Jersey - What am I doing here?

So, I legit have had like 10 people ask me what I’m doing in Jersey for work, and then I know that means there’s like 100 more who would love to know but just won’t ask! Haaa!

So, lemme tell you about it! 😊

Also, I still have my Chicago recap (not the marathon but the actual city) because I absolutely love that city and can’t wait to share all the fun when I get a chance!

So, if you aren’t familiar with my company and what I do now full time, I’d love to share about it because I absolutely love it. My official title is pharmacist case manager of Cleveland County and I manage 150 patients with chronic disease states (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, asthma). I schedule to meet with them one on one face to face every month and we review their medications and their lifestyle choices to help them get off their medications, reduce their medications, but mostly just to make sure that they are managed appropriately and in good health even if it’s with medication. This is called PPCN (Piedmont Pharmacy Care Network).


I also am starting their website and social media so we are currently in the process of getting that off the ground along with a blog I’m starting for the patients on various health and wellness topics and this will all be evidence based type articles and more professional than the way this blog is formatted. We also do clinical trials on different disease states and we are hoping to get an account in the area so I would be managing that account in my area. I’m also creating the social media and website for that as well, which they are two separate entities at this time under one company umbrella of Medication Management, LLC.

So, my company is always looking to expand, all across the country. We currently have an account in East Orange, New Jersey. Each account typically always has a health fair where we go and promote and get employees to enroll that qualify based on biometric data (blood pressure, blood glucose, A1C, lipid panel, waist circumference, weight, etc). So, I’m here enrolling and promoting and I can work remotely on all of the other information. Typically, I have a lot of clients during the week so I shifted and moved my clients to other weeks, and have the flexibility to do that which is wonderful.

Our company has a unique model, and of course I’m personally bias, but it’s wonderful. It’s one of those things that I feel like if I could get in contact with every country financial committee, they would be on board to add it to their programming, so if you are one of those people or have contacts of someone who knows someone wherever you live, then let a sista know! 😉

We contract with these counties and have a pricing structure, and we have data to show that while it “costs”, it ends up ALWAYS saving the county and city governments in the end based on the health of the employees. It’s about outcomes data and we compile analytics to show that. More patients take less medications, more patients aren’t having events like heart attacks and strokes, and in turn, this cost less money because most of the time, their insurance providers are covering a major percentage not the actual patient.

The patients are motivated because 1) the program is free 2) they get information from trained professionals on disease state management, medication therapy management, and lifestyle and diet changes 3) it’s monthly accountability to keep the motivated 4) there are incentives involved if they continue the program and hit their goals! Each incentive is determined by their individual county/city government but it’s typically cash/debit card of some kind! 😉

Ever have a job that you know you want to be with for the rest of your life? I honestly feel that I’ve never heard any of my friends say that and not that they don’t feel it, but I think that it’s just not something we really think about. Well, that’s how I feel, and I’m so thankful. It also helps that all of the people that I report to are incredibly kind.

Truthfully, this company is always growing and expanding and I can’t wait to see where it leads them in the future! <3

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