Pumpkin Protein Cheesecake

Hey loveeees! I'm super excited for today's recipe that I threw together last night. It's been something that I've had in my brain for a while, but I hadn't put it in the oven yet. As you'll see from the meal prep video that I will be releasing soon, I don't really have much that I plan with cooking. I just kind of throw things together in a blender, put it in the oven for a period of time, taste the batter, and if it's good then I go with it. The batter of this wasn't so good and it was tart, and I thought "this might get better in the oven but it might not" and guess what yall? IT DID. 


If you look to my recipes, I will be honest and say "maybeeee add some butter to yours because this was dry and gross" haha! So, I promise it's good. I did use all purpose flour in mine instead of protein powder, but I honestly think it would be better with some vanilla protein powder. The substitution that is recommended for that switch is that when you see 1 cup of flour used in my recipe, you would sub in 1/3 cup of your protein powder. 

So here's what we got going on. It's very similar to the recipe I used for my cookies and cream cheesecake, and these are my two favorite flavors, so I rotate them between fall/winter and spring/summer! :) 

At the end, put it in the fridge for a few hours so that things settle in and become truly cheesecake, and then enjoy with a nice cup of coffee and maybe drizzle some extra cinnamon on top! YUM!! With the all purpose flour, I will give you the macros for that, and then I'm going to change it to include protein powder and the macros that it would be for that! :) 

As to be expected, the protein powder one has less carbs and more protein so just up to you! :) Sometimes we can overkill it on some weird protein hacks (lol) but then again sometimes,if you have trouble hitting your protein macros, then cheesecake can certainly help ;) 


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