Quest for Breaking 3 + Life Update

Tomorrow begins my journey of a 5 month, 2 week training cycle of attempting to break 3 hours in the marathon which is an average of 6:51minutes/mile. Five years ago, I would have said this was impossible. One year ago, I would have told you it would take me many more years to get there, but after my time was 3:05:59 during Myrtle Beach this year (and surprisingly felt really easy at the end), I figured that this was an amazing year to make that attempt and give it my all. 

PR's can just "happen" but most of the time they don't. They need to be well planned and thought out and prepared for. That honestly makes them better in the end because you know you put in the work to get there. Personal Records are also something that are very individual and some people don't like to share them at all for fear of jinxing it or just simply not being able to live up to it. I actually enjoy sharing these sort of goals in hopes that it will motivate me and challenge me now that it's spoken / typed out loud. 

The past few months have been different, and not in a bad way but ever since I began endurance training 3 years ago, I've always had a large number of people cheering me on, and that's not to say that I don't have an amazing support system, but it's something that I'm not really documenting every step of the way. I just probably will give little updates here and there about it. It's interesting because in the past, you don't realize how much that encourages you and so for those that are posting your workouts online, you go girl, keep at it! It helps encourage those around you and it helps to motivate you because you know that you are going to post about it. Does that make sense? The new found motivation that I've found is something deeper than all of that, and something that is innate within myself. I've taken a lot of time over the past few months to discover who I truly am, and the one love that never fades is endurance. It is my "me time", my enlightenment, and my snippet of joy every day. It's not something that I find to be a chore but something that I just simply love. 

I have rested over the past few weeks however since Boston, and I mean REALLY REALLY rested. Like 6 hours on my couch, "Katie are you okay? You haven't moved in hours!" and "Na, I'm good. Just chillin" kind of rest! LOLLL! I have skipped a lot of runs I thought I might do, and haven't really cared. I only ran and only lifted when I felt like it, and don't really know any sort of mileage that I've hit. 

Tomorrow, I start fresh which is exciting. The rest has been just what I needed to hop back in strong, and I have written out a plan moving forward for the next 2 months. I'm going to be running around 40-60 miles/week in the following 2 months and slowly dialing that up to build a significant base. There won't be any speed workouts or tempo runs probably much at all. This is just simply going to be a large base of miles. I've realized my body thrives on that. High high mileage with no "efforts" in them. The third month, I'm going to throw in one tempo run per week, and in the final 2 months (or 8 weeks), I'm going to start 2-3 efforts per week with speed workouts, tempo runs, and variations within those two. My plan right now is to hit 90 miles in my peak week (I know-insane so we will see if my body allows but talked with a few people and think it will be really cool to see how I do lol) and taper from there, which I've done 2 week tapers in the past, but because of going with such high mileage this time, I will most likely peak at 4 weeks then taper to what would typically be my "peak" for the next two then a true taper in the final 2. 

I'm going to be cross training a lot in the next two months and I have been a lot in the past few weeks to build back the muscle that I lost in the past year, and it's been cool to watch it already start to happen. 

Some shots of the end of Boston which is quite comical looking back-shewwww what a struggle bus-third times the charm next year! ;) 

Some shots of the end of Boston which is quite comical looking back-shewwww what a struggle bus-third times the charm next year! ;) 

I actually really miss tri, but I vowed to myself to only run this year, and so I probably will just add in some swims and bike rides here and there just for fun and cross training. However, I did NOT officially get that 140.6 due to the course being cut short for the hurricane, therefore I will be doing an ironman in 2018. I have already talked with Tanner a lot about it, and it's my final year in the 25-29 year old age group, and I'm going to really train hard to do well in it. I don't want to just go to go. I want to go to do well this time as I know what the training is about. 

I also am aware of what ironman takes now and I'm in a MUCH different headspace than dramatic me last time. I am fully aware of the commitment that it takes, and by signing up, I will be doing so with knowledge of that and expect it, embracing it, and loving it. I'm also going to train with people hopefully a lot more too so that I don't get so lonely! ;) We have a good little endurance crew in Shelby these days! <3 

In my personal life, because that does extend into all of this, I have a full time pharmacy position that 20 hours will be work from home, and 20 hours will be in person with patients. I honestly could not be happier or more thrilled with this position, and feel very lucky to be brought on to this team of pharmacists. I feel that this really clears space for me to be able to train appropriately both in the quest to break 3 and in the ironman of 2018. I also plan to do Myrtle Beach Marathon, Boston, and NYC next year, so it will be a full year. I am also still run coaching and nutrition coaching but understand that my absence from social media will not allow for people to "find me" necessarily but I'm hopeful that I can keep the loyal clients that I do have, and that some along the way will find me and love me even with the small presence that I do have here. 

While I do things for time, like I will be focusing on for the next 5 months, I also do it because of sheer enjoyment therefore I know that the number of races effects that and to each his own! :) Some people like more races, some like less with more PR's! :)

I'm still doing World Hunger Project (, but it's just something that is on the side, and I'm giving and helping as much as I can there. It's been a slow start, which is PERFECTLY normal and totally fine! :) I'm so thankful to be able to give in the small way that we are trying to do, and the relationships formed through that. However, I also don't like to be a used car salesman on Facebook or anything of that nature, so I'm just letting the natural progression of things be as they are and letting God's grace meet me in that medium. I know His plans and timing is always perfect. 

Otherwise, I'm doing really really well. I'm happy and excited for all of these goals. My faith feels stronger than it has in a really long time, my marriage is as happy as ever (celebrating 5 years of marriage soon whoop whoop) and planning some fun travels for us! We are settling into making our house a home (decided not to sell it and just be content where we are instead of constant grass is greener) and we are building a deck! I'm spending more time with family, and loving on those around me! 

I've also been learning a lot of photography. I'm finding SO much joy in this new outlet. It's so so fun! I have so much learning to do but that's why it's also fun. 

My precious baby right now! &lt;3 Love his sweet heart and his love for his squirrel! hehe!&nbsp;

My precious baby right now! <3 Love his sweet heart and his love for his squirrel! hehe! 

When will the Ringley's ever have babies? ;) We will and we are thrilled, but just still going to hold out for a few more years and really enjoy this time together! I'm still working on Tanner to have two of our own, adopt two and foster, but you know, he might need a little more time to come around to that idea! LOLOL!!! ;) 

Life is so simple, so blissful, and the decision that I made a few months ago still stands as one of the best things that I could have done for myself. There's no hustle, no competition, only joy and happiness and excitement for the future. 

I sure do miss you guys though. Love you dearly. 

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