11 weeks out - Myrtle Beach Marathon 2018

I am so thrilled for this marathon. I have been running marathons long enough now that I'm doing one for the second time, and there is no "redemption" needed like I felt at Boston but rather just pure love of the course and the place. Myrtle Beach is a place I grew up in the summers, and we have a place there, so it really feels like a second home, so I always love doing this course so much. 

I am training quite differently this time then I ever have in the past, and essentially all that means is that I'm actually training right. haha! I know we all have our different approaches, but I've always just preferred running more vs running more specific, and this time I'm running much more specific. I am going to still work up to a peak of most likely 80 miles in my peak week, but before Chicago for a little bit, I was doing multiple 80 miles per week and got burnt out really quick. I know that for some 50 miles per week is the peak, and that's absolutely totally fine.


I didn't even run that much before my first two marathons, but I just have really big goals that I'm trying to hit and I don't like to think that I left anything on the table. One thing I'm really huge on now and as a coach is the differences in pacing based on your workout. if you are running fast every day then you will never reach your full potential. You must run slower than feels natural to be able to run faster on the effort days. You.Must. It's not an option if you want to do this right and reach your full potential, so let the ego go on those days and focus on the hard days. I've seen HUGE progression in mere weeks when I do this.

I have created a spreadsheet of my runs, and its not totally complete yet, but the structure will be: 

Mondays :

Conversational paced run (7:30ish) 


speed work + leg days (I actually have added these back and just do a quick 30 minute leg workout) 

Speed work paces dependent on workout and distance 

400's - I actually would to get these consistently in the 4 minute range 

800's-work up to 5:30's 

Mile repeats - 6min/mile 


EZ runs + Upper Body workout (EZ pace: 8:30's most likely) 


Tempo Run + Slow Easy Bike Ride (Tempo Pacing: 6:30-6:45) 

With Ironman Texas on the horizon, I do need to at least be on the bike for a short piece each day. My run takes priority so I'll do the bike after depending on how much time I have for 30 minutes to 2 hours. 


EZ runs + Swims (Again-pacing 8:30 for ez runs) 

I'm just adding in the ironman distance swim that takes me about 1 hour and 20 minutes each Friday. 


Long Runs (14-20 milers)-I will be doing 2- 20 milers this time (Aiming for 7:15-7:20 pace)

I have completely changed my mindset on long runs. If you've followed me long, you know I always just fight these and never want to do them, but they always make me feel SO good, and when I realized that, it makes them so enjoyable. I know the rest of the day I'm going to have that tired achy "you're awesome body for always showing up when I need ya" feeling and it's just the best! 

I had let myself get fearful of them, and then I would just skip. I had a lot of thinking of whether or not I was going to run marathons because if I won't do long runs, then I don't need to claim to be a marathon runner, so I'm excited for a renewed spirit on that. I'm doing 16 this FRIDAY actually just due to plans I have on Saturday for the holidays. I have a flexible work schedule so I'm able to make that work.

I've been looking up quotes by pros, subscribing to motivational youtubes and podcasts and really have my mental head in the game like I never have before, and it feels really good. I want to come to the start line for the first time knowing I put forth every effort leaving nothing behind and see what happens

I've been looking up quotes by pros, subscribing to motivational youtubes and podcasts and really have my mental head in the game like I never have before, and it feels really good. I want to come to the start line for the first time knowing I put forth every effort leaving nothing behind and see what happens


REST DAY! I am definitely not someone who will ever run every day. I love my rest days! 

The focus right now is 100% marathon. If I end up not having time to do any sort of tri training until after the marathon, then I know that my endurance will carry over, and I can still get through the ironman day without tons of specific training. This PR attempt at Myrtle Beach is really important to me right now, so I'm focused on that. This week I will hit 60 miles but it's been all base volume training with one tempo effort push.

If you saw my facebook post, I did end up going faster than I should have today on my long run. I don't plan to go sub 7 min/mile for most long runs because in actuality, you should do about 30 seconds faster than goal marathon pace during training so that would put me right at 7:20's for the long runs. I wanted to do a test run today to give me some confidence going forward. Average heart rate was 170bpm so it was definitely a push but I hope that will improve.


This is programming that I had made for myself but I'm already changing this up, but the progression of mileage will be the same. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 6.51.43 AM.png

You'll see that the week that we fly home, I was programmed to do 60, and so the blue square is next weeks total mileage, and I will scale up from there. I know I said above that I would peak at 80, which I think I have decided to do instead of the 90, so I'll probably stay in the 60's-70's for a few more weeks. When the distances get really long each day, my plan is not to do doubles but to really try to do specific training workouts as indicated above. That is when I'm sure tri training and lifting will fall off. Based on how long it takes me to run these miles, if I did 90 miles in one week, it would take up about 12.5 hours, and I definitely fortunately can allocate that time at this point in my life! :) 

If you'd like to sign up for Myrtle Beach, then you can get a 10% discount using my code: FitScriptMBM and that is for the half and the full. I also will be doing two giveaways for race entries, so be on the lookout for that. 


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