What's Next?

This blog and another blog (how I improved my time) are two blogs that I have been asked to write about, and so while I’m enjoying coffee at my best friends new townhome that she just bought, I thought I’d write. Man, what a peaceful morning it is. I literally just can’t stop smiling about the life that I have, and how it’s come full circle, and shewwww, just all the thankfulness this morning. Maybe I’m still riding that PR high! ;)

So, what’s next for me? I know that if you are anything like me, the second that a marathon wraps up, you’re like searching for the next one, and not because we don’t know how to take a break (okay that’s probably part of my issue haha), but I also find myself being more hype than ever right after a race. The race day brings you back and reminds you why everything that you put into it is totally worth it. Sometimes, even on marathons that I’ve completely bombed (Boston 2016 ha), I still am just SO excited and on top of the world for running.

The past year as I was taking time off from the marathon, I never questioned that I would be back, and I never even really thought about marathons or which ones that I wanted to do. I just kind of was leaving that to the side for a bit, and just doing some “normal fitness-ing” just going to the gym in the mornings and doing whatever. But man, there is absolutely no feeling like just feeling like you unlocked the final piece of the puzzle to make you feel whole again.


I find identity and purpose to be such an interesting thing. We can truthfully all decide who we want to be and go be it, but we all lend ourselves towards certain things that give us immense joy. I have a friend that is a very serious powerlifter, and she has totally immersed herself in that world with friendships and competitions, and all the fun things! My cousin is in dental school, and is such a beautiful soul, enjoying her education, traveling every chance she gets, and just living life in a way that I feel we all should.

As you begin some sort of weird process in your 20’s of “finding yourself”, you realize that there is no self really. There is just a set of sensory experiences that we roll through every single day creating different memories, and all of these experiences adding to the life experience, and who we are in the moment. We are all metamorphosing basically on the daily.

When I discovered this, it made me feel like the things I was doing were silly. Like, I had just made up my passions and said it was my identity which ya know, I guess is true. But then, it just comes full circle. You realize that while this is true, there is no denial of things that when you do them, you feel in your heart that THIS.IS.ME. This is what I’m made to do. This is what gives me more joy than any other hobby could. And it’s different for every person of course. But running, man, it just does that for me. It makes me feel whole and like me again. I had laid it to the side going on this big journey of discovery that landed me back, and it was like she had been waiting all along, letting me do my thing, but giving back to me when I decided to run again. What a beautiful journey because while painful giving it up for a year…it’s like now I know without a shadow of a doubt that even when I take breaks, this is my thing. This is my love.

I specifically love the marathon distance, however I do want to spend some of this year trying to snag some PR’s in other areas now that I know the speed my little leggies are capable of. I’d love to do a half maybe in the spring of 2019 as well as a 5K and 10K at some point in 2019.

Here are some of my big goals:

I would really love to shoot for Olympic Trials just for fun. There are days where I’m like “You go girl. It’s going to happen” and then there are other days where I’m like “Girl, what a joke. You are never going to run a marathon that fast.” I think that the mind controls a lot so typically when I tell myself that I’m a joke, I like to reel those thoughts in and think that maybe just maybe if I manifest and believe then I can somehow achieve. That’s what I’m going to go with ;)

The qualifying time must be met by January of 2020, so that’s only about one year left to be honest, and so I have 2 marathons really to give it a shot. My actual race that I’m going to try for to get the official time on a sanctioned course is California International Marathon December 2019. This is in Sacremento. If that doesn’t happen, then I might do a reckless turn around to Houston 2020 right before the cut off, but it would all depend if I actually thought that was a possibility. I’m like HELLAAAA realistic about times, so if I know it’s a pipe dream, I’m not doing that. So, it will all depend on how the next year kind of unfolds with how I’m feeling. So, yall know me, I might not end up doing anything hahahha. Only time will tell ;)

The next marathon I plan to try for somewhere in the 2:50’s range at Myrtle Beach Marathon. Myrtle Beach is just my favorite marathon to be honest (well I do love Chicago), so I want to run it again, and I also thought it would be a great second chance at the sub-3. I’m keeping training what it was this past time, which is not thinking that just because I’m going for this big goal that I’m going to go upping mileage like crazy. We all know how that turns out, and it’s not good on my body.

At the end of the day, this is all for fun, because even if I made it to the trials, it’s not as if that would mean anything other than for personal fun. So, I like to keep things light in my head and heart and not take things too seriously and just enjoy the ride and the journey.

With that said, I’m taking another 2-3 weeks off before I’ll start a minimal base building for Myrtle Beach. I never once stressed about training for Savannah and I plan to approach things the exact same way this time. I go in the morning to run at 445am, and I’m going to be there regardless most likely and most likely running, soooo might as well pop some long runs on the weekends and try for this goal. hahaha!


Professional Goals:

One of the things that I’m really focused on right now is furthering my career, and working towards small business goals again as well. My biggest item on that to do list is to get board certified in ambulatory care for pharmacists. This would be in the spring of 2019, and this is a huge undertaking (at least for me). I’ve heard it’s not “that bad” but among pharmacists, it has a 60% passing rate on the first try, so I’m going to be taking the studying for this very seriously. It lines up perfectly with the fact that Tanner is starting an online MBA program in January. Yes, we are crazy, but we enjoy it, and we enjoy getting the most of what life has to offer up so here we go back into school and studying! ;) He will only be taking 1-2 classes per semester, so it shouldn’t be too bad!

I also would like to start working with more clients for both nutrition and running. This is always something that I’ve done, but I want to be more proactive about advertising as I love it. I’d like to begin working with companies on my blog again as they come, nothing spammy, but it is something that I miss doing, and I’ve fought going back into this for so long that I’m just over it. If an opportunity comes, and it’s within my value system, and I align with the company, then I’m willing to do that now, and I haven’t been for over a year now.

House / Life Plans:

Now that I’ve told my family, I’ll tell the rest of the world. We are selling our house to downsize, but we are also planning to move to Charlotte. We have had this in the back of our minds for quite some time, and just kept telling ourselves that we would be content staying in Shelby, we just kept coming back to it again .. and again .. and again.

So, we aren’t in a rush, but whenever our house sells, we are moving to Charlotte FOR SURE. We plan to rent a one bedroom (we may never purchase a home again - could write an entire blog on this but we are just too ‘wanderlust’ people if you will and have felt very trapped) in Dilworth! I am literally so so excited!!!! It’s about one hour from Shelby just for those that aren’t familiar with this area, so I’ll still be very close to family.

Tanner recently got a really huge job shift to what he’s been working towards for his entire career to the hospital system in Charlotte, so he will be commuting until we make the move (and then he will be able to walk to work). Once we move, I will commute back to Shelby for work. I think a commute actually sounds lovely (listening to podcasts, thinking positive thoughts for the day, etc).

Thank you guys for sharing in the fun!


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