Weekly Round Up

It's been a while since I've done this but the further that I space it out, the better things that I find to share with you so I have some really great ones to share today. 

1. CRANE & LION (instagram: @craneandlion)

I'm not just saying this, but these clothes are QUALITY. If you are looking for really nice (in my opinion better than Lulu-sorry did I speak those words), then this is your company! Absolutely love my active traveling wrap. 

Excuse the background-I was washing the sheets (that's embarrassing LOL) 

Excuse the background-I was washing the sheets (that's embarrassing LOL) 

2. FINIS Swim Equipment

So I have SERIOUSLY been searching for a swim cap that could fit my long thick hair into it and not be super tight and uncomfortable. This was FINALLY the one! #THANKYOUJESUS It's the silicone one, and only $7.99 so how nice!! 

One other thing that I love is that they have an affordable under the water ipod. If you are anything like me, the water can get really boring and try as I might to sing "just keep swimming" with Nemo, there's a point where I'm over it. HAHA! They aren't nearly as expensive as the Apple one (just sayin ;))

Lastly, they have training equipment for adults. I know as a kid on swim team, you get all the cool things but as adults, you only can have access if your pool has these things. 


If you've tried them then you get it. If you haven't, then I'm so serious that you should. They are packed with calories which is exactly what I need right now during training. They don't have the yucky taste of normal protein bars because they don't have any artificial sweeteners or fake coverings over the bar like some do. They are about 300 calories each (14g F 25g C 18g P) and I've had one every single day since I got these! My favorite flavor is the peanut butter chocolate chip. Kenzie told me about them in Utah and I'm so glad she had some for me to try. They gave me a discount code for you guys to get 20% off with the code "Katies" and yes that's with the "s" at the end. 


Someone posted it to the Trail and Ultra running group that he had made it!! How freakin sweet right?! Someone want to make this for me? LOL! 

5. My Watch Face with Garmin 

If you haven't downloaded it yet, here's the link!!! It's been downloaded 181 times which honestly is crazier than I ever could have imagined! It makes me smile so big! Thank you! 


6. Elliptical for cross training while injured 

I did a post this week about what to do when you have a small something and don't think that you should run during the week. Well, ellipticals are my top choice and I typically do the elliptical for whatever time that I was going to run. It isn't ideal, but it does the trick! ;) 

Reviews.com, a website dedicated to conducting unbiased research on products, recently reviewed 58 elliptical machines by comparing specs, key features, and core functionality, to find the best elliptical machines on the market. They took a hard look at the ergonomics of each machine, evaluated their customization options and even had a competitive triathlete personally test 19 finalists. They created a guide to help navigate the buying process and found four top picks: best overall, best fitness programming, best budget and most portable. Here's all of those evaluated for you if you wanted to look into one:  http://www.reviews.com/elliptical-machines/

HOPE YOU ENJOYED TODAY'S PRODUCTS!! Let me know some of your favorites if you have any to share!!! 

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