The Mind of A Dreamer

In the past month, I've kind of just been thinking about myself and who I am, and what I want to become of my life. I wanted to share with you some encouraging thoughts today about how much of a dreamer I am, and how I have realized that through all of those dreams, I have to also have focus within those dreams to have them come to fruition because I really like for my dreams to happen and not just stay in my head. 

I'm a super passionate person. I don't even talk about it much out loud, but this blog allows me to express that. I think everyone who comes to this blog will find that out quickly. I want the absolute best for everyone, and that they reach for the stars in everything that they do, and I feel that so deep down. When I have someone close to me that is not dreaming or is letting something happen to them because they won't take necessary steps to get to the endpoints, I want to shake them in love. It like gets me worked up inside like COME ON!!! YOU'RE RIGHT THERE! YOU CAN DO THIS!! 

Have I mentioned I'm glad I cut my hair? Yuck. haha!!!

Have I mentioned I'm glad I cut my hair? Yuck. haha!!!

Maybe that's why I became a coach so that I could be a cheerleader for others for their dreams. I love to encourage others. It gives me so much joy to see others swell with pride for what they can do and then go out and do it. Dreams coming to fruition takes so much planning, so much effort, and so much time. There are small dreams of course, but I feel as if dreams are called dreams for a reason, and we think of them as these insurmountable tasks that we can only keep in our heads. 

I know what others are thinking. Girl, can you not just relax in life and not go after your dreams? Well no, I feel sometimes as if I quite literally can't. I'm just not wired that way. I had a client describe it perfectly this week when on a run, someone asked her if she wasn't exhausted from having to always conquer something and she could never just "be". She explained to me that she felt just "being" was not living, and that is what LIFE is all about. YES. Nailed it right on the head. 

I love to follow LoveTaza's blog, and one of the most FAQ on her site is "Is life really that fun?" and her answer is that Yes, yes it is. None of us have perfect lives but finding happiness in every day is so important. 

Why do we allow ourselves to become so complacent? Why is there this societal norm that you continue this forward motion until you get to real working life then you settle down and just come home after work each day, watch some TV, and that's about it. I know I'm stretching the truth of what most people do as there is so much that we all do, but I think it's called "settling down" for a reason. 

I have also realized that this is sometimes just me and my personality. I exhaust my brother. He DOES NOT flourish in going after dreams. He quite simply does not care about all that. He doesn't want to travel, ever (literally has said he will never get on a plane again). He doesn't want to live near people. He has acres of land in a town outside of mine called Waco and he likes to sit in his chair and drink beer and watch the Panthers game. HA! We are very VERY different, so if you are like him, then maybe read my next blog! ;) 

I know what you're thinking too. Well, she has no kids, and I have responsibilities, and I don't have money and I don't have choices out of my current situation. I want to travel but I can't because I can't even afford it. I want to go after my dreams but I can't...I can't...I can't. 

Yes, you CAN! I feel as if I need a foam finger right now. 

I promise you that if I didn't have money to do something then I would sell everything to make it happen if it meant enough to me. I would sell my iphone for a flip phone. I would sell my house to downsize. I would sell my car for a cheaper one to have no payment. I would start couponing. Recently, we have realized that we have tons of stuff around the house that we don't actually need, so we made stacks of Goodwill, yard sale (this Saturday) and selling online. Since the start of last week, we have made $500. We don't even buy that nice of stuff, but we ALL have stuff that we can sell and that's one way to make a dream happen because a lot of times it does take money. 

The other thing holding many back is the responsibilities they hold. I know that there are certain situations where you are busy around the clock and nothing that you are doing is negotiable and you can't trim the edges of what you are committed to, but many times we commit to things that maybe the next season we could step down from that would allow us to go after a dream that we have had for a long time. (Did I mention dreams take patience and time?) 

You don't have to be PTO president, and manager of the soccer team. You don't have to agree to organize VBS at church and craft your son's costume for Halloween. You really just don't have to do all that. If you are in college, your dream might be what you are currently pursuing, and it really is okay to tell people you can't come to things because you need to focus. 

Fear. That's the only thing that holds us back from going after that thing that we have always wanted to do. We are scared to take the leap. We are scared that if we jump out of the plane then the parachute will not engage and then we will fall to our death flat on our faces, but the truth is you will NEVER feel that parachute for sure if you never jump. You HAVE to jump. Do you think I wasn't scared to quit the world of pharmacy and start this? Uhhh.... 

Do you think that I wasn't scared to death to move to New York City after pharmacy school instead of moving to the safe box that was home? I was scared when I went to Belize for a month long mission trip. I was scared when I ran my first marathon. I was scared when I was at the start line of my first half ironman, and I'll be scared in a month at my full ironman. Dreams cause fear because they are a big deal, but with focus and determination and the resolve to never give up, you WILL get to the other side. 

I have a list of dreams. I have a dreamer book. I didn't intend for it to become a dreamer book, but it just did. One of the things in the dreamer book from 3 years ago is all the things that I was going to start in my fitness business. Some other things in that book are owning teacup yorkies, graduating pharmacy school, getting married in the church I grew up in, moving to somewhere cool, and running a marathon.

These all happened. I'm NOT saying I have it all figured out. 

I'm just saying that there is NO reason that you should just sit on your dreams and not work towards them. Write out your dreams, write out the steps that it will take to get you there, write out what you are going to do RIGHT NOW to help you achieve this goal. 

I have quite a few up my sleeve right now that I'm going to keep tucked until it's more appropriate to share, but ironman is definitely not the only thing on my dream radar right now. haha! What else is new right? ;)

Maybe the actionable steps that you have to take right now don't even involve your dream at all, but rather involve getting yourself out of the messiness that life creates sometimes. Maybe right now the forward motion towards your dream of moving to Los Angeles is that you first have to finish college in South Dakota, so your dream is the furthest thing from your mind. It's STILL forward motion, so don't ever forget that. Be present in your current moments knowing that you are working towards that bigger goal. Allow yourself to seek new opportunities that will open new doors. 


I've become very adamant about this in my life and my marriage, so a few months ago I asked Tanner what his 5,10,20 year plan was in pharmacy? He was like ... 'Hm, I don't even know.' WELL BOI, YOU BETTER GET TO THINKING. haha! It's not that you always need to have a plan, but I think that unless you exercise creative thinking to dream of what could be, then you will become complacent and never keep that forward motion. So, I've been so proud of him. It has rejuvenated a new spirit in him for oncology (he's the clinical coordinator pharmacist for the outpatient chemo center here). He is going to get board certified in oncology next year, and started studying a month ago after we had these conversations. Becoming board certified is a HUGE deal, but because he didn't allow himself to just idly sit, he will have so many opportunities afforded to him by becoming more specialized. This is going to take time. This is going to take ENERGY and the resolve to never give up when he's 28 and just doesn't want to study, but the end is worth it. It's ALWAYS worth it. 

So, sisters (and the minimal brothers that read my blog hehe), I encourage you to seriously go after your dreams today no matter what they may be. I encourage you to create a dreamer book and start working towards the smallest of things that you can do RIGHT now TODAY that helps you to get there. 

Wanna know what has helped me with getting back to my dreamer mindset? GETTING ORGANIZED!! I'll update you guys soon on how that's going for those that read that blog that I'm linking up HERE!

Happy Random Tuesday of Dreams!!! 



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