Life & Training Updates + New Blogging Schedule

Hey guys! I think 2016 could be called the year of change. There were so many things that changed in my life, and some were good and some were bad, but either way, I grew from every single thing. That's what life is all about right? Changing and growing and loving and learning!

If you know anything about being a blogger, it's actually a lot more work than people assume. Writing articles every single day has been my routine for the past 2-3 years and taking most weekends off. I missed weeks here and there and days during the week here and there, but for the most part I have been consistent. I think that if you are wanting to be a blogger and for the traffic that you generate to make you an income, then you have to be consistent. The more consistent that you are, the more page views, the more that you can promote to companies. My income has always come almost 100% from my coaching, and then I'll land an opportunity here and there for my blogging. Most of the time, when I tell them I have 85,000 monthly viewers, they tell me that's not enough for much of any compensation (like $50 or something and so I'm like PASS-I'm trying to make a living here).

You guys know that I'll always be upfront and honest with you, so with the way that things have changed in my life and the new business ventures that I'm doing, I have felt that inconsistency has been more and more. I feel the topics that I'm writing aren't resonating with people as I'm not hearing feedback, getting likes, comments, etc that I used to. It's not about likes and comments, I promise, but when I do this for a living, I have to consider those things, and what I'm doing and if my time would be better spent in other areas. For the past 3 years, I've felt that the blog allows people to get to know me, learn what I know, and then hire me, and I still VERY much believe that. However, I also have HUNDREDS of articles that I've written that I feel people can reference. With all of that said, I wanted to let you know of a schedule so you can know when to check for posts. I'm going to be blogging on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays instead of every day now!! :)

As far as my life, it's truly really wonderful. Someone asked me the other day if I feel like Shelby is home and if I fit in. I would have to say that I don't fit in. I'm very different than a lot of people around here, but I also have tons of friends so it's really not a big deal. I think people think I'm a little too intense here (lol) but it absolutely feels like home now. It didn't for a while. We were so excited when we came back but then once we settled in, we kind of had second thoughts like "Why didn't we go somewhere like out west for adventure for a little longer?" We are bad about "grass is greener" and we even VERY seriously contemplated moving. The move wouldn't have been not to come back but just that we are still so young and there is still so much out there.

However, we decided that we were not growing where we were planted and that was our own fault. We could say that about anywhere. There are TONS of adventures within 40min-1 hour from here, and we haven't done any of them. Uh...that's our own fault. So that's why we cancelled (well we hadn't bought anything) our trip to the UK this summer. First, that's super expensive and we wanted to save some money to pay down debt and second, we wanted to do a staycation and really fall in love with all that western North Carolina has to offer. We are 1.5 hours from Asheville. We have Linville Gorge and South Mountain and Crowders Mountain and Boone/Banner. We even though about going to spend a week where Tanner grew up and fast packing all over the mountains where he is from. We wanted to stop spending money on flights and expensive new cities and just spend more time in nature! :)

So, we are really loving the season that we are in. This weekend we are headed to Seven Devils (near Boone) with our best friends to go skiing at Beech. Fortunately, it's supposed to snow. Unfortunately, it's supposed to feel like -3 in the morning. Lord help us. haha!

As far as my training, it's sub par with the hamstring issue that I had/have going on. It only hurts for a little bit after my runs, but I'm cautious to jump head first back in doing long runs. I'm planning on trying to get in 12 miles next weekend, and if that doesn't happen then I'm dropping to the half for Myrtle Beach which is like the LAST thing that I want to do but I think it will be the smartest. You just have to roll with the punches, and I have the rest of my life to run races. I'd rather just enjoy life without worrying about missing one race even if I really wanted to PR! :)

I think that's all for now. I hope all of you are well and will enjoy coming back on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! 



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