Conscious Eating

So I've only told a few people this term as I wasn't trying to start some fad, but I was trying to explain to someone the way that I eat, and this was the best explanation that I could come up with, so why not make a name for it right? ;) This is something that I've been doing for over a year now with that random "I'm going to do a cut and reverse that didn't last because #life" so I thought I've been doing it long enough to explain what I mean.

Intuitive eating is all the rage right now, and I think it's wonderful. As ALWAYS though, I think that it's a process and to get from point A to E, you can't skip B-D so sometimes I think that many girls are trying to go from low calorie chicken and brocolli to intuitive and it doesn't work. The reason, IMO, is because with macros and reverse dieting, they are able to see that they can eat anything within their goals, then they see that they don't need to fear certain foods and they get an idea of what a full day of eating looks like in a balanced and calorically dense way and then they can move into intuitive eating. 

I remember when I first heard the words intuitive eating 3 years ago when some people were already talking about it and were already doing it, and I thought "Well if I intuitively ate, I'd eat cheeseburgers and french fries all day" and unfortunately that's still the truth. I was born and raised on that kind of food and it gives me comfort. There is that hashtag balance, and of course I'm not saying not to have those things but I'm just saying that the signals of what I crave and want are not what is necessarily what is best for my body and fueling my training so yea. I know though that I feel AMAZING when I eat a whole foods plant based diet (I told yall I was going to try to go all week and I'm holding strong-haha) but I have to make the conscious decision to eat those foods. Even with macros, I've realized that I started eating foods that didn't make me feel good inside just because I could. 

Again, I'm still going to eat foods that don't make me feel amazing inside. Who doesn't? And who cares? It's life. Some days you're like crushing it with healthy foods and the next thing you know you're eating cheesy bacon fries like what just happened? But I think it's more than intuitive. Intuitive relies on what you grew up on and what stage of life that you are in (possibly pregnant craving different foods) so I think it's important to be aware and conscious of what you're eating. 

However, that's not really the golden ticket of why I came to talk about this. I use this term mostly in reference to full and hunger signals. It is highly unfortunate, but MOST women don't even know their hunger and full signals anymore and even those that do macros. They feel that they have to stay within their macros so they may stuff their face to reach them if they are reverse dieting or they may feel extremely hungry at night but feel that they can't break their allotted macros for the day so they don't. They might decide to go out to eat with friends or start moving into intuitive eating and they are like "What do I even do?"

THINK about it. Everything that you want to make a habit (just like macros/just like organizing/just like reading my Bible/prayer/running), I had to intentionally do first and then it becomes more natural. I did not become a runner just by intuitively running #NOMSAYIN. If I intuitively ran then I wouldn't be a marathon runner because we all know that every day is not easy. Nothing that reeps reward doesn't take some form of conscious thought. When you look at a menu and you are trying to move into the intuitive eating phase, then really ask yourself WHAT DO I WANT?! If you find that the thing that you want is a cheeseburger and fries and you feel like you are really hungry and that you would feel fine at the end of that, then by all means-have at it! If you have ate like crap all day and so you think "UH I've ruined it already so why not finish off strong with this nasty meal" then NO! In my opinion, that's not what you should get. You should have conscious awareness that it's going to make you feel like crap, and then have the maturity to get something that will make you feel good. I say maturity because it's not about will power or any of that. You KNOW it will make you feel bad so don't be dramatic about the rest of your can still eat a balanced dinner. 

We as women and food...we are DRA-MATIC. DRAAAAAAAAMATICCCCCC. DEEP BREATHS. NOMASTE. You're going to be alright. Lol! I love you guys but just some real talk ;) 

When you choose whatever it is that you decide is best for you, then you sometimes have to think about it. Eat SLOWLY. Eat with intention. I know from working with girls on a day to day basis that they have their macros and they scarf the meal down without thought of fullness or hunger. When they get to a meal when they start intuitively eating, they don't know when to stop and sometimes they just eat and eat even past what they even really want. THINK ABOUT IT!!! Eat a little, THINK ABOUT IT, Eat a little, THINK ABOUT IT. Are you full? If you are then STOP. You aren't just going to stop without thoughts about whether you should stop. Should you be like all up in your head and thinking every second of your meal so that you aren't being present with family and friends? No. But again, this is a process so in the beginning, think about it. When you are at home and you are making your meals for the day, do you know that the foods that you are choosing are going to make you feel great and rejuvenated and ready to take on the day? If not, then why would you keep doing that to yourself? I know it's not that easy. I know that food is comfort and many women have a relationship with food, but spend some time really evaluating and working through those things. If you just leave them as they are, then they are going to just fester and become bigger issues. Deal with them. THINK ABOUT IT. Work through it. Be present. Be conscious. But don't be dramatic. ;) 

#CONSCIOUSEATING (I know I know it'll be the next big thing so you can feel free to start hashtagging it HAHA)

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