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So for the first time, something really crazy/cool happened. I was trucking along, doing life, and one of my dearest friends/blog followers emailed me and said "Are you okay? I haven't seen blog posts? How are you?" And I thought "oh wow, I can't remember the last time that I've blogged." I had some weird emotions about that. WOW! My life is so full right now that I didn't even realize that I hadn't posted. And then a touch of sadness because I've had this blog for so long and I don't want to quit trucking along now. I want to keep this blog for memories for myself and Tanner as well as I know there are a lot of people that still follow my journey and I'm not trying to drop off the map. I just have been really loving life and enjoying it in the moment. 


I went to an event in Shelby last night that was for one of our local runners to tell her story of how she qualified for Boston after taking 18 years off running marathons, and it was just the most fun. One of the local crossfitters came up to me afterwards and said she really enjoyed following my journey on my blog, and I was just so shocked that she even did and it was so sweet she took the time to tell me. I told Tanner when I got home that I think I kinda forget that that used to be a big part of who I am, that people "followed me" and I just feel so normal and such a dork that I sometimes wonder why anyone is still here, but THANKS YALL! ;) 

If you follow me enough you know that I truly try to be present where I am, so if I'm with Tanner, I try to reduce phone time (or with friends and family) and if I'm at work, I try to be all there, so with working a full time job as I'm sure many of you do, you know how fast the days (and your life) can fly by. Luckily, I feel so blessed that I've truly fallen in love with my career path. I feel so lucky almost daily. I just absolutely love working out, working, then coming home and making dinner and watching Grey's Anatomy, curling up with a book before bed, wash, rinse, REPEAT! Man y'all. I haven't known this kind of life.. ever. Like...literally ever. It's so nice and new and fresh for me, and I don't want to ever stop it haha! Maybe I'll get bored, but I doubt it. We are always doing fun stuff on the weekends and the week nights, and I just love the stability and my small town life. 

One huge thing that I realized I was subconsciously doing through all of my journey through life is comparing my life to others online because we ALL do it even when we don't mean to and seeing all the cool places that everyone lives and thinking that my life would somehow be better if I could obtain the geographical location that they were. I looked at my present and ALWAYS ALWAYS no matter what felt grass is greener. When we were in NYC, I thought small town life was such a dream (in the middle of my #1 dream) and then when I got to Shelby, all I wanted to do was go back. LOL! We are always searching for our purpose and our perfect life. Are we missing out if we don't do XYZ? Where should we live? What should our job be? Man, I just gave it up and coincidentally, it gave me the most joy yet. I realized that the situation that I'm in in Shelby is honestly freakin amazing.

Now, when I say that Shelby is amazing, you might be in some big city and thinking how exhausting it is, or you might think Shelby looks cute from the way that I have portrayed it (or maybe not lol) and then that gives you a case of FOMO. I was listening to a podcast today about the social constructs and the happiness that we lack BECAUSE of social media. These were highly educated people studying this, and it's so true. YOUR present is your eutopia if you allow it. Don't read my blog and compare your life. Go out and live yours!!! I mean that so deeply!

((Interesting side note: The studies show that there is a direct correlation that the more that you post, the more obsessed with you are with your image online, and the more unhappiness that it creates. The study showed that even though we are presently acutely aware that people only post their highlight reel, we don't post for them, but rather the more that we post, the more that we feel the need to post more of our own highlights to convince OURSELVES over and over again the validity of our own lives in comparison to the posts that we are seeing of others. We know the unwritten social rules that you only post the good and we don't post our insecurities or credit card debt or bad relationships because that's weird and not allowed and we all play the game perpetuating the cycle.)) --> I think we all know this now but crazy! Go out and live your life folks! Shut off those phones! We have to ACUTELY fight this social media obsession. It's important!!! 

I mean some of this change has even been very recent. I was making a come back as a creative project on Youtube. I didn't care who followed along, but y'all, I can't keep up. I can't do it all, and I just don't want to anymore. My job kicked up like the week right after I made that announcement and I'm SO thrilled about that so I'm not sad in the slightest! I'd rather make dinner not just one night a week but every night with my husband. I'd rather be present and organized doing things right the first time vs frazzled and busy. I have decluttered my closet and realized how fruitful that made me feel and then realized I needed to do it to my life. To be frank, I quit some volunteer work I was doing as well because sometimes you just gotta free up your schedule to be you and none of us should have to feel the need to apologize for that. BUT I AM DONE RANTING! ;) 

