What does success look like to you?

Yesterday, the Forbes 30 under 30 was released. There were people from musicians to social entrepreneurs to techies to a food business. It's always one of my favorite articles to read as someone who is under 30. These people are making such a huge impact on the world and at such a young age, it's really inspiring. They put all of their fears to the side and got to work on things that they were passionate about, and now they are all millionaires. On a poll asking them if it was for fame and fortune, 4% of them said yes. That's hardly anyone, and that's even more inspiring. These people genuinely love what they do and the impact that they are making.

But these are 30 people out of the entire population of 20 somethings and we can't all have success that looks like that of course. So how can we define our success reasonably and what drives it? I think it's important and some people might not and that's not a big deal. I think that deep down however, even if someone is not actively focused on success is doing things in their life so that they can have some form of success whether that be that they are successful at doing well at their job or those that don't get as much recognition for their success like stay at home moms. I'm sure they want to be successful at raising tiny humans to be decent members of society!! I'm sure that the jobs that we wouldn't deem as "successful", if someone moves up in the company, they are proud of their success.

Point is: It's so individual.

For me, it points back to my faith a good bit. Is what I'm doing in favor of the Lord's will for my life? If the answer is no, then I need to find a way to fix that. I have felt that very deeply in many situations where I almost felt shame for the things that I was doing to reach a certain level of success. The fitness industry will do that to ya! ;) But like I said, it's so individual and the calling that I feel is not something that others may feel even in my same sectors so that doesn't mean wrong, that just means different.

I have come to the realization that success is a big driver for me. It's never been about money to me. I really don't mind having second hand clothes or old shoes. My biggest expenses for myself are plane tickets and adventure opportunities. I love to lay my head down at night and be so proud of who I am becoming each and every day. I love to wake up in the morning refreshed, ready to tackle another day working towards my own version of success. I genuinely think it's fun.

I'm a huge fan of introspection. What are you doing RIGHT now that you could change that could make a huge impact on your life? Like I was saying earlier, success does not have to be your next job promotion. It can be success in being more loving to your husband or it could be success in remembering to take your multivitamin or success in giving to the community more. There are active steps that we can take every day and decisions that we can make that are actively progressing us more towards success and positive life change.

Here are some areas that I really like to look at and find new ways that I can improve.


Financially, at the grocery store, we can get lazy. I start doing daily trips to Ingles vs weekly trips to Aldi. I start wasting because I think I'm going to cook with something new, but yet never use it. We start to want to eat out more. I start to buy tons of 20oz diet sundrops because I'm ridiculous LOL! As many 20oz sodas as I drink, I could save $50-60/month probably. That's another bill! We have realized we REALLY don't watch cable, so we are cancelling. There are small tweeks that you can make to cut back.


Unless you are a raw vegan, I'm certain that we could all do a better job of getting in some more veggies. We can work towards getting in just one more workout this week. If you are someone that struggles in the opposite direction, then it might be that you are eating a little more and exercising a little less. What can you do to ACTUALLY take care of your health for your lifetime?


How are you serving your family every day? Are you mad when your husband doesn't clean the kitchen after you cooked? Try asking him nicely or try doing it with a genuinely kind heart. I love to clean but had realized I was cleaning the house EVERY single time. I just nicely asked and for the past two nights, Tanner has cleaned the kitchen after dinner. This wasn't an argument. It was just a request. He asks that I find systems to keep up with my keys and so then we create systems for that! No fighting necessary! Sometimes it just takes being nice and not accusing. We don't have it all figured out of course, but we used to fight a lot more about stuff and we just don't anymore. We have learned one another and each do our part.

Are you going to see your grandparents? Uh guilty. I need to go see my grandmother as I missed the Christmas party at her house. I need to go see her more in general as she's my last grandparent left.

Are you spending time with them? Family is so important and family equals success as much as career. 


Moving into careers, what is something that you can do to be a better steward of your job today? Can you even so much as make a better relationship with you and co-workers by killing them with kindness? Can you try harder on the little things that annoy you? Can you go into work with a positive attitude that extends all day even if it's forced. Someone once told Tanner that we aren't all going to be living out our passions every day at work. You hear people saying all the time that you must be in the wrong field if you don't wake up excited. Well, I think that's false. I think that we can all start to get bored/annoyed/frustrated at work and sometimes it's not our passion, but that doesn't mean that we can't control our attitudes towards it. We don't always control our circumstance, but we ALWAYS choose our attitudes.


Are you smoking? Drinking too much? Yelling at your spouse/kids too much? Make ACTIVE steps towards change. You CAN do it.

ORGANIZATION!! Yall know I love that one, and you've probably seen THIS blog about that.

There are a million things that you can be successful in. There is no rules set on this nor is there any reason that it should stress you out. Success doesn't have to stress you out. It can be fun, and there is a mental shift that happens when you decide that you ENJOY moving towards positive change in your life. I hope that you'll choose that today! I know I'm excited to do so!



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