Life Update

Hiiii friends! Boy oh boy, life has been whirling, and I have tons to share. I'm hopeful that it will be short, concise, and to the point that you'll enjoy it! :) 

First off, as you might notice, there is a new look to the blog. This is what most would call a rebranding, but I don't want to have some big grand opening or announcement, or anything of that nature. I just simply wanted to be true to myself. I have a mission statement that I wrote to myself about this, and I will share that below, but for now I want to tell about some other things. 

If you're new here, look around. I've been on the internet for about 7 years now, and so there's a lot to catch up on. I'm 29 now. I was about 22 when I started all this, so I've changed aaaaaalot. Does this happen to anyone else in their 20's or am I just crazy? lol.


so, here is what's been going down in my life: 

  • Tanner got a new position with his same company to open up oncology services in Gastonia (30 minutes from our house) - we thought 'oh well let's move there'-fun new place that's a little bigger city 
  • I saw a friend post that she was looking for a house and I was like 'oh come look at mine' 
  • She came. She saw. They conquered. haha! (aka they wanted to buy our house) 
  • We found a house in an adorableeee neighborhood in Gastonia in an area that's exploding so while it was a little more than we wanted to spend, we were okay with that knowing it was a great investment 
  • We found a new loft in uptown shelby 
  • That all fell apart 
  • I could share details but the one thing that I stay true to on this blog is not sharing details of OTHERS lives that they wouldn't like, so I'll just leave it at the short story ;) 

next up on the list, we have FITNESS! 

  • I'm working on some dietary measures. Over the past year and half, some demons from my past cropped up, and I've been working through that. I want to share this whole story, but this is not the blog for that. I'll always be honest though. 

  • Running is still my love and meditation. I don't have any set miles that I run or any set programming, but just doing it about 4X per week and distances that I enjoy. I have now set a gym routine of 5am and have gone every day but my rest day for the past 8 weeks so I know the habit is set. I absolutely love it. It's also made me disconnect my identity from fitness and health. Like, it had become ME which is part of this whole new blog shift. I'm an adult with a career. I have like 487 other interests that have nothing to do with silly fitness, so I go at 5am and I'm done and forget it.

  • I will start training for Savannah Marathon in 1.5 months. See two bullets above. That's my priority, so if I get weird, I will pull out, just like I did with Ironman Texas. 
  • I have officially hung up my tri/biking shoes. I do not enjoy it, and I refuse to spend another ounce of my life on some idea of who I think I'm supposed to be. Nopidity nope. Done-zo. 
  • I'll be a runner forever though <3 And I like to swim still :)
  • I lift 3-4X / week just like before - not much new there! See THIS blog post on how I do both.


I joke about this a lot but I say I have no life. I really don't do very much like I used to, and I honestly don't feel bad about it. I have free time on the weekends. I spend it with Tanner how I please and go see my nephew just because. We haven't been traveling much and everything is honestly very low key. I always have some new funny story, but as a whole, things are very calm here in shelby. For far too long, I gave myself the badge of being all that I could be. And I don't mean the badge of busyness. I meant I had to be the best and do it all. I just simply don't have that desire anymore. At all. I want this blog to be slow and methodical and purposeful. That's how I live my life now. I try to do things well vs doing it all. I like my life neat and organized. Remember that organization post? Yes, I still do that. 

The one thing about me now is that I have an INSATIABLE desire for knowledge. I take free courses online on science topics. I read all nonfiction books. I don't know. It's probably just my typical need to fixate on something, but I have learned that through deliberate practice, we ALL have the capacity for any level of knowledge that we so desire. It's not about 'knowing it all' but about the adventure that each new area takes you down helping you discover every facet of life. I just love it. 


I really enjoy my job which I know is rare. My clients are really wonderful and I'm building their social media platform as well for the clinical trial side of the business. We recruit in the NC area typically trials related to chronic disease state management (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc)

Here's our twitter: and our website: 


This is not a plug for my coaching, but I just get asked all the time. Are you coaching again? And yes, I am. I honestly probably know more now that I have EVER known, and I'm proud of how much research that I've put into the scientific literature this year across the spectrum of running, resistance training, and nutrition across all spectrums from plant based to keto to eating disorders to health at every size and intuitive eating (run on sentence much lol). I also have a place now where you can sign in and make an account on the website so that each time clients renew each session, they will have all of that info saved for ease. I do personalized spreadsheets for every single client. Here are some really reputable websites / podcasts / resources for those looking to learn more about various topics: 

STEM-TALK: The leading experts in science and technology mostly in relation to health and fitness - these are people working at the top of NASA, directors of hospitals, etc. 

Pubmed : This is a place that you find all scientific literature. The search engine is not like google so it can be difficult to locate the topic you wish but it's where you find the actual sources of literature. If you have never studied the scientific method and how to evaluate studies, I advise you to do that as well 

MOOC: Stands for massive open online courses - There are so many free courses on anything from coding to health care administration to language to religion. It's all about life long learning

Akimbo : This is an INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE podcast on social science and culture. A must listen. The Liturgist: An absolutely phenomenal podcast on liberal Christianity and athleism. The things they say absolutely blow my mind that seemingly solve all my life's biggest questions. haha. 

Ben Greenfield: He is like king of content on everything to do with the sciences of health and fitness. He was an endurance athlete so he talks a good bit about information in that realm. Sometimes his amount of content overwhelms me because I can't keep up, but it's great info that's easy to understand. 

Food Psych : I really can't recommend this podcast enough if you have any form of relationship with food. Everyone needs to know about this movement. I have thoughts in many different directions about this area of research, but I highly highly recommend this podcast. It might just change your life.

I'll stop there for now. I have a good bit more. I'm not into the trendy 'fitspo science' people anymore. It's all just too cliche for me, and I don't say that with an ego, but just that I do think that there are certain people within that sector that are doing a great job, but I like the places where their instagram photos are just words and info. I had to break up with my daily cup of joe of comparison every day. It wasn't good for my pscyhe. 


I hope you'll enjoy the new me. I think that's why I don't blog anymore, because I told someone the other day that I just genuinely didn't think people would be too fond of it. All I really talk about with my husband is new research and ideas. He absolutely loves the new me, but I just don't know how everyone else will feel. haha. But here's to this not being about anything other than honoring myself, and hopefully sharing some helpful tips with you guys in the meantime. 

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