Training Update (and during hard times)

Hey yall! 

I was going to do a post on my grandmother today. I honestly felt weird blogging period without mentioning her but I didn't want to just not blog this week, so today I thought I'd share my training as I know I haven't updated you in a few weeks of the exacts. 

As I keep sharing, this is the first time in my life that I feel like I'm actually going into a race semi prepared. I know that I train hard, but even during my best marathon training, I still felt like I wasn't able to really train like I wanted to because of obligations or because of small injury so I feel great especially being 7.5 weeks out, however I want to keep this momentum going. On Saturday, I had my latest long bike which is the farthest that I've ever been (80 miles) and I'm not going to lie and say that it was easy. It was very tough mentally and physically to be on the same bike for 5 hours in the heat. However, I was SO SO proud of myself for finishing that strong and knowing that I could do it. 

I had done 16 miles the day before, so my legs were toast on Saturday night, and they actually started itching really bad, which I googled of course. Apparently this is the capillaries expanding after extreme amounts of exercise, and some people break out in hives. HA!! Lord Jesus, what am I doing to myself? ;) I will go ahead and let this off my chest. I have gotten SO SO MANY comments about how "crazy" I am or how ridiculous or "Why in the world would you bike 80 miles?" UH. It's frustrating because this journey is SO hard and for people to act like you're just doing this for leisure or like exercise obsession? Like NO. I really do believe that I'm a one and done ironman girl, so this will be the ONLY time in my life that I do this. I'm giving it my all, and training appropriately. An ironman calls for training of this caliber. I'm not just doing this for kicks and giggles. Okay, shew, I feel better! ;) 

(Note for those that might not know: An ironman is 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking, 26.2 mile run at the end for a total of 140.6 miles)

My training last week was 45 miles running, 140 miles biking, 5000m swimming 

I keep my swimming pretty consistent, and I honestly have kept all workouts during the week pretty consistent too so that I know what I'm doing each day. I do a 2000m swim on Tuesdays that's more speed and interval focused, and then I do a 3000m swim after my long run on Fridays. I do both of my long days on Fridays and Saturdays just because that's what works for me personally, but there are many that do Saturday/Sunday and break Monday. 

My training for this week is as follows: 

Monday-45 minute bike ride (it was supposed to be more but life happened and yolo and all that stuff) 

Tuesday- 8 mile run + 2000m interval swim 

Wednesday- 2 hour bike + 6 mile tempo 

Thursday - 8 miles EZ + Lift 

Friday-18 miles + 3000m swim (after funeral)

Saturday-60 miles + 5 miles (60 miles on the bike sounds so gloriously easy-what is wrong with me HA) 


I also wanted to touch on working out while sad. Obviously, there is no denying that my family is very sad this week. We are smiling and laughing through the tears, but the tears are there. I feel when I'm alone is when I process the most, and so that is typically when I'm working out. I'm also not someone that loves to work off those emotions. I'd rather just sit on my couch with a bag of Doritos and watch Grey's Anatomy, but that's just me. ha! Yesterday, you can see I gave into that, and I gave myself grace in that. Like honestly, who cares if you miss one workout when someone important to you passes? You realize the importance of some things over others and I was with my family and the babies were dancing on the front porch and I was about to leave and run home then thought "No! I want to stay here with them!" and so I did. I have to FORCE myself into the motion and then I can get myself going. It's not easy this week for all...even as much as I love to train. That's just the real candid truth! I know I'll get my mojo back, but for now I'm going to allow myself grace. 





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