final 3 months. How exciting!! 

Thanks for supporting me through all of these changes, and I'll keep yall posted on all of my new training. 





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