Update on the Mini Habit Challenge

So I'm not sure if you are familiar, but in September, I made a mini habit challenge for myself and for others. First off, I would like to say that it was at the beginning of September and when I went looking for this blog I was fully convinced it was only a few weeks ago. Wow, time seriously flies (but I think it's true that it flies only when you're in a really great season which I am). 

This challenge was just to say that there are little mini habits that I do that I would really like to break, and then there are habits that I would like to add in to my life that if I make conscious efforts, I would like to add in. Some of my list included: 

  • Reading 100 pages per day 
  • Not mindlessly eating peanut butter out of the jar with a fork (it was a silly issue)
  • Stop chewing gum (it makes me bloated but yet I do it all day every day after meals-yuck)
  • Stop drinking AS MUCH diet sundrop (lolz) 
  • No facebook 
  • Write down 3 positive things each day 

YALL I DIDN'T DO ONE! LOL!!!!!! This is hilarious when I type it out. I had no idea how much I sucked at my challenge, butttttt there is good news in this. I sound like I have so many issues and I'm hopeful maybe y'all don't create little bad habits like I do! ;) There are things that I write blogs about that I feel I'm knowledgeable on (science-y stuff, marriage, running, nutrition, medication management, pharmacy) and then there are things where I'm just full on honest that I'm in the struggle bus land, and that is HABIT FORMATION! 

I told Tanner last night that I've done it in a stair stepping manner. First of all, I'm sincerely really happy every day. I went through a rough season (as I've mentioned a million times) and I remember the date- August 10th that I decided to let go. And seriously, when I just decided to flip my mindset, everything changed. And now that I see how that worked out, it makes me confident in the future that it won't happen again because it was totally just me in my head. So it's been 10 weeks of just pure joy around here. 

Here's what I have done. I have been reading at every moment that I can, but just not 100 pages per day because even though all of these readers say they read that much, that's a lot and hard to keep up with once my job started kicking up more than usual. I don't do the peanut butter thing in a negative way like I was doing, not even close. I do it sometimes, but it was like all day every day working from home, and now it's very little. 

I quit chewing gum, and then I started back again, so last night I mentally committed to another 30 days because when I started back it was a lot less frequent and I figure if I do it a few times then eventually it will actually completely be a kicked habit. Ha! I have not completely stopped drinking diet soda, but I am drinking much less. I honestly don't think there is THAT much harm in it, for a lot of reasons that I won't go into on this blog because I just refuse to eliminate things out of my diet/life now because I feel it causes the restrictive behavior feeling, however diet soda does not make me feel good (I get headaches pretty bad) and yet I still keep drinking it. That's just silly. I have made valiant efforts to find drinks that I enjoy just as much. The drinks that I have found I like (I'm a very picky drinker) are Coconut Bai (OMG YOU MUST TRY), Diet Green Tea with Citrus, and Propel Berry. I have significantly reduced the amount that I'm drinking and it feels wonderful. 

No facebook - okay I still use facebook and I still post on it, but the change that I have done is that I don't participate or contribute in the little arguments. I don't post some big status about the issue at hand of the week that always inevitably comes up which is just some big "oh let me tell you how I feel about this" kind of thing. It's actually quite funny how much I used to do that. Now I just share pictures of when I do fun things. I don't have it on my phone anymore, so the only time that I do get on is when I'm on the computer. This has DRASTICALLY changed my quality of life. I know that's so dumb but when you are constantly immersed in the drama of facebook, it gets to you more than you realize. I don't scroll through instagram anymore either. I visit my few friends that I have to see if they have posted, and then I get off. I don't play the comparison game of any kind anymore. Lord, that's so liberating. 

Three positive things per day is not something that I can even pretend like I did. I totally forgot I even made that a thing, but I do want to start doing that. I think that naturally I started seeing the positive in life when I made this change of mindset a few months back, but I think it's even more useful to write out specifics of what you're thankful for. 

One thing that I did not put in that challenge that I feel I have made drastic change, and that is to think of others and not myself. I realized that even in all of the efforts of breaking habits, it's just this focus on ME ME ME and if I really am able to flip my energies towards my friends, it creates such happiness. I have made really huge efforts in getting my friends small gifts and texting them more and catching up with those that I had lost touch with. I just want those that I love to know that I really do love them so much even in the midst of a busy life.

I hope that you had maybe a slightly more successful mini habit challenge, and here's to next month where I'm going to keep on truckin. On Nov 20th, I hope to report to you that I successfully broke all the things for 30 days. I'm feeling fiesty this morning, so let's see how long this lasts! ;) 


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