June 2016 Income Report

So, as you guys know, I've been on a mission to really make this blog better for the past few months. One of the things that I wanted to do was to start sharing more tips in order for those that are wanting to start blogging can start doing so. I've changed some things, and tried some things, and each month that I do this, I will share with you what I did the month that I think allowed me to have these opportunities. The reasons that I share this with you is not so that I can flaunt what I make. That would be WEIRD. I recognize that this is very odd for someone to do, and I also recognize that some may not agree with it. I share this to show you that you can do this as well. I share this so that I can be candid about how this whole gig works, and that you can move forward with it yourself as I'm always trying to be as transparent as possible with the experiences that I've had in life. 

I also share for those that are nosy as heck and want to know what I do. I will break it down into categories, and give some tips along the way. As of right now, I'm not going to share what I made in terms of coaching income. I don't think that it's pertinent to the point of these posts, and I'll share more about how to become a coach and some income reports on that at a later time, but I'm not going to do that today. I will say that it's where the majority of my income comes from. There are about ZERO people in my niche of the industry that share these reports, so I hope that I don't get a slew of hate for this, but I do know many that do in other spheres of blogging, so here we go! 

Let's get to it! (Things you might not understand will be explained below)

  • Affiliate Income - $ 800 
  • Collective Bias - $ 654 
  • Google Adsense- $ 150 
  • Sponsored Ads on my Blog- $350
  • Commission from those I refer clients to-$128
  • Macro Starter Guide E-book Sales- $500 
  • Marathon Training Guide E-book Sales - $150
  • Half Marathon Training Guide E-book - $80 
  • Devotion E-book (Strength from Within) - $60
  • Home Workouts - $40 
  • Redefining Fitness Workouts - $120 
  • Recipe Ebook - $48 

TOTAL = $3, 080 

There are fees that go into this. One of those is the 5% charge that is charged through Stripe which is who I use to do all of my sales. The are also the ones that I was able to generate incomes to be able to even come up with these figures, and they provide quick books, and a lot of my tax information so that's useful as well. I also have to pay monthly for tax services as well as the time that my mom works for me. I pay for programs that help me with producing different programs, and I've paid for some programs lately to help me with Pinterest and growing on that media. 

Let me explain what some of the first couple of items that as a new blogger, you might not understand. First off, I have a good base that I'm starting with in terms of working towards blog monetization. I know that many will be starting from the ground up and that makes the figures smaller obviously, but just be patient with this and it will grow. 

The affiliate programs that I'm involved in right now are Amazon Affiliates, Bluehost and Thrive Market. An affiliate program means that you refer someone to their website and if someone purchases on that website, then you get a small commission from this. I hope to be completely candid in this because I would never EVER reference something that I didn't actually use and love. I'm not going to just make it up that I like it is all I'm saying.

Amazon Affiliate allows you to set up full shops on your blog if you'd like, but I haven't done that yet. That's on my to do list and to set up some of my favorite products. Two of my friends that are bloggers, SweatStretchEat and FitandFaithfulFitnessConsulting both have an amazon store, and I love looking at the favorites that my friends choose. I might even sometimes buy from them. In all honesty, sometimes if I go on a friend's blog, I click all over their ads. I know that they get pennies from those clicks, and I just like to support them. It sounds so silly, but it makes me happy inside, and I want all of my friends to succeed (part of why I'm sharing this because I want my friends who read to succeed as well!!! <3) I also try to link up some of the favorites that I'm using in my blogs, and I always try to do the Garmin sales from my Amazon affiliate. 

Thrive Market is a website that Tanner and I use religiously, so I was HAPPY to participate in an affiliate program with them. In Shelby, there are not a lot of places to be able to buy the types of food that we eat so therefore we have to order it online. We typically order seitan, cliff bars, vegan protein powder, and Mung Bean Pasta (which is pasta with great protein and macros). It's priced at wholesale value, so much cheaper than Whole foods, and when you sign up for their yearly service (kinda like an Amazon prime type deal) then it helps to feed an unfortunate family. I'm ALL ABOUT THAT LIFE! So, I just link up to them when I think it's useful and share how much I love them, and so when others sign up, I get commission on that. 

The last one is Bluehost, which is the blogging service that I've been referencing. Their affiliate program is great and one that many bloggers use as they are great to work with and give you a better commission rate than you can find much anywhere else. In order to get started making money on a blog, you have to have a blog (duh right) so this is the step by step that helps you to do that through bluehost.

