Boston 2017 Cutoff

So yesterday it became official that the Boston Marathon Association had to draw the line for those entering at 2 minutes and 9 seconds. If you aren't familiar with what I mean by that, essentially if you qualified for Boston but did not do this in greater than 2 minutes and 9 seconds, then you still don't get to go. For my age, the time is 3:35 so a time of 3:32 would have been safe. Last year when this happened, there was a cut off of around 2 minutes then as well, and the only thought that I had was "Shew, I got in!" but this year brings up a whole different set of emotions. 

I most likely will not do it next year even though I do plan on aiming for a PR in 2017 (my current is 3:15) because I just want to give as many people a chance that can possibly do it. I know that you might think that my one slot might not make a difference, but I know someone who missed the cut off by 1 second and that could make the difference. I will have experienced it twice at that point, and while I do want to be able to go every year, I also want to give others the opportunity. 

I know how much I watch people pour their heart and soul into qualifying for Boston for years and years. I qualified on my first marathon so I feel bad about that sometimes like I didn't deserve it because I didn't sacrifice the way they did to get that time. I'm not trying to be silly, but I just know what it means to so many. 

I totally understand why they have to do this. There are over 30,000 people that are running this marathon and while they keep it amazingly organized while you are there, it still is a LOT of people and while you are running, it is like a mad house trying to fight through everyone so sometimes in the beginning, we found ourselves just shuffling forward. So, there has to be a line somewhere to say "Okay, this is too many people." Every few years, the times get harder to hit. For the males, I feel like you have to be REALLY good to be able to get in. I'm pretty sure the time is 3:05 for my age group which is right around 7 minutes per mile, and according to the info we got yesterday, you will still need a 3:03! That's ROUGH. 

Someone commented on a status post that I made about it that maybe charity spots should be limited, but then someone commented under that that this is the way that the association is able to afford the things they do for the marathon. I mean I would think $185 from 30,000 (5.5 million) for the entry fee alone would be a lot of money but I know it takes a lot to run this gig. I guess I'm just sad. I'm sad for those that were let down yesterday. Keep pushing y'all. It's worth it and this race is an absolutely beautiful experience. 

I posted a few weeks back that I wasn't sure I was going to run it this year because of expense and mostly also because I have so many races that I want to do and PR and Boston isn't a PR course. I plan on starting to have kids at some point and while I know that I can continue running after, I just keep pushing back my goals further and further. My biggest goal is to qualify for NYC which requires a 3:12 (PR is 3:15). I'm so close, but with ironman training this entire year, I feel it's set me back big time and if I'm running Boston then that means I technically should start training in January and I'm doing the North Face Endurance 50K in December so when does that leave time for another marathon training cycle? 

The point of all of that to say that I feel bad that I was just like "Should I or should I not do Boston?" as if it's no big deal. It IS a big deal, and it's an honor and I'm so happy for the opportunity to redeem myself from last year's heat exhaustion.  I'm so THANKFUL. 

I'll leave you with a blog post from one of my best friends, Maury who is the reason that I don't want to be too quick to jump and say 'KEEP FIGHTING! NEVER GIVE UP!' to those that are trying. I do want that, but I also COMPLETELY understand her viewpoint as well after fighting for Boston for so long. HERE is that.

Lastly, I can't wait to see and meet those that did get in and we are going to have an amazing time!!! Let me know if you're coming!!! 

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