Fall Down 7 Times, Stand Up 8

So, some of you may have seen when I posted to my instagram or on the Women For Tri facebook page about my crash on Saturday's bike ride. I would like to give the disclaimer that it was in fact what I'd classify as a "crash" and not just a fall. I fall like all the time. I'm over that. It's no big deal...junk happens. Crashing scares me, and makes me super emotional. It leaves me feeling confused about what I'm doing, and in those moments questioning everything to be honest. Then I think I shouldn't share about these things because people will just think I'm crazy but I just get so tired of the internet only being able to be this positive experiences with everyone left in their own time feeling beat down like they are the only ones experiencing this. 

So, I just want you to know that you ARE NOT alone if you are training for something and feeling like you weren't cut out for it sometimes. In the moments after I had the crash, I kept thinking "It's not that I want to give up but is this safe for me? Am I putting myself in danger here?" Essentially, my tire went into train tracks, whipped the front end and handlebars around super quick and hooked under where my bento box is and I slammed on the right side in honestly the middle of traffic (it's shelby so traffic is never that serious). 

I immediately jump up, grab my bike and go to the side of the road. All these people got out of their car and this one guy "DO YOU NEED AN AMBULANCE?" hahaha! I was like "No sir-I'm unfortunately used to this so I'm good." I can only imagine what I looked like to them just BAM hitting the ground full speed. I have road rash and a huge shiner on my right hip with some surrrrrrrious whip lash this morning. I called Tanner crying to just tell him what happened, and that I was going to continue. He convinced me to finish on the trainer because he didn't want me so shaken up and continuing to ride the roads so I obliged but not without some discussing ;) 

My point of all of this is to say that I'm fine and I know that crashing and falling is just part of the gig of biking. I came home to the trainer to find the Olympics, and these guys are the absolute best in the world and two of them crashed shortly after I started watching. It was kind of a wake up call too that I'm not just a total klutz! LOL! 

When I started this fitness journey, I was a girl who lifted weights at the gym and maybe did some elliptical (ha). I decided I wanted to train for a marathon, and I absolutely fell in love. I did 5 marathons and 1 ultra, and realized that endurance sports are something that I can't really explain how much that I love it. I had always had these dreams of doing an ironman, and as time progressed the timing was natural for this to be that year. My point of all of this is to say that it's not like I have some background in cycling. I have to EXPECT there to be a learning curve. 

After I was done, Tanner asked me if I wanted to go for a run with him to wrap up the day with what I love. He knows my love language ;) 

After I was done, Tanner asked me if I wanted to go for a run with him to wrap up the day with what I love. He knows my love language ;) 

When you are trying for goals in life, things get HARD sometimes. I relate it to pharmacy school in that there were times where I was like "Girl why did you even begin this process? This is just ridiculous." and it was. I seriously dreamed and dreamed of the days when I would be done with school, and then the day came and I graduated. Fitness goals are the exact same. No one can be expected to enjoy every single second. No one can be expected to not have days where they think "Uh, what am I doing? This is ridiculous and just too much and maybe even possibly dangerous." That doesn't mean that you throw in the towel. You focus all the negative energy into figuring out how to make yourself better in those areas. 

To reference school again, when you are struggling, you put in more hours studying to perfect the art at which you are trying to achieve, you go see your professors to see if you can get help, you ask friends that are better to help you and you figure it out so that you can do well because your degree means something to you. 

There is meaning to me behind this ironman to me. I feel it builds character and resolve to be able to get through the training. I feel the moments of crossing the finish line will make every second worth it, and so I can hit that ground 50 more times and I'll keep standing back up. I might give my husband a heart attack in the process, but he'll make it through too. ;) haha! 

I am enjoying the push so much. The amount of training volume going into the coming weeks is so incredibly high, and it's like really weirdly exciting for me. I thrive on this junk. haha! 11 weeks to go!! I'll update my training schedule for this week below so you can see! :) I guess what I hope to show you that if you have a dream, you can make it happen. It doesn't have to look pretty, and you don't have to be the best, but you just keep on fighting. There will be people who think you're a little coo coo but just focus on your goal in the short term, and then you get to carry those memories with you for a lifetime.

I will say though... the day after my ironman I'm going to see Carrie Underwood with all of the girls in the family in Charlotte, and then Tanner and I are headed out to the Dominican Republic for a week at an all inclusive, and it's going to be a WELCOMED "Do not move for a week except for excursions"! hahaha!

Monday - 8 miles + 60 min cycling intervals

Tuesday- Swim Intervals (2000m) + 5 miles easy 

Wednesday brick- 120 min cycle + 6 mile tempo 

Thursday-morning lift + 5 miles easy 

Friday- 14 mile run + 3000m swim 

Saturday- 75 mile bike 


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