Collective Bias is a program that is much like a lot of programs out there, but I've found it to be the one that has the most opportunities and the ones that will pay the best. I wish I had more time to spend on applying for gigs, but I digress. Essentially, they link up to the analytics on your blog and then you apply for campaigns. They link bloggers with companies, and they are only going to give you "shoppertunities" that align with what your blog is about (for the most part). You can choose to apply, they look at the people and their blog stats, and then let you know whether you got chosen. If you were chosen, then you have like a 3 day turn around so it's very fast to get the work done, so you have to be prepared. There are a lot of gigs for "High instagram reach" but in all honesty, I don't apply for those because I have realized that my instagram following is very fickle. It's sad, but I have to post specific content or people are like "bye felicia" and defollow on a whim. I think that we are just so oversaturated with perfect images all the time that it's a lot harder to "make it" on insta if you will. If I spam with ads on instagram, then obviously people will defollow and I don't want to do that and it's not worth it. I'd rather just be genuine with people following along on my journey which is what I've always done. 

Collective bias is definitelyyyyy not the only company that does this, and I'm hoping to get involved more with others. Some of the others are Fullbottle, Mode Media, Revinfluence, Sweat Pink, BlogHer, and so many more but for some reason my mind is going blank right now. I'll come back and edit this! 

Google Adsense is something that I shared how on another blog about blogging how I increased my sales by 600% last month simply by changing where my ads were. I make sure to put them at the end of every blog post, and then one on my side bar. That's the only difference, and it changed overnight. You want it to be a long ad and you don't ever want it to look spammy. If it does then people will not like the layout of your website nor will they want to come back. It has to be aesthetically pleasing, so you can determine that yourself, and Google Adsense gives you tons of options of which ads to choose from. They will give you a code, and you can put that right into your blog post like below as an HTML code. 

Typically, the way that I run my macro starter guide is as a challenge for a month. The way that I advertised for this was on instagram. I noticed that people HATE ads of any kind on instagram-again cut throat out there these days folks. I used to be able to post about the challenge and people would jump on board. That's not the case anymore, so people just stopped purchasing my Macro Starter Guide. I always constantly update it so that it has new information that can be useful for people that maybe someone has mentioned to me along the way, and I also worked really hard on it. When I run it as a challenge, the facebook groups don't seem to be as active as I want them to be. Sometimes I'll get a good group, but it's hard to keep up with no matter how hard I try on those challenges, so I just decided to market it differently. I'll go into all of the details on that, but essentially I just started selling it as it's own entity because it stands alone and doesn't need a challenge to go with it. 

I also created a landing page for it, which allows people to see what it's all about and decide whether they think it's useful for them or not. I also really reduced the price because when it's not run as a challenge, there is less incentive for people to purchase on the spot, and if the price point is too high, I noticed from my analytics that tons of people were coming to the landing page but never converting to a sale, and that's never what you want. 

A few just random tips as well with blogging and making money through this is that I genuinely try to treat everyone with kindness and respect. I never ignore emails or messages-if you have been ignored that means that it somehow slipped through the cracks. I've been ignored SO SO many times in my life as a blogger, and honestly I just get really sad with the way our culture makes that okay so I never ignore. Even when I get the most ludicrous emails, I always kindly respond that I'm not interested in promoting their skinny tea. Maybe that doesn't help anything, but I think trying to build things with integrity goes a long way. 

I also give out TONS of free information as well as even when people email me and ask me about programs, sometimes I'll send them the program for free if I feel that they are in need of money and tell them that if at a time that they feel they can afford the e-book and would like to purchase then they can do so. If they never respond to me again, then I just let it go however I would say 9 times out of 10, they are able to see that it is what they wanted, and it might be months later but they'll come back and pay me. Maybe it's a guilt thing..I'm not sure...but either way it makes me feel good to be able to help out some that really might need help in those moments and try to make money an afterthought. 

I know just from talking with my husband that I get gipped a lot. There are tons that will ask to do a payment program, paying for 1/3 of the program, I'll send them the program, and then I never hear from them again. To me, that's on them, and I just let it go. It's not worth fighting it and recognizing that not everyone is going to be honest in this world is DEFINITELY just part of the battle. 

Some of the goals that I have for this month are: 

  • Become more active on pinterest as this drives a lot of page views which drives clicks on ads and more sales obviously 
  • More passive income sales --> As I stated, I do mostly coaching which I love (and super DUPER excited about becoming a running coach at the end of July) but it just is silly to not try to drive more towards passive and not work around the clock constantly 
  • Work with more companies to do sponsored ads on my blog 
  • Work with more of the companies that match brands and influencers (I just never apply because I run out of time) 
  • Work towards growth on my personal instagram! Although Katiesfitscript is what made me what I am today-I just have so many other interests that I love to share so I'd love to focus on that page for a little bit) 
  • Collaborate with more bloggers/companies --> I tend to grind in my little box and forget that we are all here to help one another out! That's what this is all about and I think it's awesome to share with one another about the awesome people that we find in our own spheres as well as other fun ones! Obviously, you don't want to be spammy, but I think there's this silly mindset that we shouldn't work together and I disagree! :) 

Let me know if any of this doesn't make sense. I hope it helps those starting up a blog! :) 




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