Creating Energy

Yesterday I woke up as you know with the biggest smile on my face, and I realized how much energy that created for me throughout the entire day. I was able to carry it forward into my job and then into my workout, and I realized that it's something that if this is something that I could emulate everyday then it would be really useful. I will say that I'm a huge believer in drawing from certain places for energy. If you are someone who is not naturally energized, then that's hard. I actually had someone message me and ask me how I have so much energy to do all of my the things that I do, and I thought 'that's so funny because I feel I don't naturally have energy nor did I used to have energy to do these things in the past.'

I wanted to think of good tips to give her to be able to implement some energy type practices into her own life, but it took me a really long time to think about it. The one thing that I do believe is that it's creatable (is that a word?). The other thing that I believe is that if you can see a quality in someone that you like, then that means that you can become that way over time. It will take practice to break down the habits that you have formed in your own life, but eventually if you keep looking to do those things, it will become more natural for you. 


Becoming a runner was always something that I wanted to become. When I was in college and pharmacy school, I didn't really become a runner. I just was obsessed with body image so I forced myself to run here and there. It wasn't until later that I formed a healthy relationship with running, saw it as my sport, and became one. This requires energy of course, but I think that it also required letting it become "who I was" if that makes sense. If we feeling we are living in a false pretense, then we aren't going to give ourselves the energy to do the thing because it's like "What's the point? I'll never be good enough anyway." 

Creating energy also requires that you let go of pain and hurt in your life or any sort of negativity. I know that we all have very real problems, and some are more relevant, or some are more present than others, but we have to choose to let those things go and live our life in a positive manner. There is energy that can be given towards positive things or energy that can be given to negative things, and if you give your space and energy to the negative things, then you don't have space for the parts of life that you want to become. The only moment that you have is the one that is staring you in the face. The anxiety looking forward and the time frame that is behind you have nothing to do with this very moment, so if you are able to let go of those negative spaces then you can focus RIGHT in this moment and that gives you energy. 

If you want to go do something but you aren't feeling the energy for it, force yourself to get out of your seat and jump up and down a few times. I don't mean this in a way that you should force yourself to go run. I'm not talking specifically about running, but rather just creating energy in general. There's also a fine line between creating energy and self care. Listen to yourself. If it's genuinely a space and time in your life where there is a lot of negatives and that is taking all of your energy, then by all means, listen to that, but if it's something that you just genuinely want to create positive and useable energy then just dance around the room, look up a youtube that makes you laugh, and act like a kid again and see how much energy you then have. 

Last, but certainly not least is sleep. Sleep is obviously the place that we get rest for those energy stores, and if we don't get good rest then OBVIOUSLY we don't have energy, however it is deeper than that. Sleep is where we recover from everything. There have been studies to show that sleep is also the place that we deal with a lot of mental hormonal and chemical shifts that cause bad moods in our brains, so that's why you can be really upset about something, go to bed, and wake up refreshed. You actually genuinely worked through those problems in your sleep. Those that aren't able to sleep or are forced to stay away from jobs suffer from depression, obesity, and thyroid disorders, and definitely struggle to create their own energy, so sleep sleep sleep!

So to bring it back, the things that I have found useful in becoming a more energetic person are: 

  • Letting go of all of the stress and negativity (If I'm stressed, I literally find I can't run well-I feel very "heavy" and like I can't lift my feet) 
  • Sleeping adequately
  • Constructing my own by having my own dance party
  • Fabricating the person that I want to be in my brain and not accepting that it's not who I am and then slowly over time, I became her

Now time for coffee and reading! 


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