The Constant Chase for Weight Loss

I know that as a "fitness person" and being associated with that, people feel like some need to tell me that they want to lose weight. It's like they feel comfort in letting me know that even though it might not look like it, they are concerned. It always makes me mildly uncomfortable because I do not want it to seem like I'm just out here thinking everyone needs to lose weight or something. I also can always tell when people don't actually know what I'm about, because they'll ask why I'm eating certain things or say how it "must be a cheat day" when I'm just living my life. Lord have mercy...I won't rant there. ;) 

However, I think that it's a common well known thing that almost every single person (most of the time women) are constantly on this never ending desire to lose weight. They live in a perpetual state of sticking to it during the week and then life happens a few days out of the week or they can't ever stick to it because some coworker brings in food or the kids keep them from being able to go to the gym. Week after week-month after month-year after year-a constant search for weight loss and it just never happens. There are a lot of ways that this could go down. It could be that they mentally struggle with food and want so desparately to be able to stay on their nutrition program, but then they binge and then feel instant regret and it just happens again and again.

We go to our instagrams and because everyone is mildly interested in fitness, we follow these accounts that even though they have no idea that they are doing it and their intentions are nothing of harm, they make us feel like crap. Let's say someone stumbles across my page, and they don't know what I'm about. I'll get comments about "Wow-that was a long bike ride" or something about my runs, and I can tell it's almost this air that they feel guilty that they themselves haven't gone out and done that. Or let's say they had come across my page months ago and seen all of the ab selfies that I used to post. Yea-they are like "Wow. That girl has abs" or they may think "Man that girl must not eat" or unfortunately they may think "Dang, I really need to get on my diet. I need to get back to it. Gosh-if this girl looks like this then surely I can get my act together."

We are constantly bombarded on social media with perfect images, and we all know it's not all real, blah blah blah but I can tell you that there is not one woman who is 5lbs to 100lbs overweight that can look at an image of a perfect body and not think "Uhhh-why can't I have what she has???" She may do it for her job so we tell ourselves that in our heads. She may not have kids, so we tell ourselves that it was worth it to carry those precious babies. We tell ourselves in our heads that we would never want to live our life the way "she does" judging her for being "too skinny", when in reality deep down these are coping mechanisms to make us feel better. 

Thennnnnn, that girl talks about body image. She tells you to love the skin you're in, and you're like "Please tell me you're joking." Then, she takes a picture that's like slightly imperfect and is like "Look at me-I have flaws too-just like you" and you're all like "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!" It's a hot mess the way the fitness industry is. You don't see fashion bloggers wearing cute outfits saying "Look-I'm not perfect either even though I have on the cutest outfit around." It's this game of them putting themselves down to show they are "real" and all it does is keep up this constant feed of people indirectly telling you that you're not good enough. I always envision a young girl who genetically is overweight at age 14 looking at her "role models" that are stick thin saying they have flaws and she's like "Wow, if that's a flaw then what am I?". These images of girls imprint on her mind of what is normal because they are the only ones showing their bodies on the internet, and therefore this image becomes what she thinks she needs to obtain when only EXTREME EXTREMES will get her there. So, she chases....her entire life. 

{{On a side note, THAT is why I stopped posting so many images of my body. It's not that I think it's "wrong" and the ones that do it mean absolutely no harm and I don't think they are wrong for doing it. It's just such a sticky situation being in the fitness industry, trying to actually show people that fitness and health does not equal restriction, and the possibility of young girls seeing my body before knowing what I'm about. People aren't going to come to my page and read through my entire blog. They see one image, and one caption and that's all the time I have with them. I don't want it to drive them further into the chase. I would rather focus on what the body can do.}}

What if? What if you just took where you are RIGHT now and said "Okay I'm good with it. I'm done with the chase. I'm done with the self loathing. I just want to live." That doesn't mean that you have to give up healthy eating. That doesn't mean that you have to stop counting macros if you do that. It just simply means that you quit chasing the lower weight. Live your life in the happy place of peace. I posted about this on my facebook team group yesterday, and I wanted to share something that came to my thoughts that others seemed to enjoy. 

Always....always....fighting for the chase to be smaller. What if you just took a deep breath and let it go. Just let it go, and even if it's just for 1 month of your life...JUST LET IT GO. I feel I have to always say this in case this is someone's first time reading my blog, but by letting go, I do NOT mean to just go ham and eat everything in sight. That's not a peaceful place to be. I don't mean to start slamming Hardees every night. I mean to truly be at a stable place with food where you just maintain. You stop the rat race of trying to get to this image or this weight that you have of yourself. I would almost venture to say that everyone reading this blog post thinks "I'm fine, but I could stand to lose X amount of pounds." Again....chasing. What if you let go of X amount of pounds and just chilled out? What if you don't know what that looks like and you still want to count macros? That's cool. I think macros are fantastic, and I think that even when letting go, you can raise your calories, and still count if that's where you are personally. It's all whatever stage that you're in. I promise you it's worth the fight to end the chase. 



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