2018 Goals

I've noticed this year that everyone is posting about their goals, and quite frankly, I freakin love it. I love love love seeing people reach for the stars even if it's completely unrealistic and they don't hit them. Dreaming is FUN! It's fun to aim big. It doesn't mean you're over the top or pushing yourself too much. I'm always in the camp of pushing yourself to be the best you can and constantly re-evaluating to become that person. Tanner laughs at me because I make him make goals! :) It's FUN! He said this is the first real year he's done so. 


I told him that I'd make it easy on him though and instead of specific goals, he could pick one word that would apply across the board. I was putting stuff in the attic and he comes out there hollerin that he had found his word. LOL! He chose commitment. He's pretty committed already but I'll let him have it ;) 

I chose a word. It's "intentional" but I also have like 500 goals, and maybe you're not like me and enjoy reading everyone's blogs so I'll keep it to the point. Also, I'm a huge huge dreamer. I'm also an overachiever, and half my goals for the years I don't hit, but like whatever, I keep making them and I hit the targets sometimes! :) 

Intentional to me means taking my time with each one of these things. I am not making 10000 goals to be a crazy mad woman all over the place. Each thing will have it's time and my presence and if not, then I will not get it done and that's fine. I want to be fully present in my goals.


In 2017, I tried to get all crazy and make new friends. It's not that I'm opposed to new friends but honestly in 2018, I just want to invest in the lovely people that are in my life presently. Tighten my circle. Love on them spiritually, financially, and with my time. We only have so much time and I already have so many people in my life, so I want to give them that time.


  • Myrtle Beach Marathon
  • Ironman Texas 
  • Savannah Marathon
  • Kiawah Marathon
  • Charleston Marathon 
  • Sub 3 at one of these marathons 
  • Sub 12 at IM Texas 
  • 18min 5K 
  • 10,000 yard swim completion 

Those at the end of the year are back to back and it's always up in the air what I end up doing based on how my body cooperates. Right now, I'm dealing with some injury ish. I know you're sick of hearing it so I won't bore you. Freak accident falling out of my attic = sprained ankle / sprained foot -- > gonna just keep on keepin on! My head is 100% in the game for a sub 3 @ MBM and I'm staying positive, but we will just have to see what happens! :) Either way, I'm in this for life, so it's okay, I promise.

You might notice-I'm not doing NYC this year. I think that I can qualify for NYC for 2019 at one of these 4 marathons, and I really need a break from traveling financially and physically. It really disrupts my training how much we have been traveling and I think that it contributes to weaknesses that I have. 


  • Continue fostering close relationships with my clients and coworkers within the community
  • Continue to educate myself and working towards becoming board certified in ambulatory care pharmacy 
  • Show up every single day intentionally for a company that I love and work towards helping them to grow as well


  • Blog twice weekly on relevant helpful topics for running/nutrition/lifting/chronic disease state management plus personal stuff because I love looking back
  • Become certified in personal training (NASM by March) 
  • Begin training in person at The Lifting Lab in Shelby (best friends own the gym and we are really excited to work together on this) 
  • Read "Lore of Running" and "The Daniel Method" to continue fostering skills to be a better running coaching 
  • Keep taxes/finances/clients organized so I can be methodical and intentional with my time


This is going to be the year of LEARNING! I have bought multiple classes and I'm excited to work through them. 

  • The art of wine tasting (Tanner and I are on class 5 in this and it's so fun to learn and so so interesting) 
  • Interior Design class - groupon deal for $12-holla! I love interior design
  • Cooking Class in Charlotte 
  • Lightroom Course/Photography Course - continuing to hone my skills slowly in this area because I love it 
  • CPT cert of course 
  • Continue building my Shelby spreadsheet and share it with others as I do of all the fun things within the city or within one hour and explore all those options 
  • Write 3 daily gratitudes
  • Meditate for 5 minutes (at least because I love to read in the mornings) 


I recognize that this is a hobby but it needs it's own goal section <3

If I'm 100% honest, I'd like to read 2 books per week. I know that is such a lofty goal, but I read fast, and I read every single chance I get, so I'm gonna shoot for the stars and see what happens. I have bought enough books to outfit our little bookshelves now, so I will be utilizing the library at this point after I finish all of these. 

My goal is 100 books in 2018. READY.SET.GO. Speaking it into action ;) 


I've touched on this some, but we would like to only travel for my races. We plan to stay in North Carolina and the surrounding states touching here and all of the cities within them and explore locally. Our top contenders on our list of things to do are: 

  • Hike the easiest peaks 
  • Run the 5-7 mile trails together 
  • Visit all the wineries and try to put our class into action
  • Visit as many local coffee shops as possible and rank them on a spreadsheet I'm making 
  • Visit local museums 
  • Comedy clubs
  • Used book stores 
  • Concerts of non mainstream people (Odezsa in Charlotte in May!) 
  • Local theater 
  • Weekly outing for food (we always eat at home lol) 

Okay that's enough! I'm PUMPED. LET'S DO THIS Y'ALL! <3 





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