I'm in a Research Study!

The reason that this blog is coming to you a little later than usual is because this morning I traveled to Kannapolis, NC to do the initial blood work for a study that I'm going to be participating in. This is through my undergraduate college, Appalachian State in Boone, NC. They have always had a great research program, and I have always tried to participate when I can. I'm in an ongoing genome study from YEARS ago and it's pretty cool. 

This one is a coffee and cycling study. They are trying to prove that the chlorogenic acids in coffee enhance endurance performance. There are a lot of inclusion and exclusion factors, but I had to be someone that is in good cycling shape (thanks ironman), will drink coffee (I had no idea I had to do it black because creamer interferes with the absorption of chlorogenic acids-TEARS FOR PUMPKIN SPICE UH!), and that I could go into their office 4-5 times for lab work and cycling on a trainer while they record data on me. 

The coffee is prepared with a Turkish prep where we have to weigh out the coffee grounds and measure the amount of water so that we are getting the exact same amount of caffeine and coffee each day. I'm going to Chicago for the marathon and I'm a little concerned about taking this whole set up because I wasn't planning on checking a bag (honestly this is a huge concern so I'm going to see if I can come up with something haha). I am supposed to drink this every day until October 12 when I will go in for a 50K ride on the bike trainer. They hook  me up while I'm riding to test my heart rate. After I finish this, I have a two week wash out, and they give me new coffee. I drink this coffee for another 2 weeks, then come in and do another 50K ride on the trainer. That's the end of the study, and I would really love to make it to the end, but they also said you have to drink this coffee black. I haven't had it yet, but I genuinely am the biggest diva on liquids. I really don't mean to be silly but if it's disgusting, I won't be able to do it. HAAA ! Tanner quite literally just told me to "Man Up" and I don't back down easily from a challenge! LOL! 

Today, I went to have the intro lab work done, and they assessed my VO2max as well as getting my information in a bodpod. I have to agree to maintain my same level of fitness and body weight during the extend of the study which isn't something that really changes much for me other than after the ironman when I'm going to be in the Dominican Republic sitting on my butt. HA!!! They gave me my VO2max at 49 which is pretty good. I felt it was a very short test, and I didn't push to my max, so honestly I think it's higher, but they told me to stop. haha! It's cool to see though that I'm in the best shape of my life through data! :) #Shocker #Not #ThanksIronman 

It should be super interesting to see how this all pans out, and I'll be curious to see what they find on this study! :) I love being a lab rat! Have you guys ever done a study? If so, what were they testing? 



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