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So, if you are interested in my self love experiment, this is the blog for you. In just a few short weeks, I feel drastically different, and honestly you can probably even tell that from my social media. I’m not one of those people who can fake her happiness, but also not someone who keeps it to herself when she’s feeling high on life. Sometimes I’ll post on facebook then I’m like “Katie, why did you post that? No one cares!” but then I think “Yolo, if I want to post it, Imma do me. Screw social standards of only allowing certain amounts of facebook activity before you’re the weirdo who overshares.” Lol. We all know that’s me, but I digress.


So as I was preparing for Chicago marathon, I developed the anemia and lots of other health issues that kind of sidelined me for a bit. I felt the anemia fog for a long time, and then it was almost like one day the veil just lifted. For anyone that may have gone through this, or going through it, I noticed that there were good days and bad days, but the bad days got more and more spaced out and then just kind of disappeared until I was like “wait I haven’t felt that in a long time now.”

I’m going for follow up labs in 2 weeks to make sure that everything is square and I’m good. Regardless, after Chicago, I promised that I was going to go through a season of the self-love experiment from October to the end of the year. The gist of this is just to chill out and live life and whatever happens, happens. I also was just going to train whatever I felt like every day, not really pay attention to nutrition which I thought was going to be impossible (will explain this in a moment), and I also was going to spend my money a little more liberally. If you don’t know, I’m very frugal (aka ridiculously cheap to a fault). If you follow this blog though, I’m sure you do know that.


I was talking with my friend this weekend who is actually 10 years older than me, and she explained that like me it took her a long time to settle in to “being an adult and spending like an adult.” It’s like I get so fearful that I’m not going to have a job tomorrow or something, but then you realize that you do and you will and it makes it easier to actually buy the $19.99 H&M sweater you want without telling yourself that’s too expensive (not kidding that’s how I am).

So, let’s start with training:

It’s been such a joy. With the lift of the anemia fog, I have literally ONLY ran for joy and started lifting again. I’ve done 2 leg days and they’ve left me with that hurt all day and next day hunger and I just love it and have missed those heavy leg days, and by heavy I mean, I’ve lost a lot of strength and have work to do but considering I haven’t lifted legs in like a year, I’ll take it. I kinda always continued arm work, but I’m back to the “everyone’s staring because I look like a crazy person when I’m lifting because I like to do it interval intensity style more like crossfit but I’m in a quiet gym where it’s only men doing one arm rows while they stare at their delts in the side mirror.”

Eight miles is my sweet spot favorite distance, so I do that distance a lot. I did that on the treadmill while catching up on This is Us while at the hotel last week, I did 8 while running through a park by my hotel, I ran 8 through cute little Sunnyside Queens where I stayed, and then I ran 16 on my epic Manhattan adventure run day. I never planned on doing 16 miles, and I never planned on any of those 8 milers. I didn’t scope out locations, or plan runs. Each day, I just thought “hm a run would be nice” so I went. There were two days I didn’t do a thing because well, I didn’t feel like it and that’s the whole point of this. On Friday, I was walking around Manhattan alone and thought “I wish I wasn’t in cute clothes and could just run this. It would make this sight seeing so much easier.” And that’s when the idea came for Saturday. I would wake up, do some work, then head out for the day in running clothes vs cute clothes.


It was so epic. I’m so glad I did that. If you didn’t see on facebook I ran over the Queensboro bridge, one loop through central park, down to Columbus circle and Lincoln Center, down to Times Square, over to Chelsea piers and the water, cut back into Greenwich village for lunch, walked over the highline and walked through Chelsea market, continued running down the Hudson to Battery Park, to the statue of liberty, over through the 911 memorial to Brooklyn bridge, ran/walked over Brooklyn Bridge and cut back to come back to Manhattan on the Manhattan bridge up through China town/Little Italy to the canal street subway and went back up to Sunnyside Queens at that point which is where I was staying.

With all of this free flowing through training for a few weeks now, it of course makes me crave training. I’m holding off on anything official until November 12th and that is the week I’ll begin slowly ramping up training for Myrtle Beach. For Chicago, I attempted high mileage, and clearly that didn’t work out well as I started way too far out, so I’m going to do a shorter prep, start miles moderate and then ramp them up right before my peak weeks and just see what happens. I honestly don’t want to set any big goals for MBM. I just want to go and do my best! <3 I find that to be best for me personally!



Honestly, for whatever reason, I truly have entered a season of intuitive eating, and in the past I’ve felt like intuitive eating meant aiming towards healthier foods and then eating too little, but just with so much tracking I’m very aware of how much food my body needs now, so I just free flow through life. Last night, my friend in NYC made an amazing Whole 30 recipe, but the night before I had ice cream and fries ya know? Lol. Tonight, I’m making a French Onion Soup with French bread for Tanner and I that I’m pumped about. I realized I really love trying new recipes, and tracking can be exhausting with that, so now that I know that I’m getting enough I’ve let up on that.

