Active Participant in Life

When I was doing blogging full time, I would wake up every morning and whatever was on my heart, I would share that. I'm not promising that it will come daily, but that is what I wanted to get back to. That means that some of the time, it's unrelated to fitness at all. 

For whatever reason, my body woke me up at 4:30am this morning and my throat was hurting, but also feeling like ON TOP OF THE WORLD. I feel very insane this morning in a happy LETSSSSS GO kind of way for life. I'm reading the book "The Power of Now" and it's all about letting go of time, the past, the future, and living RIGHT NOW. Literally, the only moment that we have is this very moment that we are sitting in. My moment is the moment I'm writing this, and your moment will be when you read it, and the ONLY sure thing we know is this moment, so why not be the happiest we can and be PRESENT.

My husband was asleep and I heard the coffee pot start to make it's noise that Tanner had programmed to come on at 5:45am when he wakes up because we always read for about 30 minutes over coffee in the mornings before work. I wanted to run into his room and yell I LOVE YOU SO MUCH but I thought he might think "okay yep, she's lost it" hahahaha! He knows I get really excited about life sometimes though so maybe not! ;) 

Every moment can be similar to this moment if we allow ourselves <3

Every moment can be similar to this moment if we allow ourselves <3

I went outside to take the dogs out and the air feels like fall, and I look to my right in my front yard and there stands probably about 15 deer. My littlest Peyton LOVES other animals, and he almost lost his mind in happiness. haha! They scampered off when they saw us, and the grace at which they bounded through the woods just took my breath away. They are so powerful, so fast, but yet so quiet. Deer are beautiful. And I was captivated in that moment. 

I came back inside with sweet T coming down the stairs and I jumped over to the coffee pot to just pour his coffee. I know he likes it with just a small splash of half and half, so I got that out too. He was like "well you're excited. what time did you wake up?" I said "an hour ago and I couldn't wait for you to wake up because I was so excited to see you!" He said "AW thanks babe" in groggy morning voice. 

The reason I'm giving you a play by play is because in these moments this morning, I was completely present. 100%. I was allowing myself to be an active participant in the moments as they happened this morning and the joy of each moment. I was thinking about how too often I get sucked into the downfall of life and the day to day and I'm not even meaning to be brought down by it, but that's inevitably what happens. When I think about THIS moment with no regret of the past, or fear of the future, then it all becomes clear. 

I know that it's because I'm reading this book that I'm fully immersed in this topic, but it's a topic that gives me such joy. The reason that we do things like running races, or people who do extreme sports is because we love being present in the MOMENT. There is nothing like crossing the finish line of a big race and I can't wait to do so and it's because it's this accumulation of all of these moments that you get to put together for one huge moment. It's truly amazing, but what if we could create those kind of moments every single day? 

Obviously, there aren't finish lines and medals after work (hey! now that's an idea hehe), but if we can sink into each individual moment, then we can find beauty because most of the time the things that we are worried about are yesterdays and tomorrows. There are of course days where the here and now is tough, but most of the time it's the comparisons and the past failures and the future unknowns that make us second guess ourselves. 

I hope today that you are an active participant in your life, in the here and now, and that you become your best self today putting your blinders on to the rest of the world, doing your absolute best, living out your dream. If you have not reached your dream, it doesn't matter because if it's truly your dream, then these moments right now are the moments that matter to get you there, and being fully present in them will allow you to be better in the future! Have an amazing day y'all! 


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