Guest Post-How to Love Your Body

Today, I get to share with you guys someone really special to me and to just about anyone that meets her. She is one of a kind and carries herself with confidence yet gentleness, grace and beauty all at the same time. She's one of my favorite humans! And you're going to love what she has to say on this topic. We know each other because way back when I hired her to do my photography for my wedding. She has since moved into other ventures and I love watching her grow and change! <3 Her name is Sarajane Case, and you can find her empowering blog HERE.

I used to think that being fit was a skinny persons privilege; that a fat person desiring a balanced approach to health was trying to live in a skinny person’s world. Pushing their way into a party they were never invited to.

That the only parties I had reservations to were yo-yo dieting and deprivation. That asking myself what felt good to my body was foolish, lazy and quite frankly only OK for someone who was already thin.

I would go to the gym with my head down knowing that everyone there assumed it was my first time or that it was some phase I was going through. Like everyone was watching me thinking, “wow, good for her for trying.” I’d daydream of t-shirts saying things like, “I come here all the time.” Or “I actually really like salad.” Or “I could probably beat you at tennis.”

I wore clothes that covered my skin and pants that never pushed into my hips in the wrong place. Tank tops were for skinny people, shorts were for skinny people, and bathing suits well you get the point.

As a thick-bodied person you are often told to cover yourself up. Maybe it’s not directly and sometimes it is. But, it’s in the way you hear people talk about others and what they’re wearing, it’s in the “Who wore it best” columns and the whispered critiques of a stranger saying, “that shirt is just not flattering on her.”

The day came when I grew indifferent to the gazes of others. Their opinions of my body became less relevant because I was enjoying my life so much. I surrounded myself with supportive people and I chased after joy first and foremost.

I decided then that I would choose how much of my body to show, what to wear and how I chose to interact with my health based off of my own desires and nothing else. I guess part of that is an act of rebellion. A belief that the more you look at my body the more normal it will be to see women with dimpled thighs and stomachs that aren’t flat. The more you will look at your own stomach changing shape and think that it’s just not that big of a deal.

You deserve to feel attractive. To walk around looking people in the eye while you feel the air on your skin.

Forget the rules: wear stripes, wear color, enjoy your workout, play the sport even if your thighs clap together when you run and for goodness sake just buy the shorts.


Let me be the first to say that I want to see you.


Don’t make yourself smaller for me.

Make yourself healthier.

Ask what your body needs that day and allow it to happen.

Chances are if you ask your body enough it’s probably going to say it wants greenery, water and a nice bit of movement.

I promise that you deserve to feel healthy no matter what size you are.

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