Cinnamon French Toast Casserole

So I have no idea why I had this idea, but I did. Tanner is studying to become board certified in oncology right now, and as you can imagine, that requires a lot of extra studying. He will take the exam in April so many weekends are dedicated to that right now. I wanted to cook him all the meals that he needed so he didn't have to worry about that. I honestly don't cook THAT much, so it's always a special treat for him! ;) 

In other news, I have been without my Mac book for literally going on 4 months now. I have been using a beat up Microsoft computer, and I'm so so happy to report that I took it to the genius bar in Charlotte, they diagnosed it with a hard drive problem, we ordered the hard drive, installed it, took it back to Apple yesterday to have OS X put on it, and now we are cooking with fire again! WOOO!!! I have my computer back!!! YAY!!!! I feel I can breathe easy again! lol!

It's not complicated. I just throw things together and hope for the best, and this time, it worked out! ;) There is no reason that some of the below are bolded and others are not, but for some reason I can't get it to change that! :) ENJOY! I know that Tanner and I are mostly plant based now, but this is not a vegan recipe (obviously). 

It really was delicious and you'll have to let me know what you think! 

Another recipe that I made us for dinner this weekend, which was great, Is that I heated up some potatoes, mashed those up with a food processor while I sautéed mushrooms and beef crumbles on the stove in teriyaki sauce. We just put the potatoes in a bowl topped with the beef crumbles + mushrooms and it was A-MAZING! Tanner said it was one of his most favorite things that I've made ever. Isn't that something when it's THAT easy!? If you wanted to do a lower carb option, you could always do cauliflower instead of the potatoes! 

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