Learning to balance the unbalanced

Have you noticed I've been blogging less? Tanner always tells people that all I do is blog and jog! HA! But now a days, I'm blogging, jogging, swimming, and biking. I've always kept that tri element to my training even when I'm not actively training for a tri just to keep some cross training but obviously this is WAY different. 

I went to a friends house on Sunday night for her birthday/graduation, and there was a girl there that has done 2 ironmans. She commented that it was "impressive" that I was doing a full after having only done one half (and I told her how I crashed and burned at the half HAHA). I know what she was probably thinking "THIS GIRL IS CRAY!!" Haha no I'm kidding, she was so sweet! But really, I know that it's intense that I went from not really being a good half ironman triathlete to doing a full and I explained to her that I think that's why this training feels SO intense. 


I'm sure that many that follow this blog also follow NYCRunningMama or Michelle, and she made a post a little while back about how being a full time working mom and a marathon runner (especially with how far she commutes to work) is just not balanced. It's just not. We can make it look like roses and peaches and at the end of the day, she loves it or she wouldn't do it, but the truth is, it's just hard sometimes. 

I'm going into two months out from the ironman, and this is the heaviest month of training period. For me, that means time. Time is so precious and every single ounce of my time is going to be spent training (to give a picture-it's at LEAST 2-3 hours per day with 5-7 hours on Saturdays). My husband is so great and has basically put his life on hold for this training period because with marathon training, I could make things work. I could run different places if we traveled, I could hang out with friends no big deal, but with ironman, it's just not happening. Tanner is always so great, but of course he has to be willing to sacrifice that as well (it's just for a short time so it's really not a big deal I know). 

All of this to say, we are ALL busy. We all have those things that we feel like "How in the world am I going to get this done?" and it's stressful. I had a moment yesterday where I was like "I'm just not going to do my bike ride today. I have client check ins. I need to finish this. I need to finish my RRCA run coaching certification and this is just too much." But then, I snapped out of it. Every single time that I look at these situations as overwhelming, I look back and say "Katie, this is your dream and you choose this. You WANTED this. You WANT this." 

That's the dang truth. I do want this. So deeply. 

We all choose how we spend our time. We all rant about how busy we are as if busy has become some badge of honor (that's another blog post) but at the end of the day, you have a certain amount of minutes every day and you choose how you want to spend them. You go through seasons of life where things are a little bit crazier than others. That's where you find your true character, resolve, and strength. You prioritize. You organize, and you make it happen. I don't even have kids y'all. GOD BLESS THE IRONMAN WOMEN WHO DO! I bow to you women! ;) 

Training is not what is overwhelming to me. For some reason, I'm a crazed lunatic, and I genuinely could train all the time. Each workout that I do (for example on Friday I did 14 miles followed by 3000m swim), I think of them differently. I'm not in the pool thinking about "I just ran 14 miles" but rather just like it's almost a new day. The thing that gets me is the time and how I can't seem to shake this crazy ridiculous guilt that I constantly feel that my friends are all judging me that I'm not hanging out with them enough and then my husband is upset we can't go camping or something. I know that I'm the only one that is actually thinking about it though so I give myself a pep talk and get over it. 

During this time frame, I knew that things would be different. This is not new news, but it needs to be a realization that when you set a goal, the reality is that it's not always hashtag balanced, and you just have to make it work. In pharmacy school, things weren't balanced, but you just make it work. I DEFINITELY don't have it figured out. That's for DANG sure, and that's the reason that I'm making this blog. I'm just simply trying to be real that sometimes when you have a dream, and it's a dream that most don't even understand or think is important, you do what it takes to make it happen even when life is not balanced as we all try to perfectly portray on the interwebs. 

Closing in on 8 weeks out-WOWZA!!! LETS DO THIS!!! 

P.S. I did complete my RRCA run coaching certification yesterday!!! Holler ;) 

P.P.S. If you didn't hear, Garmin worked with me to get a watch face that you can download that is specific to the phrase that I use all the time "Life without Limits!!!" Tag me on facebook or instagram is you get it. I'd love to see!! :) https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/1eb0d740-21e1-420f-8d2b-6847b7def28f


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