Ever find yourself wanting to learn so much and expand your brain so much that you don’t even want to take time to do normal things…like shower? Okay, just me? Haha! I’m joking..kinda. But my husband is going away for the weekend and I plan to work out in the mornings and then hole myself up all day with research and reading and learning. What topic you ask? Oh I don't know. I'll find something interesting. lol.

I’ve realized in the wellness space is that there is about 100 different avenues that you can go down for learning different topics. I was listening to a podcast about ketogenic diets the other day and it was done by a physician who knows what he is talking about and the information that he was sharing was in fact correct, however I thought about people listening to this podcast that didn’t know that much in this particular space and they would either a) become keto b) be really confused on nutrition in general. You can speak to the most well-respected physicians in different fields and become convinced that their way is in fact THE ONLY way to health whether that be plant based or ketosis which most of the time mean completely different ways of living.

In regard to all of that, I decided to go into a different wellness space to learn, and the cool kids are calling it biohacking. I found this cool photo that explains biohacking in full..



Essentially, it’s looking at every aspect of your life and coming at it from a scientific perspective. Before everyone gets all heated, let me explain that these people are NOT crazy. Lol. They might seem that way but everyone has their hobby and I think that we are so quick to put a label on people that just want to do better for themselves and call it obsessive and weird. They see the general population as odd for not taking steps in every direction to better their lives inclusive of sleep quality/quantity, stress management, diet, exercise, attention, memory, intelligence. They are all big-time readers, and they study the science on how to retain the most information from the books that they read. They typically are only reading nonfiction science of course.

They have found the “best” exercise and for most of them that means some resistance training with HIIT in the mornings before they start their day and then a long endurance activity on the weekend. They are able to get the most benefit out of what they want out of exercise in this way which is maintaining a certain body fat percentage, cognitive function, and low anxiety. All of them typically fast, and not just intermittent fasting although they all do that. Some of them fast for days at a time. This helps them again go back to their goals which is to 100% optimize their life. They don’t have to spend time thinking about food most of the time because they are fasting, and during that time their body is also doing great things for them.

They manage their stress by meditation. They study the science of habit formation so that they are all able to quit their bad habits and start their new habits. They take all sorts of supplements and vitamins because they believe that 1% optimization of their physical or mental function is something they are ALL about. They optimize their gut health by eating in a certain way because they know that the gut is connected to the brain, and they optimize their brain health so that they can keep regular bowel movements.

They all churn out content like crazy because they are just the most determined focused people. It honestly has me like wanting to listen to their podcasts and learn from them ALL DAY LONG. Haha! They inspire me so much just by their sheer capacity to do all of these things. Most just think it’s such a hassle and just want to go about living their life, but they are the opposite of that. They want to find more and more good habits that they can add to their day and I respect that mindset so very much.

They want to be present with their jobs and present with their families. They want to be the most intelligent, physically active, and mentally sound person that they can possibly be. To them, that is the only way to live a full life. They find joy in the journey of learning and progressing. They don’t have anxiety over all of the changes that they make because to them, it’s seemingly no questions asked and they just find data to support things, and then they make change.

Sometimes, the wellness space that I find myself in is “ACCEPT YOURSELF JUST AS YOU ARE GIRLFRIEND!” and while I believe that’s a very valuable and needed space in the world, I also think that it’s really cool to find these people that don’t even bring up that topic. This isn’t about self love or self hate. They are all legit just have with all the nerdy science, and I’M LIVING FOR IT. Some of them encompass biohacking as a whole, but some of them are just specific to certain topics such as cognition or sleep or habit change/formation, etc. This topic can fold also into the meditation/spirituality realm because if you are looking into the neuroscience behind anxiety/depression then you start learning about how the brain works and how to heal it and meditation is a big part of that.

Here are some of the ones that I’m learning from:

HVMN Performance Podcast

Ben Greenfield Podcast (and his website where I signed up for the newsletter)

The Knowledge Project

Happier by Gretchen Rubin

The Bulletproof Blog

Mansal Denton

There’s so many more, but I’m going to stop there as that will be enough content to hold you over for weeks. I encourage you to delve into this space. I think the best way to approach it is to find a topic that interests you and go down that habit hole first.

For example, at first I wanted to understand anxiety and how to work on that, and then I wanted to understand habits, so then I went into all of the research on that topic. Then, I wanted to know about cognition, intelligence, memory, and optimizing that in my own life. I can say without a doubt that the steps that I’ve taken in the past year to optimize my intelligence and memory have been the most life giving thing that I’ve done for myself in a long time. Then, I wanted to get in to the science behind organizing your life. Like, I said, it’s never ending.

It’s intriguing and exciting and I think that in order for us to own our health, it’s important to constantly be learning and growing, and honestly…it’s just fun! The world is our oyster folks. LET US GET TO LEARNING 😉


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