Inauguration Day

In light of this historic day, I started to write a blog. The blog was going to be about the Christian church and how I feel that loving one another comes FIRST and politics second. I wrote it all out. I wrote how I felt that by listening to one another GENUINELY and having in person conversations, we would be able to help people to see our side better than with heightened emotion.

I said lots of things, and then I read it over and thought, "I can't do this."

For some reason, in such a huge historic event, we feel we all have the right words to say. We feel that OUR WAY is the right way and I felt that even writing a blog felt like me saying that I felt that way as well.

The truth is, I don't have the words. I also don't have the tough skin that some do to fight. I like to discuss PASSIVELY but inevitably that's never what happens. I write this blog in the sight of only what I personally can do.

I do not accept this man's behavior, and neither do you no matter what side you are on. We can ALL agree on that. You aren't happy with the things that he's said and done even if you voted for him and supported him, but we block those things out because for some reason politics make us get around those things. If you can fight me and tell me that you agree with him saying he's going to grab a woman by the p**** then this might not be the blog for you! LOL! But, I don't think ANY of us agree with that. Some just work around it.

The only thing that I will write on my blog is that for me, I will try my best to listen to everyone. I will know how I feel but I will try to let the words that they say sink in, realize their upbringing, their geographical location and their experiences that formulated those opinions and try my hardest not to judge them or condemn them because of it. I want good for this country and good for this man because there is no longer a choice. There are many that will say that they do not accept it and never will. He will never be their president, and that's okay. There are many that will say that he is proudly their president.

If I have found deep underlying things about people that I once thought I knew that no longer aligns with what I believe, then I can avoid them for now but also continue to show compassion to them so that one day maybe they will see the grace that I extended and see that it's worth it to be on "my side."

Please take note of this friends: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry.
— James 1:19

Listen with open ears, hopeful hearts, and discerning tongues. LOVE LIKE CRAZY!!!

I can assure you that an aggressive (even if it's knowledgeable) facebook status will do NOTHING but make your pride bigger and your ego stronger. The likes will pump you up. The arguments will get you heated, and the shares will make you feel alive. YOU got this figured out!! But it's REALLY not about you.

It's so much bigger than that, and maybe just maybe if you are gentle, loving, and kind, the cracks will begin to break and we will be able to come together.

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