Our first "season" together

This weekend, if you follow my social channels, you know, is the weekend that Tanner finally completed the oncology board exam. I know that not everyone would study as hard as he did for it, but he really didn't want to take any chances on not passing (there is a 40% passage rate among pharmacists apparently) so he wanted to try as hard as he possibly could. The exam is also $600 sooooo, we don't wanna pay that twice. LOL. 

 The fun thing is that during it he fell more and more in love with oncology and he loves being able to go into work now and be more clinically minded when giving recommendations due to everything that he has learned during this process. It's a good feeling to work so hard, and see results come from it. I know that feeling well, and I'm sure many of you do too. It feels FANTASTIC to work for something and see it come to fruition. 

With that said, we took the weekend for us. And it was lovely. He said that he almost didn't know what to do and felt like he was idly walking around just because his days have been so structured for so long, and I definitely have been in that space of realizing that you are coming into a season where you will have a lot of extra time. 


I know that the title of this is confusing, so I wanted to explain. When Tanner and I got married, we were in pharmacy school. My final year of school, he was in residency meaning endless hours of work. When I graduated, we moved to NYC and I had a really long journey of passing boards and I studied non stop while starting a business for a year. It was all I thought about, and my days were very structured. When we moved home, I poured into my business, and training 100%. I was busy every hour of every day, so even though Tanner was in a season of "normal", I wasn't. And I did choose that, I know. I signed up for an ironman, and was even more busy. When I decided to scale back personally, Tanner was studying for this board exam. YALL, COULD WE EVER GET IT TOGETHER? For six years, we have always ALWAYS had something. 

We are so so so (SO SO SO-is that enough) thrilled to spend this holiday season together, being "normal" and not fighting for some goal or focused on something that has to be done like every second of every day. Like I totally know that everyone is busy, so I'm sure that you all feel this on a spiritual level (ha), but honestly, being together 6 years and never even having a few months like this has just been maddening almost. 

So, I have already started Christmas shopping just because I'm all jacked up. I invited my family over this weekend to carve pumpkins and we laughed that this is the earliest this has ever happened because normally, we don't carve a pumpkin until it's like November. Ha! We have plans to go Chicago for the marathon, and then we are going to see his family the following weekend, and while we are in these places, neither one of us will be thinking about how we are stressed that we "should be" working on something else...we can just BE with one another and family. Happy happy joy joy! 

This weekend, while he was taking the exam, I went for my final "long run" before Chicago. I'm going to share the plans for Chicago/what's going on later this week.


We celebrated right after his exam by going to a rooftop bar in Charlotte with friends, and it was such a beautiful afternoon and then after that, we headed to a diner in Charlotte. Tanner loves gravy fries (literally just crinkle fries with gravy on them LOL) and so that was his request and we made it happen! hahaha! We were so exhausted by the time we got home partially I think just from the stress of that day looming over us (I felt like I just took an exam also), so I slept for 10 hours. Sweet baby jesus it was so lovely.

On Sunday at lunch, we got to go to lunch with two of our best friends that live in Greenville SC, and their sweet baby boy. You know those friends where you both connect with the spouses (that's hard to find where both husbands and wives adore each other haha) but they are one of those couples of us, and so we really enjoy catching up, and the time always seems to fly by so fast and it will be like three hours later we are still at the restaurant. haha!

We came back to watch the panthers game, and I made homemade "fried" (baked) pickles with ranch dip, and they were AH-MAZING! I'm going to share that recipe tomorrow. With my cousin and nephew at the house, I wanted to keep them occupied and engaged, so I said to bring a pumpkin that we could carve, so the women worked on that with the kiddos while the men watched the game. The panthers game was so good, and of course as a fan, we were super excited that they won. I mean, I'm not that emotionally invested in their wins, but like it when it happens. hahah! 

We had the rest of the evening for us last night, and Tanner decided he wanted to play video games. I won't deny the kid I guess ;) hehe! I got organized for an extremely busy week ahead with us leaving on Thursday morning for Chicago. This week is totally packed, but we can't wait to be in the windy city with friends, and I'm really thrilled to show Tanner this city because I totally fell in love with it last year. 


Hope your weekend was restful as well! 

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