I would say I'm going to start some grand monthly book review, but I officially prioritize the reading over blogging these days, so we shall see what happens ;) I have read way too many books within these two months to add them all (no one likes 25+ books reviewed) so I'm going to pick one out of specific genres and go from there, as hopefully it will give you some good ideas. Someone tagged me in this meme the other day and it couldn't be more accurate. 



This is the second book that I think has really gotten popular by the author Kristin Hannah. She wrote "Nightingale" as well, which both are mammoth of novels at 500ish pages I believe, but I finished this in TWO .DAYS. It was that good. It's about a dysfunctional father that has PTSD from the Vietnam war, and he moves his family to the outskirts of Alaska, and the life that they create in "The Great Alone". The daughter is who the story is based around and how she creates a life in Alaska like she never expected. She finds love and family and happiness, but also has to deal with a lot of trauma. With the mix of family trauma, addictions, mental illness, and the "Siberian" nature of the Alaskan wilderness, I just couldn't get enough. It was phenomenal. 10 out of 10 and I told Tanner it might be the best fictional book I've ever read. Update: I just finished Nightingale, and it was just as good. KH is a dang good author. 




In just about everything these days, if I can educate myself on the way that it works then I have much more success. The first area of research that I dove into was habit research. The power of habit is fantastic for explaining why we get really on tract doing certain things and how to break those bad ones and add in good ones. It was pretty life changing for me breaking some nasty habits I had created. This also led me into Gretchen Rubin's work (who wrote The Happiness Project) and I read her book "Better than Before" about habits and then "The Habit Blueprint" which is super short and a quick synopsis of some REALLY useful info. Check all three out if you have bad habits you want to break or add in some good ones! 


Letting go of Leo is written by a Health at every Size dietician that I found on instagram, and she is SUCH a joy. Her book is one of the best that I've read this year (65 thus far) and I related to basically everything that she said. She's hilarious, relatable, and I just flew through this book. It's all about breaking up with the perfection of dieting. 



Ah- this book! It's written by Sheryl Sandberg who is the COO of Facebook, and the author of Lean In about being a powerful female in the workplace. Option B is directed towards losing a loved one and working through that grief due to her sudden loss of her husband while he was at the gym in the Caribbean. Her story is quite profound because it was just so shocking and they were very much in love but also really successful, not making tons of time for one another and her viewpoint on how to live her life moving forward. 


I'll go ahead and put it out there that the social sciences are an area that I've been absolutely enthralled with this year. I just don't think that I ever realized how complex human behavior really is and everything that goes into our brains, and it just blows me away. Every book is so different and I have learned so much.


Malcolm Gladwell is probably one of the most successful psychologists of our time, and he is also the author of Outliers and Blink. I recommend reading all of them, but Tipping Point is all about how something tips into popularity basically. Why do things like fidget spinners take off? Why does a book become super popular when there are better works of literature? Why does word get around about certain stuff? It's more than what you think. 


Boy oh boy. Some people will hate this book, and I think that it's because it causes you to REALLY open up your mind to new ideas that are not something that is culturally, socially, or religiously acceptable, but it's absolutely intriguing and fascinating. It's about the evolution of sex and how we were made for polygamy. If you read that sentence, you think I'm blasphemous, but you have to read the book to be able to make that judgement haha. As an evolutionary biologist with a focused on sexual behavior, this author has done his homework and it's a very convincing book that's long and hard to get through but kept me invested the entire 310 pages. He also presents a case for the shape and size of the penis and testicles on who will want to stay monogamous and who will more leaning towards cheating. SO interesting!

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Gabrielle Bernstein is just such a joy. She is a spiritual junkie and I just love her spirit. She's confident and a badass, but also sweet in her own right. It's hard to explain unless you know who she is. This book is all about the energy of the universe, and I am such a believer in it. When you manifest good things in your life, the law of attraction is going to bring good things to you. When you manifest negative, uhhh, you're gonna get negative. When you let life flow through you and not keep hitting up against walls then there is just so much that life is wanting to give you. Ahhhh, what a breath of fresh air. I also just started taking Lithium Orotate which is a trace mineral that helps with mood, so maybe I'm just hype on that. hahahaha! Google it ! ;)  


It's been quite a few months since I read this, but this is also one of those books that just leaves you feeling like you just breathed a breath of fresh air. I told T that I wanted to read 1 spirituality book per month because it always just gives me new perspective on life in general. The Power of Now is all about the NOW (obviously) and how you can take charge of your life and your happiness in this moment. There is no circumstance or situation that can take your joy because you own it! :) 



I have started recommending this book to everyone, and it's not a book that you are going to sit down and read. It's a textbook, but it's the textbook of running, and the only one that I've found of it's kind. If you can't get into a run coaching course (they are hard to get into due to demand) or if you simply just want to learn how to coach yourself better, this is such a valuable tool based on the science. It's HUGE, and about $20 on amazon. SO worth the investment. You'll keep it forever.

Hope you enjoy these! 


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