Updates + First Days as a Retail Pharmacist

Hey guyyyyys! I'm alive and well and back to normal scheduling. As I'm sure all of you know, Tanner and I did LOTS of traveling in 2016. We caught the bug and we took every single PTO day that he had. It was lovely. During this last trip when we were flying out to Colorado, the spark of travel was gone. We were frustrated that we were disrupting another week of routine, and by the end, just ready to be home with our puppies. It always gets things so out of order when you leave for a week, and catching back up feels impossible. I'm so so thankful for 2016 and all the places that I went, and I will be traveling for races the rest of 2017 but we aren't going to travel anymore for a long while. We want to be getting on a plane SO thrilled to be going like we were when we went to Dominican Republic. We don't want traveling to just become something that's like brushing our teeth, because it's so special. We always stay with friends and we find deals on flights but inevitably with having to eat out tons and rental cars, etc etc, it also ends up being REALLY expensive. We have some things we are saving up for!! ;) 

This week, I started as a retail pharmacist. I haven't done that in the past and have been in an office where I just review patient records and make sure that everything looks good and it sounds exciting but most of the time, the records are totally fine. Mostly my job consists of badgering people to remain adherent! ;) haha! So, this week was like I was back in my old home from years ago which is something that I wasn't sure I'd like, and I.LOVED.IT.SO.MUCH.

I'm working in the independent sector which means that I'll be working for a home owned pharmacy versus the retail chains (Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc). So, it's so lovely because it has that atmosphere of really getting to know your patients. It also is well known that you stay on your feet for 10-12 hour shifts, you get zero lunch break (so you have to eat like packaged things while no one is looking) and only a pee break if you can sneak off, so I was UBER unprepared on the food situation and thought I was going to pass out by the end. YIKES. I stuffed my face when I left. That's for sure. 

Quick aside to say that if you didn't know that about retail pharmacist, thank ya pharmacist the next time you visit ;)... and if they are gone for 2 seconds, RELAX AND COME BACK LATER!! Never ever go to a pharmacy to wait for a script in the 15 minute time frame. I mean you can, but it's so much better to just drop off and come back later! BUT I DIGRESS! 

You know some weeks where you hit your training perfectly. That was me this past week. I came home from Colorado and I knew that the one thing that I wanted to make sure that I did was my training, and so I woke up every single morning at 4:45am and made it happen before work. When we skied on Tuesday, I still went for 8 miles when we got home. I never ever am that kind of runner. I would always be one to say that I went skiing so that's enough, and it definitely is, but with being so close to my marathon, I wanted to make sure that I gave it my all. I've shown up to many marathons (and I know that I will this one as well) and think how I could have done my training better. I tend to get lazy as the weeks go on and always tell myself "Oh you know you'll finish race day, so you don't HAVE to do this workout." hahaha! That is true, but it feels SO good to hit the training. 

So, last week, I ran a lot. I'm going to be adding in some cross training soon also because I have realized how much I miss tri. 

Tuesday after skiing: 8 miles total: intervals on treadmill (1 mile warm up, 1 mile cool down, 800 x 8 @ 6:45 with 3 minute jogging rest in between)

Wednesday when we got home: 6 miles naturally paced @ 8:15 outside 

Thursday morning before work @ 5- 10 mile tempo with average pace 7:49 for the total 

Friday morning before work - 8 miles "EZ" but I ran it too fast because I was in a rush to get to work @ 7:30 

Saturday after work (9-230 work)- 8 miles @ 9:00 

Sunday - 20 miles at whatever felt naturally paced (7:30) 

This was my second week of hitting 60 miles, and last week was a lot of hiking included so I would say this is my first week ever hitting 60 miles on my feet. My body is actually not trashed the way that you would expect, so I'm hopeful for another week around 60 then doing a two week taper into Myrtle Beach. 

I like to do two week tapers because it keeps me light on my feet. At 3 week tapers, I begin to wonder if I even know how to run by the time the race comes around. haha! 

After Myrtle Beach, I will be going directly into Boston training, and I'm hopeful that my training will carry over. Almost always, I just get some kind of niggle, but we will see if my body will hold up now that I've been doing the strengthening exercises as well as making sure that all of the ends and outs of marathon training are taken care of.

This week we finalize on our new house, and we close on March 14th and will be moving into a much smaller place. More than anything, it feels REALLY good. We do not like having tons of stuff, and so it feels good to really just focus on what exactly do we need and giving away the rest. I know it's such a movement right now, so I know I'm not the only one, but I love creating spaces that are very minimal and very organized, so that there isn't much to think about other than exactly what I need. 

I hope that everyone is having a great week, and I will be going back to my Monday/Wednesday/Friday blogging rotation now that I'm back from Colorado and routine will be this way for a long while! :) 





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