The Beauty within NO GOALS

So the last post that I did was all about goals-pushing forward in the sight of pain just for all of those goals - new goals each week, each month, and each year! Well right now I'm sitting on my bed at 5:30pm on a day when I had plans to be in the gym running on the treadmill about to take a nap, and you know what? I'm okay with it! 

I even said in the last post "Who knows how long this will last?" because I didn't know. I want to always listen to how I'm feeling. I want to always be a voice of reason to say it's OKAY if you have an off day, an off week, and heck, it's okay if you have an off year. Maybe there is A LOT going on and races and goals are not something that is even possible for you. 

This is me-not hitting goals.haha!

This is me-not hitting goals.haha!

I think that, of course, social media shows all the highlights, but no one gets online to say "I skipped a workout" today without it being a big post...LIKE I'M DOING RIGHT NOW. 

It's like it's not okay to just skip your workout and it not be a big deal. Well, I've skipped like 7 this week. I legit have like not run this week going from 80 miles/week. Is that weird? Probably. Am I burnt out a little? probably. Will I make it to the marathon? Yep. I've done this enough times that I know that I'll pick it back up next week, my body will practice some muscle memory and the runs will suck at first but my body will rest into it. 

Yes, I appreciate those that never miss a workout, and I really think they are awesome. I think those that set PR goals for every marathon are my idols, but it's just not me. I just can't function that way. And I wanted you to know that if you are that person then that's okay too. We are all made differently, and need to know that the world can't revolve without it. 

Did you know that I didn't know sub 3 was a thing until instagram? I didn't even know 3:30 was what would get me to Boston until like 3 years ago when I did my first marathon and someone commented on one of my pictures that I could probably qualify on my first marathon. I was like "oh really? I wonder how you qualify for Boston. I've never even thought about that before." 

And now here I am 3 years later, running WAYYYY more miles than that, and some days wondering why the goals just get bigger and bigger. I know we have to progress, but when is enough enough? ya know? I have a 3:05, but yet I want more? That's totally fine as we should all strive to do our best and get better with each marathon, but also if you aren't feeling your goal one week, it's also okay to just take a nap after work and not run because #life. 

I've always been a huge goal oriented person. I feel like I can't really thrive in life unless I have some big goal that I'm working towards, but Tanner is the complete opposite. He wants to get better at the things that he does, but it's more long term. He's not like SOLELY focused on goals. He just lives, and if he doesn't feel like doing something some days...well he just doesn't. He doesn't miss things in life due to #grinding and he just is such a good example of balance but also working hard when needed, such as right now when he does have a short term goal of passing a board certification exam. 

Honor where you personally are at! And don't be ashamed if you have to take a step back and re-evaluate. Don't be ashamed if you change your mind 20 times. Don't be ashamed if you feel that the goal that you set for yourself might have been a little too big to reach. Keep working hard, developing your character, but also living your life to your enjoyment. Goals are there and hobbies are there so that you can enjoy them and when they aren't fun anymore, then that means that you need to re-evaluate things and decide next steps moving forward. 

Lastly, we should always be evolving and changing and becoming who we truly feel is right for us in that season of our lives. It might mean that in last season of life you were pushing for PR goals in the marathon and this season of your life, you are barely able to keep yourself afloat with your job, and you need to recognize that it's okay. It might be that you just simply changed and aren't enjoying what you're doing anymore, and that's okay too. You don't always have to keep yourself in one box. You might X out one box only to move back into that box, and you need to just be okay with the evolution. 

I've been wanting to write a blog about passion, and about how to harness your potential and really be living on fire every single day but I thought this was so much more appropriate-the REAL stuff of life that is really hard to work through sometimes! 

Just so you can be on the lookout, my next post is going to be about the different stages of your female reproductive cycle, the weeks that go along with different training and nutrition approaches and how it all plays a role in being a female. It's a super hot topic right now and I think it's important to recognize what you can and can't do within that to maximize your potential. 

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