Choice + Consequence = Meaning

I kept asking for this phrase that was used so much on our talks in Colorado, and we were finally able to figure out the exact phrase that the speaker used, which is the title. If you are just reading the title, you are probably very confused, so let me dive right in and explain. 

When you make a choice that has a consequence associated with it, then that means that the choice that you were making has meaning to it. The example used during camp is about the relationship between a man and a woman. If a woman was to cheat on her husband, and he was to catch her, there would be consequences and that is because their relationship has meaning. If he were just to say "Oh it's okay honey-just try a little harder next time not to cheat on me" then that would mean that their love was very superficial. There is a healthy balance of this of course, but the analogy was used in order to explain our relationship with Christ. When we do things that we shouldn't "cheating on Christ" which can be a lot of different things-our lives might not always be perfect and rosy and that's because the choices that we're making have meaning. 

I think this can apply to our lives in so many different ways, but I wanted to bring it back to training for today. I had a client, Jamie, whom I love and adore who emailed me something that resonated with me so much. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing her name. She said that when she woke up for her long run on the day of her anniversary, she sometimes wished that she was "more normal" and didn't have to do it. Boy, can I relate to that so much on those early Saturday mornings when I question my sanity. She had already worked through that emotion, but I shared with her how I felt on it. 

In reference to the relationship analogy of choice + consequence = meaning

In reference to the relationship analogy of choice + consequence = meaning

When I get in these moods, I always go back to the races that I've had in the past and how wonderful they were and how they would have never been possible had I not had those moments of sacrifice. Every decision that we make every day to train is a sequence of events leading up to those moments where we do the races that make it all worth it. If we just went to the day of the race and hadn't been training for months, the race wouldn't mean near as much. If you are someone that has never done a big race that you have trained for, then as always, I recommend it at least one time in your life so that you can experience the high that you get from pushing yourself to the limit, figuring out a new level and limit that you can reach, and just ultimately being so proud of yourself and your body for all that it is capable of. However, it all comes back to the title of this blog post. 

if the choice to get up and train didn't have consequence with it (pain, fatigue, annoyance, time away from loved ones) then it most likely wouldn't have as much meaning. Those sacrifices that you make are what give it meaning in the end and make you so proud of what you've done. Some people that are quote "normal" as she put it will never have those moments that you can get if you spend a little time building up training for an event. It's worth it, I promise. 

The same can be said for nutrition. The choices that we make every day have meaning. Some may not see it that way and that's totally fine too. However, I think that the foods that you eat (meat vs no meat, low carb vs high carb) all have meaning to your life. If you are vegetarian for certain reasons, then you believe that the consequences from not eating meat give you meaning to life, and vice versa for those that choose that they want to eat meat. They believe that the consequences of not eating meat are worse than the consequences of eating it which give them meaning (which their meaning to life might look totally different than someone who is vegan). 

If you are someone who is training for a huge event, then you might be eating high carb to be able to support that training and the consequences of not eating high carb are that you are going to bonk and that has meaning for the race that you have set out to do. It applies to every facet of our lives. 

Yall, I'm finally getting good at the bike and I couldn't be more excited about it lol!

Yall, I'm finally getting good at the bike and I couldn't be more excited about it lol!

The point of all of that is to say that it's okay if there is something that is hard, and that has consequence if we don't do it right or that we don't do at all. If that wasn't the case, then it might not have meaning in the end and so much of life is about finding meaning. We are fortunate in life in America that we are always searching for purpose, fulfillment, and meaning. I honestly feel guilty about this sometimes in that I'm so fortunate to be able to even be worrying about those things, when there are those in the world that are only focused on where they are going to find the money or resources for their next meal. So, I am thankful that there are things in my life that have consequences as this keeps me grounded. 

In our world, there are some that recognize that there has to be sacrifice in order to have something that has meaning while there are others that make you feel as if you should just sit on your rump all the time and never go after anything. They tell you that you are "just fine" and to just be content. While I believe that you should be content, and live life to the full every moment of every day, I also think that as I always say "it's okay to be a responsible human" and that it's okay to have these sacrifices in order to produce something that has meaning. 

Am I a broken record sometimes on this blog? Probably. I guess after 3-4 years with a fitness and health blog, it's kind of hard not to be at times ;) hehe! Tomorrow is going to be my first income report for the month of June, so make sure to subscribe if you want to learn all about how I turned this thing into making money by making tons of sacrifices that had consequences that now have meaning. 



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