Purchasing things:

Well, I still stink at this. I have been traveling so basically that’s expensive regardless so I don’t really justify anything else. Plus, we really NEED a new bedroom suit so we are in the process of purchasing that, as well as patio furniture is on sale and we need that for our deck so that people actually want to hang out on it. I’ve realized with a deck if you don’t have furniture on it people think you’re still working on it! Hahaha! So, we gotta get that moving for next summer for hang outs! We want to do a screen on the wall attached to the house as a movie theater type situation. EEK! We are also wanting to put in a fire pit. Soooo, all the funds are going to things we “need” but also these are really exciting things!!! Yay! But like I went to H&M and legit put back a sweater as I mentioned earlier. Lol! I just always convince myself I don’t need it…because I don’t. So, there’s that.

Well this is what I want - Tanner says he needs to think about it longer because he thinks it's too fancy for the style he wanted buttttt I'm gonna push for this one ;)&nbsp;

Well this is what I want - Tanner says he needs to think about it longer because he thinks it's too fancy for the style he wanted buttttt I'm gonna push for this one ;) 

Joy Caliber:

Okay, that’s a dumb thing to call it but you know how life is all about seasons…well this is a really great one. Tanner finished his board exam, but then he was thinking about doing a second year residency. He has discussed this with his work, so I’m not telling secrets at this point. Well, that would have meant selling our house and moving. And I fully wanted that. One morning, at 6am, I was like “babe why are we always chasing. Our life is so great. Why don’t we just live it?” And he was just like … wow that is so true. We have been chasing this grass is greener for literally our entire lives so I think it’s just natural for us, but then we were like “wait, isn’t this what we have been working for? Why would we CONTINUE it with more schooling? We both have great jobs that we absolutely love? Why would we leave this house? We have built a mudroom, a deck, bought all the furniture for this specific house and put so much work into home décor and a gallery wall. WHO CARES if we don’t fit in it right now? Why don’t we set up our freaking guest bedroom and have friends stay with us? Why don’t we Airbnb our house if we want to? Why don’t we allow ourselves to grow into a house? YA FEEL ME?! I know I’ve been so back and forth on this for so long, so I’ll like put our house on Zillow then take it off. HAHAHA! So as I type this, my house is currently on Zillow (rolls eyes into the back of my brain at how annoying I am LOL).

All it took was a simple shift in perspective. I started recognizing that I wasn’t putting love into my present, but looking for some perfection when honestly I feel like it’s pretty darn near perfect. TBH people were just annoying me during the election so I was like GET ME OUT OF HERE but that’s so so silly. There’s so many people here that love. There’s so many girls here that I want to foster relationships with. With that said, I need friends. LOL! My best friend in Shelby moved to Charlotte and I wish she was here every day butttttt she’s not. Haha!

I started up a group on Facebook for women in cleveland county to connect. I had dropped the ball on this when I thought we were potentially moving (great example of how you pull from your present when you look to your perceived better future). I told my friends this weekend how I was doing a wine and cheese night for this group of girls this Thursday and she was like “OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!” It’s called “MWF searching BFF” and it stands for Married White Female searching for BFF, but this book applies to literally everyone so I wanted to share an excerpt from it. If you read this book, you will LOVE this woman and she will make you feel not so crazy for being a late 20’s girl with no friends. Haha!

“When you tell someone ‘I’m looking for new friends’ what they hear is “I have no friends.” They’re drastically different statements, but in today’s world, you don’t go seeking new best friends unless you have none. Why would someone waste their time?  Talking about loneliness in America is deeply stigmatized. We see ourselves as self reliant people who do not need to whine about neediness. If a person going to complain, far better to complain about what someone has done to him (abuse, coercion, rejection) or what diagnoses and addictions he is saddled with; to wistfully describe how lonely he feels is not socially acceptable. Popular culture has made it okay to yell I WANT A MAN from the rooftops, so why are we embarrassed to say “I want friends.”

So, it’s time that I go make me some friends and I’m going to be locally friend dating! 😉 Send me your resumes ! jk jk!

Another thing I’m really excited about is trying new recipes and learning about different kinds of wine! Tanner and I have decided to explore this, go to vineyards together, try different whites and reds and learn about all of the complexities of wine. Clearly, I know nothing but that’s the fun! 😊 I’m going to start my meal planning again for every night of the week that I don’t have something going on so we can have a fancy dinner every night! It’s one of my favorite parts of every day! Some fun recipes I’m looking forward to:

-Tonight’s French onion soup

- Chili lentil soup

- Homemade chicken fingers and fries (ha sometimes I like being a kid)

-Lasagna (I might do Zuchinni but eh that’s lame so maybe not lol)

-Whole 30 Coconut milk Creamy Bacon Chicken Thigh (the one my friend made last night-wowza so good)

-Spicy Shrimp with mashed potatoes and garlic kale

-Bacon Avocado Chicken paninis with chipotle mayo on ciabatta

-Shrimp Risotto in a romesco sauce with a fried egg

YES WE ARE GETTING CRAY UP IN HERE! Obviously, not plant based and that was a really REALLY healthy decision for me mentally and physically, but that’s also not to say that I don’t think it’s a beautiful lifestyle that I always wished I could do better at.

Ever feel like there’s so much joy and so many fun things in life that you just want to do but don’t have time for? I will spare you all the details of all the fun books I’m reading, but becoming a reader daily is one of the best things I’ve done as a gift to myself. I just love it.

Okay, that’s enough on my life! Hope you’re having an amazing Monday! <3


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