One of the coolest moments of my life

On Monday night, the best thing happened to me and I couldn’t not share this story with you guys so this blog might be short but it’s very sweet. I went to the YMCA in Shelby to run 6 miles on the treadmill. I’m sticking to the treadmill right now during my recovery period (my hamstring thing is gone) just to make sure that it is most definitely gone and not returning.  I don’t want to get out on the roads and something to happen so I’ve just been playing it safe.

Side note before the story begins. Last night I went to a PT in my hometown that is a good friend of ours. I posted a status asking if anyone would be willing to look at my gait while running to assess. He texted Tanner and said he wanted to have me come in and do a full assessment. We did a Y balance test, functional mobility assessment and tons of other things. We have a college close by and he said that it’s all the testing that they put all the athletes through to make sure that there are no asymmetries, instability, and mobility or strength issues. Obviously, as I’m sure everyone knows, if there is an underlying issue then there are compensations that will happen. It was the SMARTEST thing I think I’ve done in my athletic career and I HIGHLY recommend it if you can find someone to do it for you.

He found that I have major weaknesses in one of my hips which may not show up immediately on a gait analysis while running but as time progresses in my run, I probably am doing some anterior pelvic rotation, not utilizing my hips and core correctly and that’s what hurt my hamstring but it can lead to every issue that I’ve ever had. It also is causing some pronation on my right foot. When we looked at the slow mo video of me running, I was cringing at my pronation on the right side. It looks like my ankle is about to break and here I am running 16 miles on this thing having no clue.

I also found out I have a weak core. Um, what? I seriously would have never guessed but this is also probably due to weak hips. He basically explained that these are things at my age that take 2 weeks tops to fix and then you’re good. If you wait until you are older, it can be harder and so I’m so so thankful that I had someone do this. I told him when I started one test that I had bad balance on one leg (always did stunts on the opposite) and he explained that it’s not my balance, it’s my hip stability.. Seriously, how crazy that I could have fixed this years ago?

On to my story but I felt that was important! I was on the treadmill running and I saw this guy that I’m friends with in the gym looking at me (aka a guy that I see in the gym and we don’t really know each other but we say gym things to one another HA). I kinda did the half smile/wave thing but was also like “Why you staring brah?” He walks over to me and says “I really think you were meant to be in my life for a reason.”

Yall, I almost fell out on the floor. I was dying laughing in my head thinking this guy was trying to flirt with me.  Doesn’t he know I’m married? But, my ego was a little big there. He wasn’t flirting, but my first thought was “OH GOOD LORD HERE WE GO!”

He starts with his story while I’m running. This was it:

“When I moved to Shelby when I was younger, I started going to James Love Elementary and I didn’t know anyone. I was a really shy black guy who really wanted to do well. I had this teacher and she told me that she knew I had potential and she pushed me to be the best that I could be. She told me that I could do anything. I kept working hard and she moved me up to be with all of the smart, white kids (I’m quoting here) and I didn’t want to go. I was shy, but she told me that it was going to be okay and that I was going to do awesome. I kept working hard. That teacher had a lasting impact on me and I think about her all the time.”

At this point, I’m still thinking this guy is flirting, and had no idea where this story was going but this is worth it y’all, I promise. Hang tight. HAHA!

He said he started seeing me in the gym and heard about me (my town is small) and so he started following me on Instagram and my journey. He said he thought I was really inspiring (and this guy is like SUPER fit so that was such a compliment) and pushed him to be better. He said I couldn’t help but think that this girl reminds me so much of that third grade teacher that I had. They both push me to be better.

He went on to say that he saw one day that I was on the front page of the newspaper. It was the story about how my grandmother had made the folders for all of the grandchildren in my family and that I was dedicating my ironman to her. It clicked. THE TEACHER IS THIS GIRLS GRANDMOTHER!!! HER NAME WAS MRS DAVES. JELMA DAVES. That’s your grandmother, right?



Now, I’m sobbing on the treadmill. haha!

He said, “I just wanted you to know that you carry her spirit so much that I felt the emotion that you guys reminded me of each other. You are inspiring so many just like she did. It’s in your blood. I see it in your family on facebook, and you all have it in your blood. I’ve wanted to tell you for weeks. I was trying to build up the courage to come talk to you.”

I will probably remember that story for the rest of my life. This guy didn’t have to even tell me this but he felt compelled to and even though my grandmother has been gone now for 5 months, I’m still able to have glimpse of her in these moments. What a blessed morning it was!

On Friday, check back because I’m going to talk about my assessment that I had with Inside Tracker with all of my blood work. It was seriously an awesome thing that I had done so I can’t wait to share with you all.

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