Long Training Recap + 9 Weeks Out Training

This weekend was what we like to call a "key workout" in that I needed to complete it to feel emotionally, mentally and then preparing my body physically for the ironman. It was exactly that and I'm so glad that I made it through. I never fear giving up, but I fear crashing on my bike and not being able to get up. HA! This is my longest ride EVER with no crashing, and I think I know something that helped that I'm going to do in the ironman....breaks. 

Breaks keep me alert and focused. I knew this would take me 5 hours which means that the ironman is going to take me near 9 hours just on the bike (holy freakin moly) and I can't be sitting my tush on that bike and not getting off for 9 hours. It also starts to hurt my traps as I've mentioned before (but praise Jesus that is MUCH better than the trap cramps I used to get after only one hour of riding). I took a break every single hour. I did loops back to my house and stopped, stretched, checked in on Tanner doing yard work (ha), and went back out again after getting water and food. Each stop probably took me like 2 minutes tops and that means if I make 9 stops in the ironman, that's 11 extra minutes. UM WORTH IT! I am not in this thing to win anything but my name called out "Katie Ringley, you are an ironman" so I could care less how long it takes me. This is more like an adventure versus a race. Every single time I got back on to do another hour, I felt refreshed and ready to go. My legs never hurt, my traps didn't hurt until the 5th hour and I was hydrated and fueled. PERFECT RIDE. 

During the rides that I do, I always try to stay on flat ground (my race is flat so no reason to do hills). I can't always guarantee that but somehow with the loops I made it work. I didn't do the same loop every time of course but I did 3 different ones that I alternated and it was just perfect. One of them goes through downtown Shelby and that's always stressful but also really good for me to practice with clip ins. I have to get used to getting in and out of them if something were to happen race day and there are times when you have to stop and start back up and I'm getting better and better. I honestly feel so natural on the bike these days, and I think thats why last week when I crashed I was so upset like DUDE WILL IT EVER END!? haha! 

I spent a lot of time thinking (obviously). I actually sang songs too. Adele's new one was stuck in my head a lot for some reason. "Send my love to your new lo-o-o-ver....treat her bettttttter. Gotta let go of all of my ghostssss...we both know we aint friends no moreeee" 

Can yall imagine seeing me out there singing? The other one I kept singing was Jingle Bell Rock. Like what? Random. Whatever, I'll take it to pass the time. I spent a lot of time talking to Jesus, but talking to Jesus means closing my eyes most of the time so it's this weird thing to pray with your eyes open. HAHA! I also think it's good practice though because I love to be in constant communication and that's what keeps me grounded and learning to do that in the mundane moments and how much I think Christ loves to be apart of those! :) 

I also thought about how much I've changed which I wrote about on my instagram last night. It's such a good feeling to be where I'm at currently, and just when you feel like all of the pieces of life have come together, there's this extra layer that falls into place that you didn't even know you needed and you feel so at peace. It's been wonderful to see the Lord work in my life and in my marriage, and learning to trust in areas that I wasn't sure about. 

So, let's get to the run post bike. How did that feel for me you ask? Totally fine! I was super pleased about it. It was super hot by that point, but I knew I wanted to do the run outside because that's the way it will be on the day of. Tanner wanted to run with me but I was just flying out and he was feeling heavy so he told me to go ahead. I wanted to take advantage of how well I felt and see what that meant for shaking out my legs. Did I feel 75 miles on my legs? Yes and no. I mean I didn't feel normal, but I also didn't feel like I had just rode for 5 hours...maybe 2 tops. My first mile was 7:54 and I wanted to try to speed it up for more of a tempo style workout off the bike. I did the next 2 at 7:25 and then decided to back off and not get myself hurt and did the final 2.5 miles at 7:45 pace for a total of 5.5 miles. 

With it being super hot, I felt super amazing to be done, but absolutely so hot I thought I might crawl out of my skin. I couldn't breathe much with the humidity towards the end of the run and felt like I had a heater blowing straight in my face. There was so wind or air movement at all..ew. haha! FALL PLEASE HURRY. WE MISS ALL OF YOU AND YOUR PUMPKIN GOODNESS!! However, I had kept hydrated and didn't feel any signs of dehydration.

Thennnnnn, I went and helped friends move. hahaha! I get myself in the funniest predicaments. I realized on the way to their house that it might not have been the greatest plan to do but it all worked out and I love helping out friends when they need it because I know I sure will need it one day! 

So, let's get to this weeks training. So last week, I posted about the training and I got an awful calf situation on Monday. Uh. I was so annoyed, but I thought that I would just bike and swim extra and then try it out on my long run on Friday which is what I did. That's also why I tacked on a few extra miles to the end of the bike on Saturday than planned just because I only ran 8 on Monday and then nothing until Friday's 14. It was fine though so I think I'm in the clear...I hope. ;) 

Monday (today)- 8 miles speedworkout (like I'm doing it after this post) + 90 min interval cycling (I'll do this after client check ins so much later today) 

Tuesday- 2000m of swimming intervals + 5 miles EZ + Lifting (if I actually have the time-I don't prioritize this right now just keeping it real-I'll gain muscle back later)

Wednesday brick (I make sure to do these back to back not 2 workouts)- 2 hours cycling + 6 mile tempo 

Thursday-strength session before going into the pharmacy + 6 miles EZ after 

Friday - 3000m swim + 14 mile run (going to try to speed up at the end of this run and challenge myself vs last week just making it through)

Saturday-50 mile bike (about 3 hours) + 3 mile EZZZZ run (deload type week) 

Nutrition: I'm not counting macros currently and I've challenged myself to eat 100% plant based this week. As yall know, I'm like a wanna be vegan who never actually follows through. HA! I CAN DO ITTTTT.... #staytuned #gonnatryrealhard 

I'm very hopeful to get all of these workouts in. I know I'm in the home stretch and even though this takes up every waking extra moment, we are almost there. Thanks for cheering me on y'all!!!! WE ARE ON OUR WAY!!! WOOOO!!! 

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