We have been so busy on the weekends as well as the weeks traveling to see friends, have dinners as often as we can and coffee dates whenever we can catch them. I have went to Raleigh twice since my best friend has moved back from NYC, and we were just there last weekend to go on the trolley where you pedal around and stop at bars. Let me just tell was a blast! We went to see some friends in Greenville SC and had dinner with them one night. We went to Charlotte last night to have dinner with my best friend from Shelby that moved away that I miss so dearly. We went to Bristol TN which is where Tanner is from to see his family one weekend and going there again on Thursday. My family is going to Chapel Hill this weekend to visit my cousin Celeste who is in dental school and also to do our girls family shopping trip. Tanner and I leave for London in two weeks. I went to New Jersey for a work trip then spent the weekend in NYC, and that has all been since October when I went to Chicago for the marathon. SHEESSHHHH! When I write it all out, no wonder it's felt like a blur! ;) 


Soooo, am I still running? WHY YES YES I AM! ;) 

So I took an entire month off after Chicago. I ran when I felt like it which wasn't much. I did random long runs, but then would do like 3 miles one other day those weeks. lol! I was contemplating Myrtle Beach before Chicago, but then once my life slowed down and got more organized and honestly more happy, my labs were back to normal, I decided that I am in fact in LOVE with you all know! ;) 

My goal literally is just to do the best that I can. OBVIOUSLY, we all know deep down what I want, but I don't even want to speak it out loud because I don't want it to be this thing that I feel pressure to do. I don't want to complete the marathon and people to feel like "oh katie didn't hit her goal." The goal is to complete my training to the best of my ability, try to not skip workouts (lol) and give my all the day of. THAT IS THE A GOAL AND THE ONLY GOAL. 

November 12th marked 16 weeks out, and I decided to kick up mileage this week. I have written out a program for myself on google docs just of mileage and what days I'll do intervals/tempos/long runs, and then I'm using the Believe Training Journal to write more specifics. I am utilizing the Garmin 730XT for all of my faster training runs and checking heart rate to see how I'm progressing, and then I use my 920XT on easy run days because I just love that watch and want to use it sometimes lol! It doesn't have heart rate on the wrist though! 


I need a million different sources of writing this down and planning it out or I just end up running miles without programming and that is just silly. I have a completely different mindset this time around, and I just want to really do this right..finally. I am doing my first official long run tomorrow and I'm so excited for it. I'm excited to complete my week strong! I do plan to work up to 80 miles as my peak which I have done before, but I was 80 miles/week wayyyyy too early before Chicago and wasn't eating enough specific micronutrients to keep my health with that level of mileage. 

To give you what I did this week, I will write out my schedule for you: 

Monday - 8 miles @ Conversation Pace : 7:30 

Tuesday - 800m intervals for an asessment (800m x 8 @ 2:55 with 400m rest between) 

Wednesday - 8 miles super easy (130HR goal) : 8:10 

Thursday - 6 miles at conversation pace (140HR goal) - 7:22

Friday (today) - 16 miles - 1 mile warm up and cool down with splits from 7:05-7:10 between for 14 miles - I know that sounds like a super intense workout but I just genuinely have realized I was holding myself back from my potential. I mean it felt hard and my body feels it right now but I was honestly fine. I didn't have to stop or catch my breath or anything like that, so it felt really solid. As Desi Linden says "Let the faster runs flow out of you" and that's what I'm trying to focus on - lengthening my stride and keeping my breathing consistent 

Saturday - COMPLETE REST! Family day in Chapel Hill 

Sunday - 8 mile tempo (730 warm up, 6 miles @ 6:45, 1 mile cool down) - I'm not sure if I'll do this outside at my cousins apartment in Chapel Hill because I wake up before everything or when I return home. 


I just want to make a note that I'm so focused, and in just a different way than ever before. Planning out my runs with specific paces gives me something to look forward to, it keeps the workouts interesting so that they are more fun to complete, and honestly just makes the time go by faster. It makes me feel accomplished like that I'm doing really good work vs just farting around and doing nothing with my time. 

I'm still reading! I love to much. With work being so busy and training, it is a little harder. I'm trying to do more runs outside vs the treadmill and I used to read a lot on the treadmill, but I'm still doing it as much as I can. We wake up every morning around 4:30am (we love mornings so much that we keep inching this earlier but I think this is the threshold lol). The other morning I was chatting too much and Tanner said "this is my sacred time to read. I love you, but hush." hahahah! We always read for like an hour with coffee before we even start our day. It's absolute bliss, and I just love our little routine. If I have a workout to knock out some mornings then I'll do that though, so it all depends on my schedule for the day. With us deciding to invest where we are, we also are setting up a guest bedroom and fixing up our bedroom to be different and I'm LOVINGGGG some home decor fun! 

I think that is all. This is so disorganized and just my stream of consciousness, but I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all. 


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