Firecracker July 4th 5K

So, I don't think in the years that I've been blogging that I've ever done a 5K race recap. How funny is that? I just don't race 5K's and there are reasons for that, that I will explain and then how the race went, the mistakes that I made, and how I do want to get in another 5K this summer to try and improve on those things, but the stars have to align before I will do it. 

The reasons that I never race 5K's are: 

  • I always have something that is hurting (as I explained this is the best training cycle that I've had but after coming back from all the car riding from Miami, I had some major hip issues and calf knots so I was like daggumit!!!)
  • My marathon is my focus and if I do a 5K, many times I'm scared I'll pull something. I know that's probably a little unwarranted but just a true fear of mine 
  • With all base mileage, I have not been doing speed work at all and I don't do speed work much (I always know I need to do better) but then I just think a 5K is a waste with the money that it costs if I'm not trained for it
I've been trying out this new braiding for workouts and I love it!

I've been trying out this new braiding for workouts and I love it!

This morning's race was 1.25 hours from us, and the website said that packet pick up was at 6:15am and I truly thought it meant we had to be there so I left my house at 5am. BARF! Turns out the 5K didn't start until 7:45am and the race was right at the packet pickup so I could have literally got there at like 7:20am and been fine. I was kinda annoyed. I read Harry Potter while I waited ha! 

I was super nervous for this race as I don't run speed like this but knew that if anything I could easily do 6min/mile as I've done MANY times in training and be fine, but I didn't even do that. 

I got to the start line, warmed up a little bit (aka jogging in place basically) and literally felt like my blood sugar bottomed out. I think I had so much nervous energy that my normal morning breakfast just wasn't enough but it was too late at that point and only 3 miles to run so whatever, right?

At 7:45am, we lined up at the start and I jumped up and down like people do. I always feel super awkward like when people warm up. I know it's so so stupid but I don't warm up. When I did a few little movements at the start, I was like "okay this is weird" and just stood there. HAHA! When it was time, I shot out of the gate at 4:15min/mile until about 400m when I looked down at my watch. I realized what I was doing and how much of a NEWBIE I am at 5K's and was like "why oh whyyyyy did I just do that?" INSTANT.REGRET. There is only so much energy you get in a 5k and I had just burned up so much going that fast. 

For the rest of the first mile, I scaled back to 5:30-5:45min/mile, and landed at mile 1 at 5:42. I realized how awful I felt already and knew that I wasn't going to last going that fast, but just kept pumping. I felt I was going 4min/mile and kept looking at my watch and it was reading 6:15-6:20. I hit the second mile at 6:22. 

When I saw that time on my watch after the second mile feeling like death and knowing I have run 6min/miles SO MANY TIMES and was in so much pain, I was so annoyed with myself. I wanted to legit walk off right there which is so childish and egotistical and stupid so of course I didn't, but my head was NOT in the game. I just wanted to be done and still had another mile to go. 

I kept telling myself to ease into the motion of things and just to let the fast speeds come out of me but every step felt like death. My heart rate was so so high, which is to be expected. I thought during this mile about how I would rather run a marathon and how that was totally more my kind of race and then around mile 2.5, I reminded myself of the book that I had read called "How bad do you want it?" I remembered all the literature that supports that your heart and your head can do so much more than your body if you allow it to do so and I kept running. I thought if I can just make it a bit further then I will be done. I thought that mile would never end.

I saw this corner that led into the finishing corral that was about 0.5 mile from the finish but I could see it and so then I just turned on the full throttle going into the finish as best that I could at that point feeling completely and totally gassed. I ran with all of my heart for that final half mile. Pumping in and out of my arms. I finished the third mile in 6:08 so my splits were 5:42, 6:22, 6:08 and that's so silly. Your paces should never be that different for a three mile stretch and just goes to show how much of a newbie I am in the 5K. 

I reached the finish line and was so done. All the nervous energy shakiness overtook me and my legs were quivering. I asked for a banana and laid back on the ground because

Carlos made this and I just love it! SO FUNNY! He's the best! @carlostherunner on instagram!

Carlos made this and I just love it! SO FUNNY! He's the best! @carlostherunner on instagram!

And just like that, it was done. It was done with lessons learned, memories made, and things to know to do for the future. That's why we do these races and events is to better ourselves and get to know ourselves as athletes. It's crazy how much I learned about myself today and I was so happy with an overall female finish and excitingly enough a $50 gift card to omega sports which I'm so grateful for. 

After the race, I did run another 6 miles at an easy 8:30ish pace around Matthews NC before I met up with my best friends that just moved there for lunch since I'm deep in Chicago Marathon training and wanted to get my miles in. I got to spend a good portion of the rest of the day with my best girlfriend Rachel too which made my day (she let me borrow her shoes by the way and I had just given them back-I'm not shoeless LOL)

There are 12.5 weeks left, and I'm bound and determined to give it my all. Thank you all for following along in my journey! :) I'll do a training update soon but right now I'm at about 70 miles/week and will bump that up to 75 next week finishing off July the last week with around 80miles/week. Tanner is cute and keeps asking me how I'm fueling, how I'm hydrating, and making sure that I'm foam rolling so that I'm healthy all around.

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