Life, Training, Goals, and Friends!

Ever get something off your chest and think "OH MY GOSH I FEEL SO GOOD NOW!!" 

Shewww, that's how I feel. Thank you for all of the emails and comments. Every single one I read in full and it meant so much! Also, shoutout to my mom who was about to like come over and bring me chocolate and flowers or something. LOL!!! Who else loves mommas? I mean really..they are just the best! I had been holding out on her so now I know I can't do that either or she might whoop me! ;) 

Last week was actually really great for training, and I got in some solid miles going into 6 weeks out. It was one of two of my highest weeks of mileage, and I actually took a second rest day today because I was still feeling soreness. That might not be what most would do but whatever, I'm not one to care about taking a non scheduled rest days. There are some workouts that are crucial and some that are not. Haha! 

So, let's talk about last week! My totals were: 50 miles running, 140 miles biking, 6000m swim

I keep the same structure every single week but with the weekends going back and forth in intensity and dialing up in mileage. I've changed one weekly mid week run from 6 miles to 8 miles but otherwise the structure is: 

Monday-8 miles speed (speed work is kind of a joke right now-my body is just too tired) + 90 min interval cycles

**Obviously I didn't do this today so I'll probably run/bike/swim all tomorrow. 

Tuesday-Swim intervals (2500m) + Run 6 miles 

Wednesday-Run 8 miles (this was 6 a few weeks back) + 120min steady cycle 

Thursday-easy 6 mile run + Lifting (if I feel like it-lifting has literally been non existent HA-I got gains to make post ironman FO SHO)

Friday- Long Run + 3000-3500m swim 

My long runs, I've just been dialing up slowly trying to cap out at a 20 miler right before the taper. I only like to have a 2 week taper and that's just preference. I get lethargic if I do 3 weeks. I typically dial up 3 weeks then dial back then go up again in this type format: 

12, 14, 16--> 14, 16, 18 --> 16,18,20 

That's just an example but kind of the format that I follow. If I feel tired after a weekend at 18 miles, then I might do 12 miles that following weekend and then 20 the next. I'm very unstructured with training sometimes. I just do what feels right. I call it intuitive training. I know I's ridiculous but it works for me. 

Saturday- Long Bike + Shorter Run (2-6 miles) 

The long bikes I'm alternating between super long and then kinda long. This is how I dialed up over the past few weeks.

50, 65, 50, 75, 30 (I wasn't feeling it lol), 85 (last week), 50 (this week), 100 (shoot me now lol), 50, 70, 50 (that's the last few weeks plan going into it!)

September 24th is my big day that I'm going to try to basically do the entire ironman across the course of two days. I'll do 20 miles + 3800m on Friday followed by 100 miles solo + 6 miles off the bike and then I'll have a regular week and then go into the taper. 

I'm using the method of don't think-just do. I kept over analyzing this weekend and it wasn't necessary. It never is. It always works out and is FINE. I just put in the time and I just keep running or keep pedaling and then I finish eventually. 

NOW MOVING ON TO LIFE AND FRIENDS!! :) It was Jackson's 2nd birthday party this past weekend (that's my precious sweet nephew if you are new here). He was so cute. His little mind is growing every week and I love him so much. He calls me "Tay tay" (I was going to Kay Kay) and then "Nanner" is Tanner. Every time he says Nanner, he laughs after it. I basically melt into a puddle. 

Also, can we talk about how sweet Uncle Nanner is? The dogs sleep with us, and he's so just naturally nurturing (I know that's weird to use but it's true) that he has a little tiny bowl set out by the sink that he fills up with water and he brings it over to the dogs just in case they want one last sip. HA!!! I pick on him all the time, but each night they know dads coming over with some night time water. He's going to make the best dad (Yes, I'm having the fever! ;) haha-and because I tell everything we plan on traveling a lot in the next year and starting next June after we take a 5 year anniversary trip to Ireland/Scotland as I've been asked like 500 times).

He likes cows so his entire party and outfit was moo cows. When I put on his outfit, he pointed to his pants and said MOOO and then he poked me in the eye and said "TAY TAY EYES" lol!! 

He likes cows so his entire party and outfit was moo cows. When I put on his outfit, he pointed to his pants and said MOOO and then he poked me in the eye and said "TAY TAY EYES" lol!! 

So Jackson turned two, but I turned 27! My brother turned 29 and my grandmother turned 89! Our birthdays are the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th! This is the grandmother that is still with us! :) Tanner knew I needed new luggage and he got me something that I'd NEVER in a blue million years buy myself which is nice North Face luggage. It's always weird when you're married. Like, it's both of our money and I wouldn't ever want to spend but you allow it when it's your birthday! LOL!!! I linked it up for you guys and I didn't really like doing that because then I saw the price and can't believe the husband. HAHA!

When he asked what I wanted to do, I told him apple picking. He was like "really?" and I was like...REALLLLLY. So basically, I look like I'm in the garden of eden and I'm Eve and so basically I caused the fall of humanity. We went to the orchard and I told Tanner one of my main goals was to just have fun with photography while we were there. I absolutely love playing around and getting fun images.

In all of my DRAMAAA, he told me that he wanted us to really fix up some things in the house because he knows I loved that. We added pillows and trinkets to the mudroom upper shelves, I styled all 3 of our bookshelves, we changed the entire set up of our bedroom, we moved around furniture in our house, and we deep cleaned everything. We have a white couch with slip covers (that I LOVELOVE) but it has to be cleaned every once in a while. 

I also got the final touches on my run coaching certification. I finished the testing a few weeks back, and did really well so I was very pleased. It's funny how well you can do on something when you love it so much. I had to also get my CPR certification renewal, so I went to Charlotte last week and did the day of fun CPR/First Aid course. Ha! Did I go to a McDonalds breakfast, and a Target visit after? #DUH.


The 15th anniversary was 9-11 this week. It always hits me differently after living literally right across the street (I'm talking I could throw a baseball to Ground Zero). Being there just makes you realize how very real it is. 

We even talked about moving back if the stars were to align. Who knows? LOL! All of that to say, I miss my friends more than anything, and so we texted and two of them are actually going to come out to San Fransisco while I'm out there running the North Face 50K race!!! And yes, that's how good of friends we had there! The kind of friends that we text and say "Hey! Let's plan a trip!" and then it ACTUALLY happens! It's the same ones I went to Nashville with.

Needless to say, it's been a fun packed last week and I'm one blessed gal! My goals moving forward this week are just to focus on the workouts ahead of me, and to enjoy life! That's all I got for this week! This weekend is one of my best friends bachelorette weekends in Charlotte, and I can't wait to celebrate her and hang out with some college girlfriends! I thought in college I'd have this whole life thing figured out when I got out. What happened to that? ;) ;) 






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