Update on My Training, Injury, Life, and Jobs

So, if you have been following along, you know that I had the hamstring issue and let me just pause there to chat about the recovery of that. 

It took a good month + 1 week to completely get over it. I told Tanner last night that I've realized that life is just a continuation of this. We can't all be healthy all the time whether that be actual sickness or injury and the best thing that you can do is just to do the things that you love when you can, deal with the injuries and sickness when they come loving life through it all. Tanner has a terrible high hamstring injury and has been dealing with it for about a year now. He basically has had to accept that he just isn't going to be super fit during this time, and we will figure it out step by step to get through this. It obviously makes him very upset, but as I've told him many times, he has so many things going for him and he is so intelligent and I try to encourage him to focus on the things that he is good at right now vs the things that he can't. 

One thing we can both do that we love is SKI!!! So much fun this weekend!

One thing we can both do that we love is SKI!!! So much fun this weekend!

The beautiful thing about sharing this journey of our injuries is how many people have said THANK YOU FOR SHARING! It's so ridiculous how taboo we have made injuries in the fitness industry. Like really silly. It's like if you have an injury, it's because you either did something wrong, you aren't training properly, you're over working yourself, or not eating enough. It couldn't just be that -ish happens. Because, turns out, it does. haha! We also have made it taboo to slowly come back from injury and to push through some hoops to get there. It's just TOO INTENSE. LAY LOW PEOPLE. DON'T DO ANYTHING HARD. IT'S TOO MUCH! Okay, I'm being sarcastic, but really. I'm glad that I can have an open space to show you that injuries DO happen and sometimes it's not because you did something wrong or something that you shouldn't have done, and sometimes it JUST happens. And getting over it sometimes takes a year (Tanner) when it's a high hamstring issue.

I hope that I can also be a place that you feel welcomed to be able to enjoy fitness through these hoops. Don't give up when it would be SO SO EASY to throw in the towel. Through all of these things, I've asked myself, "Should I just stop completely? Maybe run 5K's?" And I always come back to the answer that NO! This is what I love and this is what I'm going to do, which is super far distances, and when things sideline me then I will enjoy all of the other activities that I get to do in the meantime. I'm thankful for MANY MANY injuries in my 5 years of fitness that have taught me really valuable lessons about myself and about life and how to approach things. There is ALWAYS the other side so just hold out for it even if your injury is a hip labrum tear that takes a year to come back. ALWAYS COME BACK! 

Feels so good to be back!

Feels so good to be back!

On to my training now! Honestly, it has no structure which is against marathoning "rules" but whatever. For the past few weeks, our schedules have been crazy (what else is new? lol) and I have just been getting in runs when I can as many as I can making sure to pop in a long run. We are leaving for Colorado on Wednesday morning early (and we went skiing in West Virginia this weekend) but the good thing about Colorado is that we have no plans. We plan on treating it as if we live in Colorado and I will work some hours in the morning, Tanner will study for his oncology board exam (he is studying to become board certified in oncology pharmacy to be able to practice more clinically where he is working), and I will get my workouts in with my friend that we are staying with that is a runner as well. 

Last week, I did 3-8 miles, and a 16 miles. All were slow miles except for one day I did a tempo run with 1 mile @ 8, 6 @ 730, 1 @8. My 16 miler was an average pace of 7:48 and I'm feeling more like myself. The other runs were in the 9-9:30 range as I'm being VERY cautious. I'm trying to slowly add 10% of mileage back however that turns out, so this week I will try to do 44 miles (last week's total was 40). 

The week before that, I did a 13.5 miler, 10 miler, and 2-8 milers. Each day I would just head out and try to just run 9 min/mile pacing and just enjoy running. I like to call it intuitive running which is against anything anyone would tell you to do to prepare for a marathon. 

I'll be back with structured training in the next few weeks, but I'm enjoying this. I don't think. I don't really record or plan out training, but I can't wait for that routine again. I have been swimming once weekly about 3000m, and I'm lifting about 3x weekly now (very light legs to build back strength, bis/tris/abs/back, shoulders/chest). I am doing my hip stability work every day (but of course I miss some days) and I'm hoping to get pictures of those exercises and do that blog on Wednesday as many have asked for that. 

My plan for the future looks a lot different than what I'm doing right now. When we return from Colorado, it will almost be like another "new year" for me. I already have training planned and I'm going to add some cross training (biking/swimming) into the mix more as I do want to do an ironman in 2018. #SorryILiedWhenISaidIdNeverAgain My reasoning behind this is 1) I was dramatic during the last training season and 2) I didn't actually complete the 140.6 that I've always dreamed of because they cut the course short due to the hurricane and I can't leave that undone. The other thing that I'm planning on doing is trying to continue with an increase of 10% in miles each week but keeping them slow (for me). I've never tried that approach before and I think less impact might be really good for me. We will see, and I'll of course keep you guys updated. 

I'm going to do Myrtle Beach full, but it won't be a PR and I've accepted that. I am hopeful to qualify for Boston for 2018. I'll always be open and honest, and before I was absolutely shooting for a 3:10 but that's not going to happen and it won't happen in Boston either because I just want to enjoy Boston this year. Sooooo, the PR that I'm shooting for is Chicago in October! I know that some people will drop races if they can't PR but I just truly love to run marathons, so I'm not going to do that.

Here's some other updates on my life: 

1) We have found a little house that we love and are going to try to get. It was built in 1956 and the couple before us gutted the entire thing and rebuilt the inside, so it is ADORABLE. Those houses don't really come available in Shelby so we jumped! 

2) I have agreed to work more in the actual pharmacy of my current independent. They have been trying to get me to do this for quite some time, and I just always told them I couldn't because I was too busy with my own businessesssss (which I still am honestly). However, I have prayed about this and I just genuinely REALLY want to practice the type of pharmacy that I went to school for which is where I get to interact with people face to face in the retail setting. And I get to do that now! YAY! 

3) I've realized that in my free time in the past couple of months because I've actually had more than I've ever had in my life, I just simply don't enjoy that very much. I end up getting on Facebook, getting sad about the things going on in our world, and I feel SUPER unproductive. It's not that life needs to be about productivity but I am happy when I am doing something whether that be active or learning something new. I'm not someone who likes to walk TV for hours. So, as I've realized this, I have decided to change it. The things that I'm going to begin focusing more are: doing MORE for our new business that I had waited for until launch, starting a marathon and half marathon in Shelby, and I'm actually going to pour back into medicine to make sure that my mind is sharp for the new position that I'm going to have.

I think that focusing on medical knowledge instead of social media knowledge is probably a better use of my time! ;) 

So, there's that, and I hope that you guys are doing amazing! 

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