How My Run Coaching Works

So, as I mentioned in one of my other blogs, I am starting run coaching officially! YAY! Hip hip horraay! 

Some of the girls that I've known for a while were willing for me to coach them before I got the certification. Just for clarification, this is allowed and is not illegal. The RRCA coaching certification essentially just gives you more tools in your belt. There's nothing wrong with doing it without, but just that I want people to be able to trust that I have done the education! :) 

Here is what they have to say from the time that we have been working together!

There's different levels and options and I wanted to explain each of them: 

1. A pre set 5K/10K/half marathon/full marathon training program 

If you are 16 weeks out from a race or 12 weeks or whatever the length of time may be and want to get prepared for the race and get a certain time and you don't want to have week to week or day to day communication with me, then I can just write up a program for you. It will include all specific times directly customized for you all the way to the race day. It will include all variations of workouts of course as well. 

2. Customized day to day run coaching 

This is what all of the girls above have chosen to do. This is customized to your work schedule, your travel, sicknesses, injuries and based on the times that you want to achieve. I will customize each day and give you a workout for that. I have attached an image of what that will look like: 

You'll see the small yellow arrows in the corners which allows you to click on that day and see the workout for that! 

You reply with notes from that workout of how it went and I'll make adjustments to the next weeks workout and reply back with feedback. 

You'll see the strength training included on this one as that is an option. There are options within that option though (I know this is so annoying but I promise it's for you guys to get EXACTLY the level that you want). If you want strength training from me, then it will be a workout uploaded in just like above. I also have a personal trainer who works with me, and you can sign up with her and we collaborate on your program. This is ALOTTTTT more focused on the strength components. Taylor is without a doubt worth every penny so it just depends on what your specific goals are. Mine will be hybrid training more focused on your running. Taylor's programming is attached below, and her website is She does individual personal training unrelated to running as well if running is not your gig! ;) CLICK HERE

Last but not least, if you want nutrition in that. I do nutrition coaching and of course will give you guidelines on nutrition when you are doing run coaching because that is definitely a huge part of everything, but it won't be the same if you wanted to do the nutrition coaching with that. If you do them both together, there is 10% discount for the combo. I have also attached a screenshot of what my nutrition coaching looks like as well. I give weekly feedback on adjustments to make and we discuss the struggles and joys that you had along with any questions as I'm hopeful that you'll learn a lot during our time together.

I am adding all of this to my website currently, but as of right now, just email me: as I do have some openings currently because of unfortunate events that came up with some clients. If you have a race in mind in the future that you'd like to get on the list for me to coach you at that time, then I can do that as well. 

I'm excited to coach you guys! 

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