5 weeks out Training + Weekend in Pictures

Can you believe that this weekend will be 4 weeks out? Last week, I think I literally fell off of a cliff on proper training. I legit was just like "Na, I'm over it right now" and didn't complete workouts. HAHA! Oh well, I'll make it through on race day. HOWEVER, this week is a key week and my peak week and I think I needed that break so that I could go into this week strong. I took lots of pictures, ate lots of food, and rested more than usual. It was great! 

Let's start with training! I keep the structure the same as always if you've been following along, but this weekend is going to be a doozy. 

  • Monday- 8 miles + 25 mile cycle
  • Tuesday- 2500m swim + 6 mile run 
  • Wednesday- 2 hour trainer + 8 mile run
  • Thursday- Lift + Run 5 miles 
  • Friday-Run 20 miles + 4200 yard swim 
  • Saturday-100 mile bike + 6 mile run 

I'm not going to even lie, Saturday looks laughable. Like, am I really about to do this on a random Saturday? I feel like I'm that student in class that is like "Maybe if I study just a little bit, I could still pull out a B- on this." Like, surely I don't HAVE to do that much and could still finish this thing right? hahaha! But really, I need to focus because my key weeks are the ones that I make sure to hit. We are so close. Don't lose it now, Katie. WOOOO!!! I'm waking up at 5am tomorrow morning to get in my run before work so that I can spend most of the day working then ride tomorrow night. I have my week organized and my house clean and everything in order to have a great successful solid peak week. LETS.DO.THIS.

Moving on into my fun weekend! :) I made sure that I brought my DSLR every place I went because I wanted to get good pictures of everything. Tanner actually has fun taking pictures of me so that's a win win!

My mom and I met up after my workout on Saturday for a girls lunch and then just walking around uptown and hanging out. It was really great to catch up. With my grandmother being so sick, and then her passing away, this time together had literally been non existent. 

I went back home and cleaned house, did some work, and got ready for a night out in Charlotte for one of my best friend's bachelorette nights!! We went to her sisters salon that was so cute and pinterest-y, so we had drinks and then headed out to Fahrenheit for dinner which is a rooftop restaurant in Charlotte. Can we all just admit how amazing rooftops are? I'm obsessed. Alot of the girls were girls that I cheered with at Gardner-Webb so it was really great to get to hug them and catch up with them and where they are now. Everyone has done such amazing things!

I didn't get home until 2am. SHEW! This party animal was exhausted (I'm joking. We all know I don't party LOL). It was so much fun though! I slept until I woke up and then had a relaxing Sunday with Tanner. Right before sunset, at the golden hour, I was like "I'm gonna dress up!! Let's go take pictures at the winery!!" I just honestly think it's so fun. It's like literally across the street from my neighborhood so we hopped over there, and had fun. 

So excited for how these turned out!! LOVE LOVE! Funny part was that most of them, you could see straight through the skirt. I needed a slip. How hilarious right!!! HAHAAA! Tanner was like "I can literally see your underwear." WHOOPS!!!!

Happy Monday Yall!

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