Your Health is More Than the Macros You Eat

I think there has been a big trend towards this lately, but I wanted to share some thoughts. Macro counting became the big hit thing to do for a long time, and it still is. It's the number 1 way that people are able to really change their lives and get fit and not be miserable with it. But somehow we have convinced ourselves that eating processed junk food is good for us as long as we are losing weight. We watch big fitness stars promote this kind of behavior while I have to wonder internally what's going on with their long term health. 

The reason that health is so confusing is because people just have such wide spread opinions of what they believe they should and shouldn't do. Many MANY people associate weight loss and being tiny with health when in reality so many of the leanest people that you are see are not actually healthy. I think we kinda know this but we don't believe it. I have written an article about this but that everyone has a choice on the decisions that they make on what's healthy for them personally. This can look really different across the board, and that's okay. You have to decide what's best for you and I totally get that. But everything that we do in health does come back to science in some way and if you look at the data, we are doing things that are super damaging to our bodies all in the name of health. #WHAT?! It's so odd. 

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to put food labels on things. I hate good and bad foods and the feelings that we associate with this, but we associate good and bad not based on our health but based on our bodies and the same that they take. We form every decision about our health on our bodies, and we say that we don't but we do. If you are eating 2000 calories and you want to lose weight, you cut calories. You might not be able to get progress so you keep cutting and cutting. Let's say that you end up having to cut down to 1000 calories, your hormones are all out of whack, you lose your period, and you FINALLY lose weight. You lose 10 pounds and everyone is like "Wow!!! You look AMAZING!" and you feel great hearing it. You eat all sugar free products, meat and vegetables (no fruit because you're afraid of the "sugar"), you drink tons of diet soda and coffee to keep you full, and you don't have a period. YOU ARE NOT HEALTHY! #FORTHELOVE 

Where did we get things so backwards that we didn't focus on true health and instead focused on obsession over body image? I have to wonder if this will genuinely ever change. However, there is the opposite of all of this. On the other extreme, you have girls that reverse diet and are eating 4000 calories per day. There are some that need that much food, but the truth is that the data shows that for long term health, you don't want your calories that high. In order to eat that many carbs, you are going to have to eat an inordinate amount of sugar, and that's not good. But if you can have oreos/froyo and french fries all in the same day because #reversediet #metabolism #fitness then it's okay for your health? I just can't think that this is true. I've said this before and I'll say it again but I have to wonder about the long term effects of such reverse diets and the effect on the pancreas. Will it not eventually burn out and then we will see fit people that are lean developing Type 2 diabetes? There is research to show that the adipose tissue (fat) is not the reason for diabetes, but it's strictly the food. You can totally have a skinny person that is eating horrible and they are not healthy but because they are skinny, society deems them healthy.

HASHTAG NO CARDIO! That's another popular one as well as being proud of yourself for not going to the gym for a month. That's great if you were really obsessed with the gym and had an unhealthy balance and relating it all back to your body image. I totally get that, however cardio is good for your heart. Lifting weights is good for your muscle development to keep you strong into later years. Butttttt, if the fit chicks tell us that we can lose weight while not working out and eating oreos within our macros then why not right? #HEALTHY It's OKAY to work hard. It's OKAY to not be complacent and do cardio and all of those things!! I'm convinced that the newest trend in fitness is to hate all things fitness but then bragging that they are still skinny. WAHHHH! DRIVES ME NUTS!! 

I've heard girls over and over again tell me that they stopped eating healthy foods because they were so obsessed with fitting all these foods into their macros. I was definitely one of these at first, and I still can be at times. It's challenging for me to eat healthy when I know that I can eat unhealthy foods within certain calories and remain the same weight. But if we TRULY want to love health and fitness, then we truly care about our long term health. 

Sometimes the girls I work with will say "but I'm only losing 1-2lbs per week and I'd like to go faster!!" Yes, that would be nice, but let's be here not to be obsessive about our bodies but to be TRULY interested in bettering our long term health. Let's keep our metabolism strong and go slow. Let's keep our fruits and veggies high and our processed junk low. Let's keep mentally balanced by not restricting those things and knowing that it's PERFECTLY fine to have them, but just in moderation. I PROMISE I'm not being a food snob. Believe me, I can eat Wendys, Bojangles, Chickfila, Taco Bell and Cook out with the best of them. I'm a fast food junkie, but let's join together to do this thing the right way (as I put ice cream back in the fridge - not even kidding - how embarrassing LOL) 

I think people are tired of hearing about macros, but I've realized in mainstream life, people really don't know about them. When I go to do teaching, I always ask at the beginning who knows what macros are and if they had heard of it and no one raises their ever. It's crazy to me, but I think that we are of the technology and information age. We are able to learn a lot all the time, and that's wonderful but if you don't know, here is my resource library to get started. 


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